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Candlelight Graphics

Do you like the new shop?

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Welcome to Candlelight Graphics!

There are some big changes to the shop. First of all, I'm done with offering 10 different banner styles. You can request a banner but I'll make up the best style for it. You're also welcome to request an icon or a userbar. Only one request at a time. I have every right to deny your request if I don't like your image.


X | X

I'd like to request a [B]userbar [/B]from [B]Candlelight Graphics[/B]
[B]Animated (yes/no)[/B]:
[B]If yes, which Pokémon? (only one)[/B]: 
[B]Non-Animated Pokémon[/B]:
[B]Pokémon Position[/B]
[B]Background colors[/B]::

X | X

I'd like to request a [B]banner[/B] from [B]Candlelight Graphics[/B]
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Size [/B]:
[B]Extra [/B]:

X | X

I'd like to request an [B]Avatar[/B] from [B]Candlelight Graphics[/B]
[B]Image[/B] :
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Font (www.dafont.com) [/B]: 
[B]Extra [/B]:
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Ooh another animated userbar maker :D

I would like a Userbar Style 3
Pokémon (max 4): Zubat, Crobat, Woobat, Swoobat
Pokémon animated ( only ONE ) (*) : Swoobat!
Pokémon Position : Left
Background colors (*) : Green to orange
Sprites : Default b/w
Text (*) : Annoying angry birds
Details : No thanks


I would like a simple banner :
Pokémon (*): Chimchar
Background (*): Light Orange, in chequered format (like chess board but orange)
Text : The Battling Academy (Top) Join Us And Learn The Ways Of A Legend
Font : The one in vulpix banner
Extra : Thats pretty much it

Thanks ;)


Gamer Extraordinaire
I would like a Userbar Style 3

Pokémon (max 4) (*) : Bouffalant (non-shiny)
Pokémon animated ( only ONE ) (*) : Bouffalant (non-shiny)
Pokémon Position : right side
Background colors (*) : Light brown
Sprites : B/w default
Text (*) : I'm gonna charge you!
Details : in the back ground of light brown I would like dark brown stripes


Everyone's doing it!
I would like a Userbar Style 2:
Pokemons positions:eek:n the right
Background:Light red
Text:Team SeaSoul's □□□□□
Details:could the salamence be shiny?


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I've accepted all of your requests, even though there was only one spot left.

I'll get to them asap.

Edit : Finished some request ! Hope you like it ! If you want something changed, don't hesitate to ask :)

Bekidding :

Totodile :

Andrew :
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♥ PSG ♥
Was waiting for some requests to finish lol xD

I would like a Userbar Style 1
Pokémon (max 4) (*) : Metagross
Pokémon Position : Right
Background colors (*) : White to Black
Sprites : 5th Gen Style Dowsing Machine (Left Side)
Text (*) : Professional Anti-Hacker (Center)
Details : N/A

Deleted my request by accident xD whats wrong with me


Well-Known Member
Completed some requests + added a new userbar style !


I also made a small version to use as an example for my half sized userbar :)

□□□□□ :

SazandoraMASTER : I put the text a little more to the left so that it's still readable :)

If you want any changes don't hesitate to ask !


Well-Known Member
Hey Mew!

I would like a Userbar Style 3
Pokémon : The Ice cream family (Vanilluxe & Pre-Evo's(Forgot the names)
Pokémon animated : Vanilluxe
Pokémon Position : On the right
Background colors : Blue & white
Sprites : B&W
Text : I Love Icecream!
Details : Nope


Well-Known Member
Jesus you are really good at your banners, I especially like your one in the sig.

If I may ask for a request

I would like a simple banner :
Pokémon (*): Any water pokemon and as many water pokemon as you want. With adding Golduck in there too.
Background (*): Just in a sea if thats alright.
Text : Golduck#1 on the bottom left
Font :
Extra :

If you want some pictures or you will only use the one pokemon in the banner just say so. Thank you regardless.


Gamer Extraordinaire
By god It's perfect <3

Thank you soooooooo-3 hours later- oooooo much

Also do you want me to give credit ?
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The Z

Talking to the Moon~
I would like a Userbar Style 3
Pokémon (max 4) (*) : Deoxys Defense Form and Porygon-Z
Pokémon animated ( only ONE ) (*) : Porygon-Z
Pokémon Position : Deoxys Left, Porygon-Z Right
Background colors (*) : Pink and Orange
Sprites : B/W normal sprites
Text (*) : (Center) First Impact Defense Division
Details : make it cool


Well-Known Member
The Z : accepted
Windstorm : accepted

I should get these done somewhere today :)


Huspoel :


I hope you like it and don't hesitate to ask if there is something that you want to change !
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Thanks, Its awesome :D
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