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Cartoon Network Aquire Rights to Season 9. 52 Episodes to air this fall

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Serebii, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    The thing is...everyone would be saying that no matter WHAT season PUSA started dubbing the series at. If they had started with Season 8, people would complain about how great Season 8 is and how it shouldn't be tarnished by newbie voices. Or Season 7. Or Season 6. Or...
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Well that's because the writing since AG started, was for the most part, fantastic. Its not the fans to blame if the Japanese writers are giving us one awesome episode after the next, with only a few duds here and there.

    If this happened back in Johto, nobody would have cared.
  3. I think CN is bascially "Stealing" Kidswb.
  4. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.


    Oh yeah, we say this four years after Johto has ended, but the outrage would of been equal no matter what season we were getting into, like Dogasu said.

    Besides, Johto wasn't something to brag about, but it wasn't terrible. We got some great TR arcs. Way better than the Groudon vs. Kyogre two-parter, for example.
  5. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Well yes, there would have still been complaining, but nothing as big as it is right now. I very much doubt stuff like SOVA would have existed back then.

    But then again, the only people who run SOVA are those, "Pocket Monsters" freaks that only care about restoring the cast of their "precious" Ash, Misty and Brock, and don't give a damn about the AG cast.

    Guys like Harley need their voices retained, not people like Misty who we only see once every 100 episodes.
  6. RandomCharizard

    RandomCharizard i hatez pokemonz

    I actually totally agree, about the Pocket Monsters and how harley should retain his voice. Even though I'm all for the VA recasting, I'll hate to see Harley's voice gone.
  7. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    I will always like the old VAs better. I do want it to stay with PUSA, just to have the old VAs back.

    I emailed Veronica, heres what she thinks:

  8. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    "Makes no sense?" How so? CN is picking up the new season of a series that has been insanely popular on Kids' WB! for the past eight years. They'd be dumb not to pick it up.
  9. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    I'm sorry, but I've reached the breaking point with this and I've got to get it off my chest now.

    RandomCharizard, yes you, RandomCharizard, need to take a massive dose of humility NOW. I'm sure I'm not the only one sick and tired of you and your conceited ******* behavior.

  10. RandomCharizard

    RandomCharizard i hatez pokemonz

    Hypocrite, I'm sick and tired of the Sova Campaign. I'm sure I'm not the only one. If you don't like what I say, don't reply to it. All you're doing is making a fool out of yourself on a POKEMON FORUM. Is it that freaking serious to make you so freaking mad?

    I'll stop now before TGB isnt the only one warned.
  11. Shift

    Shift I'll learn you good!

    Say, if you guys are gonna argue, shouldn't it be through PMs instead of here?

    Anyway, I don't mind Pokemon going to CN, since I get that channel. I do feel bad for those who don't get it, but at least it's on a channel at all. It seems as though with Jetix moving exclusively to Toon Disney, the only channels with cartoons on local stations will be Kids' WB ( now on the CW), 4K!ds TV, and PBS, and since the CW is done with Pokemon, 4Kids is done with Pokemon, and PBS isn't exactly suited for Pokemon, it seems like CN is one of the only other options.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2006
  12. Hidden Mew

    Hidden Mew Fog Trainer

    True. But I think that she was talking about the whole recasting situation for the next season. Of course, I could be wrong.

    I do think that CN is the best place for Pokemon. All of the other channels that do air shows for children aren't quite suited for a show like Pokemon. They either can't take it due to business reasons, or something like that or the show itself doesn't fit with their current shows. Like channels with shows that are for little kids. I really do hope that CN does put it on Toonami. That way, not only would the season not go by so fast, but it also fits in better in that lineup than Mugzi.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2006
  13. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Exactly. And I have seen the special and I really believe the old cast and the new cast are both medicore. You have Taylor and Stuart hi-jacking their characters, Ash and James respectively and basically destroying them because they think they sound better. And the others aren't to grabbing. Stuart's voice for Brock is the exact same for almost all of his other characters and voice overs. Max is just plain annoying and uninteresting. May squeaks and like I said, Blaustein and Lilis are about the only talented people of the original cast but are right now limited to one roll each.

    Then on the other side you have Ash sounding a little too young (though he finally sounds like a boy) and May sounds a little too old. The others are of the same uninteresting quality of thier 4Kids counterparts. Pokemon wasn't sold on brilliant voice acting and it won't be.

    And that's why I think CN picked it up. The voices weren't bad enough to scare the reasonable fans away and kidswb was too stupid to keep it. So they'll gladly take in the goose that lays the golden eggs. I say good for them. Pokemon was rotting on kidswb, marred by the edits required by the network and TVY rating.
  14. Shift

    Shift I'll learn you good!

    Something I've noticed: aren't the WB and CN both a part of Time Warner? I mean, they're like sibling companies, right? They're run by different people, but doesn't the revenue ultimately go to the same source in the end?
  15. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Yes. So it could be TimeWarner wanted to move Pokemon to CN because they could do less editting. Even the version on CN and KidsWB are different.
  16. Nathan Madien

    Nathan Madien Me on a Good Day

    Actually, it's mutual: CN gets KidsWB shows and KidsWB gets CN shows, just as The Big Al said.

    That's because back in Johto, people were snoring from three seasons worth of filler after filler after filler.

    Exactly. KidsWB's attitude was "Well, this fall, we want to move away from anime to focus on more original series." Anyone who has watched KidsWB for a long time, like me, knows that this translate into "We want to do several cartoons for the short term rather than long term." On KidsWB, we have seen cartoons come and go just like that. By losing Pokemon, KidsWB is literally losing one of their longest, if not the longest, series they have ever had.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2006
  17. PokemonTrainerLisa

    PokemonTrainerLisa Veronica Taylor fan

    Well, first of all leafblader, I am confident for a number of reasons:

    1. That is just one of my personality traits, so I am always confident.

    2. I also get a lot of my confidence from Ash, because he is very confident as well (in my opinion).

    3. I have faith in our SOVA campaign, and I believe that if we all work hard enough, we can ultimately achieve our goal and get the VAs back.


    Why do you have to be so offensive!?

    It's not like I was yelling or anything. O_O

    Anyway, I'll give you one good reason as for why I think the SOVA campaign will succeed.

    It has to do with a certain user on Bulbagarden forums, named the gadfly. He has truely inspired me in this whole SOVA campaign. You see, he knows a lot about the business world and how it works, so he gives us a lot of constructive criticism and suggestions on how we can help our campaign.

    One of his examples of the SOVA campaign was Star Trek (though it's not exactly the same situation we're going through with Pokemon, but it's kinda similar). Now, this was way before email and instant messaging, cause all they had were telephones and close-contacts with people. He had only sent in ONE letter to the company, but had told one of his friends about it (and they told their friends, etc). Apparently, because of all the fans' letters, they managed to get Star Trek renewed for a 3rd season. They could not get a 4th, but however, they did get a bunch of other Star Trek stuff as well (and by the way, gadfly if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind that I used your example on here and everything).


    What she said to you sounds so sad. :(

    Anyway, thank you so much for posting this on here, kaibachaoschampion!!

    And now I must go email Veronica. I have to tell her that even though things might not look good, there is still hope for the SOVA campaign.
  18. Harold the Wonder Dog

    Harold the Wonder Dog Thunder Trainer

    What hope? Like, the campaign has existed for 2-3 months now, and what have you all accomplished? At most, you've written letters, you have an online petition that has under 2000 signatures and it's obvious they're not unique individuals because people (including supposedly a/the voice actor(s)) are treating it as a message board to communicate back and forth, and very limited exposure advertising the campaign via uploaded clips on youtube and 'radio spots' during a podcast.

    There's a main site for the campaign, but it's rarely updated, so in essence the campaign is actually fractured amongst multiple fan forums, an LJ community, and an IRC chat. There's a total lack of organization and leadership.

    BTW, out of curiosity, how did JAA go? Numerous times before last weekend you mentioned how you were going to get to the bottom of things with someone there, but I don't think I've seen a mention of it on the boards after the tour stop. I know on your LJ you said you discovered that no one worked directly for Pokemon USA, and that was it in regards to mentioning anything SOVA related. Yet, the Journey Across America tour was the perfect opportunity for you guys to truly get the word out amongst the fans, and it was wasted. At every tour stop, lines for the Pokemon Center kiosk, Celebi, top 20 Pokemon, photos with characters, etc, plus gathering areas like the viewing lounge, the gaming area, and the tournament area would have been perfect opportunities to engage with other fans to inform them of the issue and persuade them to join the cause. How much of that did you personally do when you weren't busy buying stuff or participating in the tournament?

    Or how about anime conventions? Any presence by SOVA amongst some major cons like Fanime or A-kon, or anything planned for upcoming AX? Besides being outgoing and striking up conversations like above, there's the possibility with enough preplanning, your organization could get yourselves a scheduled panel and have a little symposium.

    Either of those scenarios are more effective in raising awareness and member numbers than your idea of raising funds or accepting donations so a few select of SOVA can go to NYC for the tournament finals and maybe if you're lucky talk to someone important at PUSA, 4Kids, TAJ, or wherever. Sorry, but I think there's better ways to spend money than to send some fangirls to New York where they wouldn't accomplish anything.
  19. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    Well lets see, first of all theres the voice actors joining the forums to...I suppose give support. Also NewBrock wanting to improve his voice. Even though he obviously didn't want the change it was proof enough that it was effective for him to be here.

    Then theres the Pokemon.com article, that was made up of a load of crap basically. Which evidently proved that PUSA knew little about the way 4Kids handled the series and possiby beyond. Reacurring characters? I bet we'll get some of those with new names soon enough or Japanese original names if they continue dubbing.

    I can't really say much about the petition. Yes it has some signitures but I do agree it shouldn't have been used to communicate. It should have had a "1 IP address per message" or something.

    There is. However its here and at least we are campaigning rather than doing nothing about it.

    No comment. I live in England.

    In the UK its a bit hard. I imagine its the same in the US for the mos part here. People generally are into different anime. Maybe a lot of them could have started with Pokémon, but as they got older started looking at other anime. At least thats what I feel has happened with a few of my friends. But I will say that conventions have potential. Theres always the chance that people will care. Its pretty hard to get peoples attention at conventions though. From what I've expericenced of the two I've been too. They are very noisy.

    First of all, Its unlikely. But there IS always a chance as long as you try and because there is a chance, a small chance, we will not give up. Even if PUSA were to say flat out no. There is the chance of changing their minds.
  20. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    My parody banner says hi to people who are STILL overreacting to the new VAs. Should I add a "lawl, like an e-petition/e-mail campaign from a small number of fans will do anything" note to it? As for the Star Trek thing...that used ACTUAL LETTERS and it probably involved a LOT more people than SOVA does. After a look around the SOVA site...the only part that seems like it'd stand a chance of doing ANYTHING is the letter-writing part(which encourages writing *real* letters, to its credit), and *possibly* the spread the word part.

    Also bear in mind that PUSA has recorded a good chunk of season 9 already. I laugh at you if you honestly think they'll go back and re-dub what they've already dubbed. I also laugh at you for automatically writing off the new VAs as lost causes. It'll be a shame to see certain voices(most notably Harley's and James'(complain about overracting if you want, but I AM fond of dub Kojiro)) gone, but it'll be interesting to see their new VAs (hopefully) become good in their own right. But the way many of you are acting, NOTHING will please you in regards to the improvements of the new VAs. You're almost as bad as the people who whine and complain about decent dub voices just because they're not the Japanese voices.

    As for miss Taylor's "letter"..."I guess Cartoon Network just believed them. I wonder if they even saw the Special before signing the contract." Uh...even if they did, it wasn't THAT bad. Plus Pokemon is a HUGE cash cow, no way they're turning THAT down. Of course, I'm not expecting her to be objective or anything...(not that I expect that out of *anyone*. Including myself, and whoever's reading this right now)

    Nathan Maiden's idea of watching season 9 with the TV muted sounds awfully good for those who are dead-set against new voices. It's not THAT hard to read along with the closed captioning, after all. :D

    Getting back on topic...I hope that Pokemon remains a once-a-week thing. Having it fly by at 5 or 6 eps a week and shoved into rerunland that much faster isn't a good thing. Plus Toonami's better than Miguzi anyway, in my horrificly slanted opinion(yar, I've been watching Toonami since I was a wee girl of 7 and it was actually on five days a week...) :p
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2006

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