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Casino (for those that have the game..)


Cascade Trainer
Is there a casino in this one..??

if so what prizes can you win...??
Yep there is one but the TM prices have went up. A lot.


Eevee FTW!
Also, the Game Corner is officially rigged, you cannot possibly win without either a pokeball or a clefairy of the bottom screen. Its rather infuriating, but darn that Game Corner dance remix is so feaking nice!

Don't beleive me? See for yourself!


<!Seizure Enducing!>
sweet! i love the casinos! i hope i never do get a gambling problem though :p hopefully, but i love the pokemon ones! :p fake money so its all good!


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Casinos in Pokemon games are what I consider the fun mini-games. Remember kids, gambling is completely legal if you don't lose ;)


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2 questions is that stupid pikachu blowing up the TV screen back (never could figure out how that works) and is the roulette table back?