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Card battle game

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~approved by PsiUmbreon~
Hey pokemon fanatics! Do u like to play pokemon the card game? well now u can in this game!!! Heres how it works. I get some card pictures. then i put them all to gether, i give u the url and u click on it and they will all be separate cards. when u get them u highlight the url, Hold ctrl and while ur holding it press c. then say like i play charmandr if u play that card. and the cool thing is for the people who arent playing right then and there they get to play faster because each deck has only 5 cards!!! so if u dont understand pm me ok? the first person to post in this thread (other than me) is the co. owner! and gets the first deck and gets to pic it himself. so it goes like this. u ask to join. if i say yes i give u links to get to look at ur cards remember pm me if u dont undrstand. oh yea and also every time u win 5 battles in a row, u get another better card, but u have to get rid of one of ur cards. u dont have to if u dont wanna. and u dont need to use energy cards.
it will take some time for me too make all ur decks, soo talk untill i do
Not open for further replies.