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Capturing in the Safari Zone


Lost the Plot
OK, I know that if you've been playing for any length of time, you'll have a collection and be able to breed pokemon from your collection and never need to enter a safari zone, but....

I've recently re-played my LG and am looking in the Safari Zone for a Pinsir cos I'm lazy and I'm getting tinymushrooms from Paras/ects while I'm there.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to ask is - Is There Any Logic to Which Pokemon Respond Better to bait/rock/moving closer in the 3rd Generation?

Does it depend on Species? Does it depend on Nature?

From what I've observed, one Parasect will tolerate repeated rocks thrown, whilst another will flee after one.

I've searched the forum and can't find anything on this. There may not be an answer, but I'd appreciate hearing other people's opinions on this :D


Hasty Ho Oh
I don't know... I know creeping closer and throwing rocks make them easier to catch, but throwing bait makes them harder :s I think....

I haven't ever really had any problems... My mate ran into 8 Chanseys and caught 4 of them in 1 game.. So it just luck.


Well-Known Member
Your best bet is to simply throw balls and hope you get lucky. There's no special combo/formula that will get you better catches.


Pokémon Master
Yeah, I never bother using rocks or bait. In Emerald, creeping closer seemed to work, but with really rare stuff, I never bother. Every ball is a chance to get it, so I just use balls, because who knows when you'll see another.


Well-Known Member
With really rare pokemons, like Chansey or Kangaskan, the rock/bait doesn't work good. But with the 'more seen' Pokémons they work, i mean Nidoran(male and Female), Paras and stuff like that.

golden jirachi

Sinnoh Star!
Fromula: Go near, ups catch rate ups escape rate. Bait, ups the rate of the pokmon to stay. if i were you i would use pokeblock in the feeders and use the safari zone techquinque for unlimited time.