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Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [RP Thread] (R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Samayouru, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan


    Something is wrong.​

    You hadn’t really noticed it at first – sleep tends to dull the senses like that. It’s only after you rub your eyes and start your morning routine that you finally realise how cold your surroundings are. How odd… of course you try to rationalise this sudden chill. Perhaps the air conditioning had been set on the lowest temperature it could go, or something? It isn’t until you catch sight of what’s going on outside your hotel window that you drop common sense entirely.

    Solaceon… is not what it should be. It’s summer, and when you arrived in town the day before yesterday the place was practically drowning in tourists. The weather was scorning hot and it had been forecasted on the news that the heat was here to stay until the end of August. But most of the streets have now been coated in a billowing fog that must’ve rolled in during the night, and it takes you a moment to realise that there appears to be snowfall, the little flakes being toyed with by the wind. It is then that you realise something else: Solaceon is severely lacking in movement. There isn’t a soul to be seen out there and the roads are deathly quiet, as if you’re standing in a morgue rather than a tourist town.

    There are no humans.

    No pokemon.

    Nothing but the aforementioned unrelenting fog drifting through eerily dismal streets, and the virgin snow peppering the pavements.

    Oh yes, something is definitely wrong.​

    The silence is thick – it’s made the air feel cold and yet clammy all at the same time, it clings to your skin like wet clothes. Your breath rises from your mouth in a thin haze of steam as you look out across the now seemingly abandoned town and think: what the hell happened here?

    The fog could be explained away – Solaceon isn’t all that far from the eastern coast of Sinnoh, so it wouldn’t be impossible for some sea fog to make its way across the region. But the problem with this thought is that it is high summer, and on top of that it happens to be around midday (or at least that’s what the clocks say). Then there is the snow – anybody with half a brain knows that this isn’t right. You’d have more of a chance of winning a Master Ball at Jublife City’s famous lottery corner than encountering snow in late July. As for everybody suddenly vanishing? Maybe they got evacuated because of an extreme weather warning? Or perhaps there was a stampede of rhyhorn heading in Solaceon’s direction and you somehow missed the call? It sounds just as likely as snow falling in July when you think about it hard enough.

    So what options do you have available right now? You could try to investigate your surroundings and see what you could find, or perhaps venture out into the streets to see if you can come across anybody else. If you're rich enough, you're most likely staying at the Solaceon Prairie Hotel – A quaint little hotel in the very heart of Solaceon that boasts many five-stars reviews by both guests and critics alike. It has all the trimmings of a fancy hotel – a spa, indoor pools, a lavish restaurant that can also be rented out for private events, the list goes on and on. It’s only a stone’s-throw away from the Solaceon Contest Hall.

    In the other hand you might be staying at The Moonstone Inn – A cheaper hotel on the shadier east side of town. While not completely abysmal by any means, it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles the Prairie Hotel is known for. It’s located on most maps as being just a few streets away from the Pokemon Day-Care Centre.

    As for the roads in and out of Solaceon? It’s hard to tell. The fog is too thick – you won’t be able to see the junctions with the naked eye unless you decide to investigate closer for yourself.



    Agatha Pridmore
    The Solaceon Prairie Hotel
    Health: Healthy
    Mental Status: Calm
    Team: Vertex [Porygon], Adan [Shiny Treecko], Lancelot [Gallade]

    “Damn it,” Agatha growled under her breath as she hurriedly gathered fresh clothes from her suitcase. “Arceus fucking dammit.”

    What had caught her wrath was quite simple – her alarm clock, which she had recently bought from a highly recommended shop in Hearthome, had died during the night. And now she couldn’t get it to start again. Agatha glared at the sleek, grey plastic box every so often as she got dressed. She’d forked out over 5,000 pokedollars for that thing and somehow she’d lost the receipt, just her bloody luck!

    And then it hit her. Vertex. Her brow furrowed as she looped the belt around her jeans, fastening Adan’s pokeball to the holder on the right side. Maybe he’d been eating data from it again like he did with the clock she’d bought for her apartment back in Goldenrod.

    She reached for the other pokeball on her bedside table, her fingertips whitening against the metal surface, and pressed the button that flung the lid open like a hatch. Vertex emerged in a flash of light, landing on the bed with a slight thud and dipped his head, bleeping a soft greeting to his owner. “Hello, Vertex,” Agatha said, keeping her tone as calm as she could. She pointed to the alarm clock. “The clock’s broken.” She folded her arms. “Did you have anything to do with this?”

    Vertex lifted himself up and floated towards the clock, tilting his head. He whirred several times before turning back to her and shaking his head at a steady speed. Agatha nodded. His tail would’ve drooped if he’d been lying to her about it.

    “All right,” she said, sighing. “Looks like I’m going to have to buy a new clock today somewhere.”

    And then she saw what Vertex was looking at. Her lips parted as her eyes scanned the outside world – or at least what little of it she could make out that hadn’t been swallowed up by fog. And the little white flecks powdering the tarmac – was that snowfall she was seeing? The two of them stared at this dismal scene for a few seconds before the only words running through Agatha’s mind finally slipped through her mouth: “What the fuck?”

    She knew for a fact this wasn’t right – it was July, and if she remembered correctly the weatherman on TV last night had promised an entire week of sun and heat for holidaymakers. He’d said nothing about Solaceon suddenly experiencing the dreary haze of winter. And as for people? There wasn’t a soul to be seen, which made the landscape look even worse than it already was. Even in winter people would be out on the streets, all bundled up and hurriedly walking to wherever they needed to go, their pokemon trailing behind them.

    Agatha frowned, a chill crawling up her spine.

    She did not like this.

    She did not like this at all.

    Vertex bleeped, nudging his owner’s arm in concern. Agatha responded by rubbing the arm he’d head-butted and looking over her shoulder to the door to her hotel room. Her father – he’d probably know what was going on better than she did – all she needed to do was knock on the door to his room besides hers and that would be that.

    Agatha beckoned to Vertex and got her stuff together. “Let’s go,” she said to the floating mass of shapes before reaching for the doorknob. “Dad’ll probably be awake by now – we’ll go and see what he thinks about this whole thing.”

    And even though she didn’t want to say it out loud, Agatha really didn’t want to be alone. The absolute lack of noise both inside and out was not helping.


    * x1 Bandage
    * x1 Super Potion
    * x1 Candy Bar (bought from a gas station on her journey to Solaceon)
    * x1 Revive
    * x1 Wallet (contains money, ID cards, and a photograph of herself, her father and their pokemon)
    * x1 Laptop (used for essays and browsing the web)

    ((OOC: Side note - click the banner! It'll take you to the theme I picked out for this RP!))
  2. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou Up To No Good

    Chloe Whittaker
    The Solaceon Prairie Hotel
    Healthy / Calm

    [​IMG]( Snugglebum ),[​IMG] ( Oathsworn ),[​IMG] ( Aurora )

    Chloe woke to a chill.

    She did not believe it at first, thinking the cold was just another part of her dream. Stubbornly, she huddled deeper under the covers and tried to chase after the slowly waning imagery of a contest hall. They’d just been about to announce the winner. She had to know if she’d made it.

    But the more she tried to repaint the details of her dream, the further away she chased them - until she could no longer deny being awake. Or cold.

    “Ugh, seriously...” she murmured, peeling one perfectly white pillow off her face and throwing it at the wall. She’d told her dad not to go all crazy with the air conditioning! The night was always gonna be cooler than the day, and it sucked to freeze in your own bed. Especially in July.

    “Daadd,” she whined, waiting to hear a familiar voice from the other side of the family suite. When she did not, she groaned and pulled herself to sit.

    A familiar, pink creature padded across the room, jumping onto Chloe’s lap and nuzzling against her abdomen. Usually, she would’ve greeted the Snubbull with a giggle and a good scratch behind the ear. But now, all she could muster was a series of absentminded pats, her attention entirely stolen by the rest of the room.

    Something was... weird.

    The digital alarm clock on the table said it was midday, yet it felt like the middle of the night. Everything was eerily quiet and chilly, and there was no light pouring through the closed curtains. The air conditioning was whirring quietly, its temperature resting in the range of comfort. Her father was nowhere to be seen. And once Chloe did glance down at her Pokémon companion, she noticed Snugglebum was trembling. Whether from the cold or something else, she couldn’t say. But it freaked her the hell out.

    “O-okay,” she announced to no one in particular, standing up so suddenly that the Snubbull almost fell to the floor. “We should get some breakfast, or lunch, or whatever.” she ran a hand through her hair and headed to the bathroom. “Open the curtains, will you, Snuggles?”

    The Snubbull whined, but hopped off to do as she was told.

    When Chloe peeked from the bathroom a moment later, she damn near dropped her toothbrush.

    The beautiful scenery she’d seen from her window last night was gone. There was no blue sky, no sun, and no treetops to sway in a pleasant summer wind. There was nothing but fog, dotted by the occasional, small white flake. Snow, it occurred to her as her Snubbull started to bark at the dots. Snow, in July.

    Suddenly, her usual morning routine didn’t seem so important anymore. Chloe stumbled out of the bathroom, grabbing her cellphone off the night stand. She left it on speaker-mode and continued to rummage through her things, trying to find the warmest clothes she’d brought. She was so not going to stay in this creepy room alone a second longer.

    “Pick up, dad, pick up...” she begged, pulling on the only long-sleeved shirt she had with her. Unfortunately, she hadn't brought any actual pants and had to make-do with a skirt. “Come on, come on, come on.”

    The number you have dialed---

    “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” she practically punched out of the call, frantically gathering her things now. He must’ve been at the archaeological site. Maybe he was underground. Or like... maybe his team was investigating this weather, or something. Maybe... maybe it was a fossil Pokémon doing this? Her Amaura could create auroras! It wasn't impossible.

    “Come on, Snuggles, we’re--” Chloe stopped next to her father’s empty bed. It wasn’t made, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. What caught her attention was the lone Pokéball sitting atop the sheets. Oathsworn’s, Chloe knew. She recognized the ball from the small dents and scratches upon its surface, showing the age of both the device and the creature inside it. Her father was a worry-wart, and had tried to make her take the Bisharp with her when she’d explored the city yesterday. She’d refused, time and time again. She didn’t need a babysitter. She was sixteen.

    Chloe hesitated.

    Then, swiftly, grabbed the Pokéball off the bed and dropped it into her bag. It’s not that she was scared. It was... just in case.

    A few steps later, she stopped again - and grabbed her father’s shovel from a pile of his things.

    Just in case, okay.

    With that, she exited into the hallway, just as eerily cold and silent as her room. From the large windows framing the corridor’s opposite side, she could see more of the fog. The ground was too far down to see properly, but she could make out a distinct lack of movement. Where was everybody? Was she seriously the only one here?!

    Chloe picked up her pace, until the brisk outside air filled her lungs with air, and her heart with dread. She was outside now, the streets more visible than from up high. And yet, she still couldn’t see a soul. She couldn’t really even make out details of the city proper - not at a distance, anyway. Which way was the archaeologists’ camp? Maybe she should go to the Contest Hall instead. It was close, and familiar, and it’s not like she had a choice.

    So, Chloe held the shovel to her chest, made sure that Snuggles was still safely tucked in her shoulder bag, and set out.



    * Makeup bag (contains makeup, nail polish, jewelry, hair pins and hairspray)
    * Revive
    * Hyper Potion
    * Shovel
    * Cellphone (+ a charger)
    * Treats for Snugglebum
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Marth Wylson
    The Moonstone Inn
    Healthy / Calm
    Starshine (Pumkaboo), Pearl (Purrloin), Ogre (Noivern)

    Marth stirred in bed, trying to get comfortable again and debating if he should get up yet. He pondered what worthwhile thing he could do today. Gently rolling over to avoid disturbing Pearl, he sighed and put his arm out on the empty side. The thought of being here on vacation with his ex-wife and son briefly flashed in his mind, not for the first time since arriving. It was generally easier for the sad thoughts to take him over in the morning, but today he pushed them aside. Something was bothering him.

    Sitting up in bed, Marth noticed Pearl was missing. He usually let her out to sleep with him at night, it helped him wake up in the morning to a friendly face. Unfortunately, that friendly face was missing and he felt a moment of panic. Quickly he glanced at the door and windows. Still closed so she couldn’t have gotten out.

    “Pearl?” he asked into the room. He was answered by a quiet scratching sound, followed by a meow. Sighing, Marth released the tension in his shoulder and swung his legs off the bed. Looks like she’s deciding for me that it’s time to get up. As he stood and stretched, his Purrloin mewed again and walked up to him eagerly, rubbing against his leg.

    “Hey girl, what’s up?” He reached down to give her a gentle scratch on the head and looked to his luggage. Today he decided on a simple olive top with khakis, an open black jacket over the top. He swiveled his right foot a few times and groaned. It was slightly sore this morning, but he hoped it would wear off throughout the day. He had decided to visit the flower fields again today. There he could walk around without any worries, clear his head and let his mind wander.

    As he slipped into his shoes, he decided to open the blinds as he left, see what the weather was like. Marth wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but snow was definitely not something on the list. Seeing the gentle, silent falling flakes helped him realize how chilled it was and he shivered. It also could explain the soreness in his foot. Still staring out the window, he reached for the pain killers on his nightstand. Pearl put her front paws on the window sill and mewed, looking at her owner.

    “Yeah girl, that’s a little odd.” He swallowed the pills with a gulp of water. From his room, he couldn’t see anyone on the streets and his nerves were on end. Anxious now, he swept up his things; gun and flashlight went on his hips along with his three Pokeballs, wallet to his back pocket, super potion and revive in his front. Ready to face the day, he patted his shoulder for Pearl to jump up.

    “Let’s find out what’s happening,” Marth said, confidence in his words but an empty fear inside himself. He locked the door on his way out and strolled to the main lobby. No one was there. Not a person lounging or anyone manning the desk. Curious, he walked up, rung the service bell at the desk, and waited. Peal batted at the collar of his jack while he stood patiently. No one’s coming, he decided after many minutes passed. Furrowing his eyebrows further, he stepped outside to see what else he could learn.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  4. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Agatha Pridmore [Samayouru] – You decide to go out and see your dad, which sounds a lot better than just staying huddled up in bed.

    You tug at the collar of your shirt. Even here in this corridor the air is as cold as a meat locker, which just makes the thought of winter in July feel even more wrong than it already is. You try to push this from your mind as you approach the door to your dad’s hotel room.

    You’re staying on the third floor – in Room 312 to be precise – and your dad was kind enough to let you have a room of your own for privacy’s sake. It is then that the door unlatches, signalled by a sharp click and you find yourself staring into a pair of oval, red eyes. It is your dad’s gallade, Lancelot, who opens the door and gives you a chivalrous bow before beckoning you to follow him. From what you can see beyond his lanky body your dad does not appear to be in the main area of the room. Maybe he is in the bathroom? You won’t be able to tell unless you enter Room 313.


    Chloe Whittaker [GoldenHouhou] – It’s not that you’re scared or anything, but you decide the hotel isn’t the best place to stay.

    But even though you are now out in the open you can’t help but feel… cramped. It feels a little bit like being cooped up in a large crowd of people – only here you can’t push your way through to freedom. The fog isn’t helping either – it billows across the roads and pavements like a ghostly curtain, rendering you unable to see anything beyond the entrance to the hotel.

    Of course you could take your chances and wander around – the Solaceon Contest Hall isn’t all that far from the hotel. However it might be better if you find something that you could use to help find your way around the streets – like a map. They might have a few in the hotel lobby for tourists.


    Marth Wylson [Skillfulness] – There’s not a soul to be seen in the Moonstone Inn – in fact it’s almost as if everyone just vanished while you were asleep. You decide that heading out onto the streets would be a better option than staying indoors.

    But what greets you when your shoes meet the pavement is not very encouraging to say the least. From the looks of it Solaceon has become a ghost town seemingly overnight, and while you have a better view of the road now the thick fog blanketing the streets prevent you from seeing anything in the distance. It might be worth looking around to see if you can find something to help guide you around town – like a map.



    Agatha Pridmore
    The Solaceon Prairie Hotel
    Health: Healthy
    Mental Status: Calm
    Team: Vertex [Porygon], Adan [Shiny Treecko], Lancelot [Gallade]

    “Hey there, Lancelot,” Agatha said to her dad’s pokemon and returned the bow (he’d get upset if she didn’t). “Is dad up yet?”

    Come. Lancelot’s firm voice echoed in her head – a trademark of most psychic pokemon. He gestured to her once again, casting one of his blade-like hands across the room with his brow furrowed. We talk.

    Agatha’s abdomen tightened. Lancelot never knitted his eyebrows together like that – not unless something was really wrong.

    Getting close to the window looking out upon Solaceon confirmed that Agatha’s mind was not indeed playing tricks on her – it was still snowing (in fact the flakes were falling more rapidly now) and the fog shielded the rest of the town from her eyes. She licked her lips and swallowed as Vertex followed her into the hotel room. This whole thing felt wrong – really, really wrong.

    Agatha shook her head. Now wasn’t the time to feel dread, she had to talk to dad – he’d know what to do. “Dad?” she called. “Dad, are you in here?”

    The room responded with stillness – as firm and as foreboding as an abandoned graveyard. Vertex whirred and floated over to the window, keeping his eyes on the streets below while Lancelot gently tugged at Agatha’s shoulder.

    Agatha raised an eyebrow and stared at the gallade. “He isn’t here?” she said. “Have you seen him at all today, Lancelot?”

    Not here. Lancelot shook his head to emphasise his words, causing Agatha to start chewing at her lower lip. All of a sudden the pit in her stomach felt a lot deeper now.

    She approached the window and rubbed her arms. “He has to be in the hotel somewhere,” she said. “He’s probably waiting for me in the lobby or something like that.” She nodded. “Yeah, that sounds reasonable.”

    Vertex looked over his shoulder and bleeped a couple of times, turning to follow his owner as she walked across the room.

    Wait, Lancelot called from behind. He approached one of the bedside cabinets and grabbed the pokeball placed on top of it before returning to Agatha’s side, holding the ball in front of her. Take me.

    Agatha’s eyes fell upon the ball, then looked back up to Lancelot. “Are you sure?”

    Lancelot nodded. You must be safe, he said. It would be what he wants for you.

    A ghost of a smile crept across Agatha’s face and she finally took the ball from him, fastening it to her belt. “Thank you.”


    * x1 Bandage
    * x1 Super Potion
    * x1 Candy Bar (bought from a gas station on her journey to Solaceon)
    * x1 Revive
    * x1 Wallet (contains money, ID cards, and a photograph of herself, her father and their pokemon)
    * x1 Laptop (used for essays and browsing the web)

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