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can you draw

I can draw a little. I've been drawing for about five years, but I haven't been practicing a lot lately.


Wut are you saying?
Yes, I'm actually an animator!:p

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
*points to signature*

I'm a naturally-born artist, according to Mom. Wasn't until middle school when I (finally) took art lessons that I showed signs of improvement. My art teacher knew I had the talent. I wish I could should her what I can do now...


Well-Known Member
I can draw okay, but human's are my weak point.


gone gently
Only Pokemon.

But I never try to draw anything else, so maybe...


butts lol
"They were learning to draw."
"Draw what?"
"Treacle, of course. It was a treacle well."
yeah. i draw cartoons. i draw "anime and manga" styled, or "americanized(?)". no other way to describe it lol.
i get complimented but i really don't see my work as anything amazing. just a kid passing time.