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Can someone help me EV Train?

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Cherry Espeon

I really want to know how to EV train properly.

Has anyone got any tutorials on how to?

I'm interested in EV training a Butterfree, a Vileplume, A Slowbro or a Persian.

If someone wants to help me by writing their own mini guide, I'd really appreciate it!

I have acces to all games except XD and Emerald, pokemon and locations.

Thanks for your time,


Heat Trainer
what are the intended movesets and natures?

Atomic Boo

Oddium Wanderus ftw
If you look on the Serebii main site it has a guide to all the EV's of all the pokemon. In the Game mechanics part under EV's.
It also tells you all about EV's in general.
hard to explain unless you know what you want to ev train and what you want to ev train it in!
basically each pokemon you fight gives a certain ammount of evs. this is based around its evolutionary status eg gloom gives one special attack, while oddish gives one. also it is based mainly on what that certain pokemon's highest stat is for example heracross gives 2 attack points.
i hope this makes a little sense for you.

Cherry Espeon

Thanks for the replies.

Since I have never done it before, I don't know what movesets to give them. But I'll look up Serebii's info and see what I can do.


Ok, I want to EV train a Persian. What should I train it in?
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