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Can you see character customization happening in remakes of older games?

Can you see character customization happening in remakes of older games?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • No

    Votes: 6 54.5%

  • Total voters


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So I think one of the craziest fanarts I've seen is fanart depicting an older-looking Brendan with a more wavy slightly longer front on the hair standing next to an older-looking May with long flowing hair that reaches down to her shoulders and I'm thinking to myself, that is just crazy, how did the artist manage to create some resemblance of Brendan and May in there but they also make them look like they changed over the years through those hairstyles. That is just crazy! Seeing that art, it reminds me of the time that I wanted to see character customization in the ORAS remakes, maybe throw in Brendan's "Ruby" outfit and May's "Sapphire" outfits from the Adventure manga where they are these brightly red and blue variants of the Emerald outfits from the Gen 3 days. Throw in the old Gen 3 outfits of course but also new ones. Like Brendan and May in tuxedo's, in beach clothing's, in hiker gear maybe or heck, just give them sunglasses.

I can see character customization happening in remakes but what about you guys?


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If i can get most of Satoshi outfit from os -xy and i choose you universe one i could

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Well, DPPt remakes are probably next in line. Lucas is a bland, generic enough character that I could see customization working well enough with him, but Dawn already has a fairly distinct look as a character (instead of being a fairly blank slate, she looks like a character that already has been customized). I'm not really sure if we'll see customization in potential DPPt remakes for that reason.

An alternative to a hard remake would be to make a sequel game set in Sinnoh with modern mechanics, but with a new storyline and characters. I could see customization returning in that case.


I think that Game Freak likes to pander to nostalgia and all factors involved in making fans relive past game experiences as accurately as possible, so I doubt that they'd add customization in the D/P remakes for example. I wouldn't be against it myself, but I just think that Game Freak wouldn't go for it.

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If they brought back customization in Let's Go, which was a Kanto remake, it isn't too Farfetch'd to think we'd see customization in Sinnoh remakes. Two notes though:

1. Like with Let's Go, the protags of the games would likely be OCs instead of the protags we're used to.

2. The customization likely could be kinda Trubbish, like Let's Go's customization was.


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I’d love to see it, and I think it’s more probable than not. Though the execution, which GF does tend to miss with a lot of things, is my biggest concern. I don’t recall any instance where I didn’t prefer the FC’s clothing/customization choice over the MC’s.


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Personally, I would prefer that there would be customization but I feel like it’s unlikely. Despite its series debut since Gen 6, we had two remakes since then and they both of them didn’t have it despite the Alolan games in between having the option again. I think they don’t want customization in order to keep the games as faithful to the originals as possible. So I suppose that means no customization in remakes until Gen 6 remake lol. But I wouldn’t mind being wrong if they somehow have customization in the Gen 4 remake.