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Can you guess what this thread is? Yup it's an Rmt...!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Dr. Zafs, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Dr. Zafs

    Dr. Zafs Grrr... Bite Me...

    Well, i'm in the process of making a new team... Um, I'm trying to think outside the box as far as pokemon choices... But please rate/suggest.

    Typhlosion @ ???/Modest
    Evs Maxed spatt and speed
    Focus Blast
    Quick attack/Hp [somthing or other]

    He uh sorta sweeps/burns...
    highly replaceable

    Lickilicky @ ???/Adamant
    Swords Dance

    lol um... I really like him and he 'splodes nicely

    Tangrowth @ Leftovers/modest or bold
    EVs in def+sp.att
    Energy ball
    Leech seed
    Sleep powder/Sludge Bomb
    Focus Blast

    Tankish thing that sweeps... one of my faves

    Mamoswine @ Choice scarf? Experimental
    Adamant/Evs att and speed
    Stone Edge
    Ice Shard

    I'm not so sure about him... considering def evs and lefties

    Dusknoir @ lefties
    shadow sneak
    Fire Punch
    Ice Punch

    lol im pretty bad at this i know but i need another for the last spot... I need to know who I can counter with this and NEED SUGGESTIONS!!

  2. Dr. Zafs

    Dr. Zafs Grrr... Bite Me...

    am i alowed to bump this because of the spam?
  3. starterlover1

    starterlover1 Emperor Coordinator

    Another wall could prove useful for you. I would recomment Bronzong but that gives you 3 fire weaknesses...I think one of these could work.

    Bold; 252 HP, 66 Def, 196 Sp.Def

    Ice Beam
    Calm Mind

    Calm Mind for specials, and bolt-beam covers many.

    Bold; 252 HP, 66 Def, 196 Sp.Def

    Ice Beam
    Calm Mind

    The filler depends on what u wanna hit.
  4. Dr. Zafs

    Dr. Zafs Grrr... Bite Me...

    I like what i see but i dont see why you wouldnt want explosion on lickilickly

    with STAB it has 375 base power plus a swords dance will destroy about anything except ghosts

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