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Candid Camerupt! (322)


This was an okay episode. I enjoyed seeing the Winstrate family battle Ash & co. for the hell of it. You would think that they would have stronger Pokemon but I guess it's still pretty early on in the series for that kind of stuff. I wish team rocket didn't have to get sent flying at the end of the episode but, predictably, the writers couldn't help themselves. It's a shame really.


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I think they did a really solid job of getting something from in the games and implement it very well in the anime. I loved the whole family and how Vito was secretly still there around. I also enjoyed how that little girl flirted with Max lol. That was hilarious.
Actually alot of people say there's a trainer in Victory road who is their son. I think he had a Swellow too not sure about Alakazam.

Off topic, I know, but, I Just looked it up. There's a Cool Trainer named Vito with a Swellow but a Kadabra instead of an Alakazam. Along with a Manectric and Shiftry.

For some reason, I found it really funny when Brock passed out from exhaustion. Just the way he says "I'm gone!" made me laugh.


Laughed my arse off when May's Beautifly beat that Roselia because of a flashback to Drew's
I really felt aweful for Max after Vivi told Max she hates him. Loved how Corphish was completely oblivious to Max's heartbreak.


The Winstrate family was kind of awkward in a good way & I did like how the son Vito was secretly watching their battles. 7/10

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I liked how the Winstrate family was portrayed, especially the grandmother. I liked how she put on a hard hat when Camerupt used Eruption, plus Vito helping to stop Team Rocket at the end was cool. :D
The Winstrates were too obsessed with battling but I'm glad that even Max participated. It's too bad that Vivi ended up so angry when she lost to him.


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Okay the thing that annoyed me about the start of the episode is why didn't they just get Corphish or Mudkip to squirt some water for them?

James - Now I know what a hot dog feels like, boiled alive in its own juices

I loved that line from James, Team Rocket have some great gags sometimes.

Roselia was absolutely crushed in that battle haha

Wtf in the trainer choice? How is Nuzleaf the best Pokemon to battle Camerupt? Nuzleaf is weak to fire, wtf????

It's nice the story had a happy ending though :)
It was funny to see Ash and Co. burning up in the hot sun lol. I liked that the Winstrate father's Zigzagoon knew Thunderbolt and that the Granny's Camerupt was the strongest Pokemon.


The only downsides of the episode were how short and uninteresting the battles were, and how quickly Vito decided he wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer still. It was kind of random, y'know?


It was nice to see the Kachinuki family in the anime, and I enjoyed how each member of Satoshi's group got a chance to battle. I'm not sure why Masato borrowed Satoshi's Heigani though when he could've borrowed Haruka's Achamo instead, but I liked watching the Kachinuki son stopping the Rocket-dan on his own.

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Lol, why? Vivi was a Cotd, so her thoughts on Max weren't important. I don't get the shippy aspect at all.

I didn't care much for Max liking Vivi here myself, tho I still thought that Vivi acted quite immaturely just cuz Max defeated her Marill with Ash's Corphish. She could've handled her loss better. :[
I'm not sure why Masato borrowed Satoshi's Heigani though when he could've borrowed Haruka's Achamo instead, but I liked watching the Kachinuki son stopping the Rocket-dan on his own.

If Max had borrowed May's Torchic, it would've had a type disadvantage against the little girl's Marill anyway. In all truth, it was episodes like this one that made me wish Max had his own Pokemon.


Although I did appreciate the Kachinuki family, I wish we had gotten to know them more in this episode since they mostly just battled and weren't fleshed out too well. I wanted to know why they were so fanatical about challenging trainers.


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Ash and his friends encountered the Winstrate Family, who seemed battle obsessed. It had a few funny moments, like when everyone was running away from Camerupt's eruption.


In hindsight, this episode would've worked well as more than just a filler episode if Masato had realized that he needed to catch his own Pokemon soon and become a trainer instead of relying on others to lend him Pokemon. The battle that he was involved in here was minor, but it could've been used as a justification for him to get motivated to start working on becoming a trainer in the future.