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can someone help me

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by sakuraespeon, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. sakuraespeon

    sakuraespeon Member

    Espeon is my favorite pokemon. unlike other its fast and strong. and very very cute. dont like using him as passer. shes got the speed. to always hit first, trick is nasty. you pass rather nasty item to someone it really hurts them

    Trained its Evs - Spattack/Speed/HP

    Signal Beam
    Shadow Ball

    second poke is

    Scrafty - I choice him cause he covers espeons weakness really well. I perfer ice punch cause deals with more threats , Yes I admite Hi-jump-kick is nasty stap but if you become unluck really damages your pokemon

    hp/patt/def/sp def

    Drain punch
    Ice Punch
    Stone Edge

    Question is I need to know what is other good pokemon for my team. anyone give me some advice for these only two pokemon been leveling. help pls
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2013
  2. jimboslice856

    jimboslice856 Fire Trainer

    252 spatk 252 speed
    giga drain
    quiver dance
    heat wave/fiery dance
    bug buzz
    after 1 quiver dance its unstoppable
    i also use a espeon as my lead with dw ability magic boucne its great i use lucrario instead of scrafty n my third is volcarana works out for me give it a try
  3. sakuraespeon

    sakuraespeon Member

    there both really good fighting types scrafty got immunity to psythics and cause use dark attacks like crunch. thinking trying volcarana. also put a gengar in my party sense last night. hes a beast
  4. jimboslice856

    jimboslice856 Fire Trainer

    yeah gengar is def a beast im a big gengar fan n wouldnt be a bad fit on ur team ether

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