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Card Faking Tutorial

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Do you know of any other free editing programs besdies Photoshop? I can't seem to set it up on my computer when I finally get it downloaded from Download.com.
use image ready... i works the same as photoshop, but with lesser feature.

Is the font for old version of the cards (base set to shyright) the same? Also, is there a symbol sheet for use in attacks?
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I'm New here

I'm new here, and I have some doubts... Where can I found everything that I need to do my fake card...
Sorry for my bad English...


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I use Gimp, but it's font sizes are in Px, i think this is Pixels, are they still the same sizes?
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I'm doing my best, but it's near impossible in MS Paint.

Wish I could download something. :(

The hard bit is just getting font on without it splashing a white background everywhere.
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