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Casimir's random sketchs


Good boy.
Not much to introduce! I'm Casimir and i'm here just posting my art work in high hopes to share my creativity with everybody.
I often just draw random characters in random scenarios, whether it's pokemon or not.
I usually draw stuff I created myself (i.e. Manga I work on in the free time) but pokemon brings a new dish to the table for me because I get to utilize my characters as well as my friend's characters together with their pokemon.
I don't really draw Fakemon often, though. :p

The future for my artwork on Serebii:
If you like what you see, i'll be jumping into photoshop rather than just MS Paint to do some more pieces. I have a bunch of ideas and I look forward to bringing them to life.
I also have a few ideas of a few fan comics. One on the more humorous side, and the other being based on a actual journey.


Ontro the beggining of the thread;
I honestly did my first digital piece today concerning my trainer and my Leafeon, so I don't have much to view right now... But rest assure, i'll have more up, hopefully on a daily basis.

Casimir + Luca the Leafeon, sketchy portrait.


Description: My trainer's name is Casimir (Loosely based off of a character in one of my manga, called Lumina.) and my Leafeon named Luca appears in this as well.
Luca being my favorite pokemon I have, as well as Leafeon being my favorite pokemon... I'm sure i'll be doing more pieces based off of the two.
My main goal was just a sketchy drawing of the two in paint. Nothing too big.
How it was done: With solely the pencil and paint bucket tool in MS Paint.
Time: On and off, about 2 hours.


kiss my greens
Off-topic: the bishi-Brock pic that comes with your name gives me the heebie-jeebies.

On-topic: your pic is really good ^_^ Leafeon looks just so... cuddly~! <3

Post more! :)