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Card Captor Sakura General Shipping Discussion

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OpInIoNaTeD at <3
I really loved it when Syaoran started getting all blushy around Sakura who's totally clueless. But I loved it when they got together in the end, they were just too cute!

Even though I don't think of it as a romantic shipping, I grew fond of the friendship between Sakura and Eriol.

I feel sorry for Tomoyo, but she's really strong in my apinion, being able to accept SyaoranxSakura and saying once that "some feeling are best left in the heart" - I could never forget those words.

ToyaXYukito - I support the shipping, it's got lots of depth, but I would prefer them as close friends, almost a brotherly bond, and maybe something more...
Not open for further replies.