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cardfight vanguard

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by darklord18, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    dose anyone here play cardfight vanguard if so what clan do you run?

    me i run a royal paladin deck and shadow paladin deck.

    the main goal of the game is to summon unit and deal six damage to your opponent. the best thing is that there tons of different clans/deck type you can use.
  2. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    i have become mildly interested in this tcg to the point of being tempted to buy a few boosters. might wait and give my friend's intro deck a try first though.
  3. Zexiontwo

    Zexiontwo Cursed sun...

    I started playing, only issue with the thing is it's really hard to make a decent deck and there are only a select few places where I can buy them in my town. I currently run Royal Paladin but plan to run Angel Feather eventually.

    Ever thought the Pale Moon was oddly named?

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