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Card Captor Sakura General Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Tiffany, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    Well just stay on topic next time, okay? :]

    Back to topic?
  2. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    Hiya guys im back~!

    I'm re-watching ccs ^_^

    episode 27 KILLS me, I forgot that I shouldn't talk to people for an hour after watching some eps too (The shippiness kills me, I dance around singing catch you catch me, hey, Its all good!) I remeber now.

    I love the the part where S & S are talking about their feelings for Yukito, I really loved their rivalry for his heart~<3 plus Syaorans just so damn cute when he likes someone~<3 he turns red and runs like crazy!!

    dont get me wrong here, Im neither a fan nor an ant- fan of Yukito x Syaoran, but, Syaoran xYukito as a onesided ship on Syaorans side is THE CUTEST THING!

    Speaking of one sidededness Melin's Syaoran obsesiveness is the crazyest thing ever, shes like his personal fangirl XD~!

    that brings us to my new topic

    which of the onesided ships do you like the best?

  3. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Which of the onesided ships do you like the best?

    Either Sakura x Yukito (on Sakura's side, obviously. ;3) or Tomoyo x Sakura (from Tomoyo's side)

    Sakura always fan girled over Yukito, which I thought was absolutely ADORABLE and how Tomoyo sorta looked up to Sakura (even though she's the more mature, knowledgeable one XP). I'm not really a fan of Meilin x Syaoran one-sided shipping, but it's still cute imo. =]

    So, yeah. Either Sakura x Yukito or Tomoyo x Sakura. X3
  4. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    I guess I might as well join the discussion.

    What's YOUR favorite CCS moment?

    Aw, I loved that bit, too ^_^ Even in the dub it was cute, rofl. My actual favorite bit of CCS is when Touya gives up his powers to the ever smexy Yue. It's all dramatic and heartfelt and hawt at the same time... gosh! <3

    Were there any ships you grew to like better over time?

    It took me a while to get used to Syaoran x Sakura, tbh. I thought Syaoran was just the biggest jerk ever, and that he didn't belong with Sakura at all >_< But then some of the cutesy moments over time (especially Syaoran blushing~) made me really come to love this couple <3
  5. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    I thought that was awsome~<333 and so cuuuutttttteeeeee *fangirlscreams* Once I watched that ep with a metal spoon in my mouth, I almost bit straight through it(I always clench my teeth to avoid fangirl screaming) . (yes, I'm very obsesive XD)

    which of the onesided ships do you like the best?

    Syaoran x Yukito (on Syaorans side) what can I ay other than *blush* Its this kind thing that makes me wanna fangirl tackle Syaoran (and Yuki~<3333) It's dead cute.

    Meling x Syaoran (on /hER side) I thought that ship was SO funny *she tackles him* XDXDXD It gave me a good laugh XDXDXD.


    aside from that, I'm now obsesing over how much deeper Yuki x touya is in the manga *dies* I LOVE IT!

    oh great, my hands are bright red. guess I should end this post~


    EDIT: sorry I can't wait for someone else to post before my rant. I've been reading the ccs manga for the first time and I just got up to the part where Touya gives up his powers XD Its so much deeper! the whole ship is so much deeper in the manga XDXDXD *is in fangirl heaven* I love it when Yuki grabs Touyas shirt XD In fact, I love how Touya sees how similar they are(Yue and Yuki), and how Yue pretty much tells Touya that he's Yukis most important person. Kyaaaaaaaa. I love how Yuki confesses his love for Touya to Sakura, although, I feel bad for her......

    I need to calm down now, It's 1:02 AM and I'm far too fangirlsh.


    Double Edit: sorry if my last edit made no sence XP. Iwas crazy last night. I finished the manga, the end made me cry. I love SXS, "I'll wait forever" oh damn.... Its so sad.... the end of the anime is also geat though


    Triple edit: Kyaaaaaa~ It's 1:33 Am and the only thing left to do Is fangirlscream~ I reallyreallyreally love YXT, XD they belong together, afterall, they're 'special friends' *wink wink*
    *shot* I love Yuki's constant teasing of Touya~ *pretends to be sakura and puts hand to face saying: hanyaaaaaaaaaan* those two are so sweet~ I love how in the manga (I read a fan translation) Yue says something about 'yukito choseing touya as his love' I was like:♥_♥ Teheheheh... [someone post now so I can stop editing]

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2009
  6. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    ^ LOL. :D Triple Edits? Jeez.. Hah.

    I read the manga, too. There were WAY more cute moments for Sakura x Syaoran and Touya x Yukito in it. x3 The ending made me cry, too. D': I especially loved the part where a couple years went by and Sakura saw Syaoran for the first time in a long time. x3 She went and gave him a cute hug~ It was adorable.

    I remember I read the manga first... watched the Japanese version of the anime... and watched a couple episodes in the Dub... Meh. I didn't like how the Dub was edited so many times to hide all the adorable romance... ><
  7. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    I am crazy XD

    The manga is really cute, The 'I'll wait forever' the extra Touya and Yuki stuff, It's all so cute~<3

    If theres one thing I love about cardcaptor Sakura Its how the relationships develop, I mean some tings I NEVER saw coming (ok, MOST things) like SxS. when he first showed up I never would have belived he'd fall in love with sakura, but, she sorta changes him, in a way... And TxY.. I caught on to that before long, but, If you'd told me after I'd watched the first ten eps I would have been like 'wut? really ♥_♥!' It didn't take me long to see tomoyos true feelings for Sakura, Its not hard ppl.
  8. iLOVEcroutons

    iLOVEcroutons Grass Type Lover

    (Just a random CCS couple statement that has been in my head for a while)

    Did anyone ever think about Touya x Tomoyo as a couple?! *feels lonely under the spotlight* ahhh cause I have......*cough* and I thought it was kinda cute ^^; *hides behind stage curtains*
  9. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    Ahhh yes! She had a crush on him for a while in the mangaXD
    yes, Its kinda cute~!

    I feel really sorry for Tomoyo, She loves Sakura so much and just wants her to be happy, even if Sakura doesn't love her back. Poor Tomoyo-chan, she's not like her mother, who was more like meilin If you ask me, Tomoyo is soft and sweet. But it must hurt sometimes, to know that the person who you love loves someone else....


    Isn't Syao cute when he's jealous? heheheh you gotta love that guy

  10. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    ROFL. I remember that I used to go through my VCDs and hunt down the SxS moments to rewatch it. :D His devilish cat eyes are LOLawesome. Remember when Eli/Eriol came into the picture? I swear he was making death glares at Eriol whenever he got the chance!
  11. Pikachu_luver

    Pikachu_luver ♪ Blue Bird ♪

    May I join? I always loved this anime. Never read the manga though. I gotta catch up on that.

    Whats you favorite CCS moment?

    Well my favorite was at the end of the second movie when Sakura jumps to Syaoran's arms. Its was so cute! Kawii! ^^

    What is your favorite one-sided shipping?

    Tomoyo x Sakura was cute. But I felt sad for Tomoyo when Sakura didn't return her feelings.

    Yukito x Sakura is another of my favorites. I always loved every time Sakura blushed or got obsessive when she saw him. In the beginning of the anime she even ate her breakfast ten times faster just to catch up with her brother and see him.

    Were there any ships you grew to like over time?

    I always hated Sakura x Syaoran at first. But over time when they were showing hints they liked each other I grew to love it. Especially the last episode. Now I can't believe I used to hate the shipping. XD
  12. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Guess I might as well reply since I haven't yet.

    I was never big on the CCS anime, but I do have/have read all of the manga. <3 It's still my favorite manga to date, and not only for the story, but the shippings. XD

    SakuSyao is definitely my favorite, like most people here/in the fandom. It's just adorable, you can't resist it. I don't think I've ever come across anyone who hates it, even TomoyoxSakura shipppers. :< These two just complete each other. I enjoy it way more in CCS than TRC, at any rate. I MISS THEIR CCS PERSONALITIES IN TRC.

    As for other shippings, TomoyoxSakura is alright in my book. I can't ship Tomoyo with Eriol, because her love for Sakura is way too obvious imo. No hate on that ship, though.

    Uh, I think YamazakixChiharu is pretty cute. [= So is TeradaxRika, even if it's pretty gross to some people. TouyaxYukito is...okay. I just don't care for it much.
  13. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    Who doesn't love SyaoSaku? It's the cutest thing ever. I wish that in TRC they had more... spunk, so to say. They're boring. D: And Tomoyo/Eriol doesn't exist for me. It's just... yeah like you said- Tomoyo is like, head over heels in love with Sakura. It's sweet how she wants her to be happy though.
  14. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    I'm ba-ack XD

    I love it XD but yeah, Its far too bland in tsubasa, ack.... I love their CCS personalities but in trc, its bleh but in CCS its wiiiin XD

    *agrees* CCS SyaoSaku > TRC SyaoSaku anyday. (and CCS TouyaYuki > TRC TouyaYuki too if you ask me)

    Welcome! have a cookie! And you should really read the manga. Its so shippy.

    I almost cried the other day. Poor Tomoyo.... I remeber that scene from the manga about Sakuras love for her not being the same as her love for Sakura.... poor poor Tomoyo.....

    Hahahahaha yes XD He watched them from the bushes with Tomoyo stalkers I swear Syao looked like he was going to explode! XD evvvil evvvill glares XD

    Oh yes, Its cute XD I remeber Syao running around a corner and seeing Chiharu strangleing Yamazaki. I was like XDXDXD

    Chiharu:lieees alll lieees

    That'll be all for now since I'm starting to lose grip of sanity XD

    ~ seeya!

    EDIT: I think I have the most posts on this thread of any one person XD
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  15. LedZeppelin1

    LedZeppelin1 Expect theUnexpected

    Ah screw it I think I might post a couple times here, even if I am the only guy who does 0.o

    I don't exactly know the Japanese names that well because I've only watched the *not so great* English dub but anyway...

    My favorite one sided shipping was Sakura and Julien(at least I think it was one sided..) and my favorite overall is Li and Sakura because they seem right for each other =P
  16. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    Yes. You are the only guy. XO..

    Yeah, Sakura and Yukito was one sided, but it was still cute
    Sakura loved himmmmm XD She was so obsessive It was really cute!

    And sakura and Syao were made for eachother and I love them to bits (just not in TRC...) Sakura is really thick when it comes to love. It was so cute to see syao crush on her while she was completely oblivious XD

  17. LedZeppelin1

    LedZeppelin1 Expect theUnexpected

    Did Julien.. er I mean Yukito, even know Sakura liked him? He had to at least have had an idea right?
  18. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    yeah, She told him and he turned her down in a veryyyy nice way. She asked him if he liked her brother. he did XD

    I found that ep so sadddd, she wanted to tell him because he almost died... She wanted him to know.....

    at least syaoran was there to cheer her up after she was turned down.....

  19. LedZeppelin1

    LedZeppelin1 Expect theUnexpected

    Is that when Tori(forget Japanese name..) gives his magic to save Yukito's life, or something similar to that?
  20. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    OMG :) I just realized that there was a CCS general discussion thread :) i = happy now.
    I love CCS so much and I'd love to be a part of this!
    Does Sakura x Syaoran have a shipping name??

    Whats you favorite CCS moment?

    My favorite has to be episode 51 i believe, where the group (Eriol, Syaoran, Sakura and Tomoyo) goes to the teddy bear convention thing and Syaoran actually comes to terms with his love for Sakura. Its super cute how he looks at her and at the end when he hugs her cause she survives is amazing. Plus where she asks him if she can call him Syaoran because he called her Sakura, that was awesome!! sakuxsyao forever!!

    What is your favorite one-sided shipping?

    I thought that Yukito x Sakura was really cute until Syaoran showed up... then everything changed :D

    Were there any ships you grew to like over time?
    Um, I don't think so. I've grown alittle to SakuraxTomoyo because of the one episode (i believe it was 50) where Tomoyo tells Sakura she likes someone. I thought that was pretty obv and i was like awww, but SakuraxSyaoran all the way. :]
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