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Can the 23rd season be a separate story?

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Ashton Ketchum

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I'll be honest - watching trailer of next season, it makes me stronger wish that the new season with a trip to the entire region would be a separate saga. Which probably ended on Sinnoh (because - SINNOH CONFIRMED). And next 24th season was completely other saga in Galar, with "Sword and Shield" in title, with more better design, and more cool Ash in XY(Z) style. How do think - can be "Pocket Monster" could be separate saga in 23th season, and seasons 24 and 25 could be different saga?


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The way it looks like it might even go beyond the Galar games, since they're not tied to it
Like I always say, people were thinking Ash would leave the school to go in a journey around Alola after the first year and here we are without even a graduation
(and I don't think XYZ Ash is going to return so soon)


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We have an Anime Spoilers section, where there are various threads on the upcoming series where you can post your speculations.
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