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Canine Pokémon Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by GentleArtillery, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    Canine Pokémon Fan Club

    Before posting, read through this post. Or at least read the rules. If you haven't, you won't be able to join. From now on, I'll just ignore joining posts that doesn't follow the joining rules.

    - The Canine Pokémon Fan Club -
    This is a club for all those who love the dog, wolf or fox-like Pokémon. You don't have to like all of them, maybe you just like 2-3, but you're welcome as long as you like them.

    - List of the canine Pokémon -

    Vulpix ;037; Fire-type
    Ninetales ;038; Fire-type
    Growlithe ;058; Fire-type | Claimed by Jewperman and BlazingFury
    Arcanine ;059; Fire-type | Claimed by -Xu- and niedude
    Eevee ;133; Normal-type | Claimed by Blue Milotic
    Vaporeon ;134; Water-type
    Jolteon ;135; Electric-type
    Flareon ;136; Fire-type
    Umbreon ;197; Dark-type | Claimed by Mikaruge84
    Snubbull ;209; Normal-type
    Granbull ;210; Normal-type
    Houndour ;228; Dark/Fire-type
    Houndoom ;229; Dark/Fire-type | Claimed by Pokérus-Deity
    Smeargle ;235; Normal-type
    Raikou ;243; Electric-type
    Entei ;244; Fire-type | Claimed by crobatman
    Suicune ;245; Water-type | Claimed by legendarypokemonjunkie17
    Poochyena ;261; Dark-type | Claimed by Dinaria and +MewHeart+
    Mightyena ;262; Dark-type | Claimed by GentleArtillery
    Zigzagoon ;263; Normal-type
    Linoone ;264; Normal-type | Claimed by BlazeShadow
    Electrike ;309; Electric-type | Claimed by Rakurai
    Manectric ;310; Electric-type
    Absol ;359; Dark-type | Claimed by Mli
    Riolu ;447; Fighting-type
    Lucario ;448; Fighting/Steel-type
    Leafeon ;470; Grass-type
    Glaceon ;471; Ice-type | Claimed by Frozen Kitsune

    All Pokémon on this list have a reason to be there, though people will have different opinions about this. For instance, I consider Raikou very feline, but some people think he's a dog, so I put it there. The ones I'm not sure should be there are Leafeon and Glaceon, so I'd like your opinon. If you think there's a Pokémon that should be on the list, just tell me :3

    EDIT: claiming! You can claim one of the Pokémon listed above; each Pokémon can be claimed by two persons. Just remember that this is just for this club and nothing sitely, right?

    - Rules -

    1. Read the first post before even thinking of posting.
    2. I'm only active on Saturdays and Sundays, so when you write your joining post have that in mind and don't ask "why ain't I on the list yet?" or something.
    3. When joining, you must clearly state that you want to join.
    4. Don't ask to become a co-owner. I'm not even sure this club will have co-owners.
    5. All SPPf rules apply, of course.
    6. Try to write with good grammar and spelling. Don't shorten words like "you" into "u".
    7. In order to join, you must write the secret password. The current secret password is "Electric Banana Band." If you haven't got this in your post, I will automatically assume that you haven't read through the first post, even though you just might have forgotten it.
    8. Do not discuss anything that really doesn't have to do with the club's subject.
    9. Feel free to make banners for this club, just as long as the keep to the subject. You don't need to have a banner in your signature to be a member of this club, though. If you use a banner someone else has made, you must give credit, naturally.
    10. You can post art (made by you) here too, as long as it is art of any of the canine Pokémon. And well, it must follow the rules, no hentai or such. Those who post hentai will be banned from this club and reported.

    - Members -

    Leader: GentleArtillery
    The leader can accept and ban members, make new rules, plus everything regular members can.

    Dinaria | Second in command
    Blue Milotic
    Frozen Kitsune
    Gliding Girl
    Members can start topics (though others don't have to stick to this topic) and create/use banners, claim a canine Pokémon (for just this club, no bishie stuff or something) and suggest rules or stuff like that.

    About to join:
    These are quite accepted, except for the absence of the password in their joining post.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2008
  2. Dinaria

    Dinaria These are real fears

    I know I like liqourice, and I'd like to join. ^_^

    I really don't think Wynaut and Wobbuffet are canine at all, so I wouldn't include them. But I do think Glaceon and Leafeon fits, because while being sorta feline, they still have a resemblence to foxes. :)
  3. Pokérus-Deity

    Pokérus-Deity <---- King Pikachu

    Personally I wouldn't class wynaut and wobuffet, and smeargle as pokémon, but I'd like to join. (I adore Vaporeon and Riolu!)
  4. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    Accepted. ^^

    Hmm, yeah, but I don't know... I'll learn some more about the Wobbuffets before the decision is made. My idea was that Wobbuffet is losely based on the Big Bad Wolf who blew down houses... And I somehow think it looks canine :3

    Accepted :D

    Smeargle is based on a beagle, but I agree that it doesn't look very canine otherwise.

    Vaporeon is a great Pokémón ^^
  5. blazed

    blazed Azumarill fan

    Hi i like poochyena ans mightyena
  6. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    May I join?
    I've got the 10th Anivi (JAA) Dogs from a friend.

    *Makes a banner........looks @ the time, maybe I'll make it 2morrow.*
  7. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    Not accepted.
    1. You didn't state that you wanted to join.
    2. You haven't read through the post.
    3. This isn't very important, but please improve your writing. "Hi, I like Poochyena and Mightyena" would look much better.

    Not accepted.
    1. You haven't read through the first post.
    Otherwise, everything is fine with your post, so it would be great if you looked through the post and confirmed that you had read it.
  8. Eclipse

    Eclipse I AM GONE.

    Hercule Poirot.

    Hi, I'd like to join. I like pretty much all the canine pokemon.

    And I don't think Wynaut's a canine.
  9. ElementEevee

    ElementEevee Eevee lover

    Hercule Poirot

    I would love to join this club. I a bit obsessed with anything that looks like a canine or a fox. Plus in my signiture you might find I like Eevees.
  10. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective



    Hm, a topic... What Pokémon is your favourite of the canines? *lame*
    Hrmm.. Claim a canine! Each Pokémon can be claimed by two persons at most; I'll claim Mightyena :3
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2007
  11. Xashlei

    Xashlei probably elsewhere

    I would like to join. I love dogs in real life, and love dog Pokemon just as much (or less. Nothing beats the real thing you know)! My favorite of the dog Pokemon is Growlithe. And I guess you can consider Eevee a dog... so that too.

    May I claim Eevee?
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2007
  12. Jewperman

    Jewperman Member

    I want to join! I want to claim Growlithe or Arcanine, dont mind which! Hercule Poirot


    Last edited: Oct 7, 2007
  13. -Xu-

    -Xu- Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd like to join.
    I'd probably list Growlithe, Arcanine and Ninetales as my favourites, mainly because I've been fond of them since first gen.
    The only newer ones I really like are Absol and Smeargle. I love Riolu and Lucario but I don't see that much canine in them. They should still be on the list though.
    If possible I'd like to claim Arcanine.
    Also I like how quite alot of the eevelutions spark debates over whether they are feline of canine.
    Oh and Hercule Poirot by the way.
  14. Dinaria

    Dinaria These are real fears

    My favourite canines are Poochyena, Growlithe and Arcanine. :) And I'd like to claim Poochyena, because he's my top fav pokemon. <3

    I've got art, also! Which I want to post just for the sake of it. :)
  15. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    Accepted... not. Please read through the rules carefully, and you'll know what's wrong. Otherwise, your post is really good.

    Accepted. Arcanine's yours. I love Arcanine too, by the way :3

    Of course you'll get Pooch. I nearly wrote that in when I decided for the claiming stuff x3
  16. Mli

    Mli Cykelpedal

    mweep, can i join? ^_^ i love many of those pokemon you listed
    especially absol (although i think its a cat), all eevees of course, houndoom is just beautiful and ninetales has been one of my favourites since forever.
    Hercule Poirot btw

    .___.'' love your art dinaria, looks very realistic. and mights hair is just love
  17. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    Accepted, you want to claim one of those?

    *after MSN conversation* ah, Absol :)
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2007
  18. Dinaria

    Dinaria These are real fears

    Thanks! ^^ I'm most pleased with Might's mane and pose :) Also why is that ".__."? ;D

    And welcome and stuff. xD I thought you'd claim Ninetales rather than Absol
  19. BlazeShadow

    BlazeShadow Well-Known Member


    I would like to join, and could I please claim Linoone? : D
  20. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    Hah, she let me choose for her! x)

    You're in! Oh, and Linoone pwns :) It's a badger <3 Though it's canine and raccoon/tanuki-ish, too :3
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