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Cartoon Network Aquire Rights to Season 9. 52 Episodes to air this fall

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Serebii, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Satoshi

    Satoshi リーリエの為に戦ってるトレーナー

    Okay, I'm sick and tired of you SOVA supporters (which I'm neutral to) hijacking the fugin' thread with your damn complaints about the new voice actors, which this thread has nothing to do with, it's about CN getting the rights to air Pokemon, dammit. >:O Also, even though I am neural to the SOVA campaign, things don't really look good for you. I'm sure Pokemon USA has already dubbed a handful of episodes, which means they already spent a handful of money. They're absolutely not going back and re-dubbing those episodes just because of some petitioners and wasting money. After all of this time and you still haven't suceeded, with Veronica Taylor being approached and was asked to be the voice actor for Ash and turned it down (if I'm not mistaken) and Pokemon USA already dubbing the episodes, I don't think the campaign will come out well to tell the truth.

    You know what I really think? I think us Pocket Monsters fans are spoiled and conceited to the bone. We always get every good thing, we're always only one season behind (forty-fifty two episodes) from the Japanese version, which is more then what other countries are getting. A decent so-so dub, which is actually better than what other anime fans that are under 4Kids were getting. And we get constantly updated games that will possibly never end. And when we see one little error in the franchise, we completely go crazy and cause an uproar.

    "OMG! arb0k ev0ves inta sevipa?!!!AHHHHHHhhhhhhhh we rapppppeeeeeddd!!!!!1111oneoneone"

    See the above? You SOVA supporters always say that the "Anti-4Kids purists" are always mentioning just the littlest errors in the dub, when you're doing the exact same thing. Thing is, an error like that can hardly be forgotten and fixed upon the fanbase, but the voice actors have a somewhat higher chance to improve.

    On topic, I guess they'll air it in place of Chronicles on Toonami, and air reruns on weekdays on Miguzi. I wouldn't want it to air new epsiodes everyday of everyweek and plow through a season like that. This is good news for me, right after I get my cable back. :p
  2. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    Let's stop the SOVA discussion now. This is a thread for Pokemon on Cartoon Network, not a place to go back and forth about the effectiveness of the campaign.

    The thing is, no network is going to turn down Pokemon because of a silly recast. CN didn't turn down new episodes of Dragon Ball Z when it was recast, nor did they turn down new episodes of Sailor Moon after a portion of its cast was replaced too.

    I disagree. I think Pokemon fits Miguzi PERFECTLY, but at the same time, I don't want to see premieres five days a week.

    We don't really know. The current guesstimate is November.
  3. Neko Godot

    Neko Godot Hey! Listen!

    Yeah, but the thing is, that's not what Miguzi does. They finished airing season one of GX by January. But, I guess if it airs on Toonami or Miguzi all depends on which is getting better ratings: Chronicles or Advanced Challenge.
  4. Seiryu

    Seiryu Resident dragon

    What with how WB is being stupid and Saturday Morning cartoon blocks on the regular channels seem to be disappearing with the only remaining ones having cartoons that aren't really worth watching anyway, I think that Cartoon Network is the best place for Pokémon, partly because they've shown it there a number of times before.

    I really hope that it goes to Toonami. First, chances are that they'll give us new episodes only once a week a la Zatch Bell, Naruto, and all of their other anime, maybe two if they're in a deficit due to it being pre-empted for some reason (like I remember them doing with Zatch Bell a few times). Obviously, this would prevent us from going into rerunland for seven-eight months while we wait for a new season to come out, which Miguzi does, unfortunately, make us do quite often (I'm looking at you, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Code: LYOKO).

    I also hope it goes to Toonami because if it does, the chances of us starting the season sooner are much greater. I can't really see the new season going to Miguzi until they're done showing the current season, and the end of that is still 80-90 episodes away--and that's if they only decide to show it once. Worst case scenario, we'd have to wait upwards of 25 weeks to get the new season on Miguzi, whereas if it goes to Toonami once Chronicles is done, we might only have to wait until maybe September. Which would you like more, this September or next January--or possibly later?
  5. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I'd rather Pokemon air at 7:00pm and kick off the Toonami block. It'll be a good place for Season 9.

    That was we'll only get one new episode week, unless like those garbage UK CN channels that air Pokemon every single day and then make them sit through 5 months of repeats.

    I honestly feel sorry for people living in the UK and Australia, the way Pokemon is aired over there is completely screwed up. Thank god the U.S. has been for the most part good with airing the series, (not counting that blatant screw up by the scumbags at KidsWB who skipped May's final Hoenn Contest, the dirtbags, and then aired it after the Hoenn league thus confusing everyone. ****ing idiots, that was just like skipping a Gym battle, but of course since it was May instead of "precious" Ash, they didn't care. Losers).
  6. Hidden Mew

    Hidden Mew Fog Trainer

    Good point. What I meant to say is that I think she meant that the whole recast situation was a confusing experience or something like that. Not the fact that CN picked up Pokemon.

    I do think that Pokemon does fits in with Miguzi timeslot. It has much more children friendly programs, such as those repeat of Pokemon Advance Challenge. Toonami does have shows like Naruto and IGPX that aren't that ideal for young children, but it might work in the first hour of Toonami. Like what others have been saying, I don't want Miguzi to finish season nine by early spring so we would have to wait five or so months to get new episodes. If Miguzi could play one new episode a week and have the other days of the week repeats, then that would work for me too.

    That makes sense. I was just nervous about that the other day because another website said that season ten was the last season. That really didn't make sense to me. Luckily for me and for my state of mind, it was completely wrong information. I appreciate the information though.
  7. dragonfoxmem

    dragonfoxmem Beginning Trainer

    ok, our eighth season supposed to be ended where japanese eighth season ended right before 8th movie but instead of, KidsWB picked the speed and continue past that point. Last spring, KidsWB aired 2 new episodes per week. Then it entered in "9th season." So that's why there is only 22 episodes left from Japanese to air here. We used to be a year separated, but now we are catching up to Japanese episodes.

    For 52-episode season for CN, we will get them as long as Japanese going on its new season. My best guess that CN will air weekly at the most.
  8. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    I'm sorry, what? Kids' WB is still firmly rooted in Season 8, and they don't have the rights to air Season 9. Episodes set in the Kanto Battle Frontier do not necessarily equal Season 9 episodes. Furthermore, Japan doesn't even have seasons the way America does, and the third AG movie was released a few episodes into the Battle Frontier saga anyway, and...

    Eh, screw it. In a nutshell, you're wrong.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2006

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