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Casting a Paul on Barry (652)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors' started by Serebii, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. darksteel460

    darksteel460 slice and dice

    I thought this episode was awesome, paul as always was a beast and barry is pretty awesome too. I wasn't expecting a close close battle or anything like both down to their last but I wouldve appreciated barry knocking out one of pauls guys that's what I was expecting but o well the battle was good
  2. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    Not a bad episode. Barry got annihilated in the battle, but it had to be done to make Paul look unbeatable. Ursaring totally should of fainted though.

    It looks like Takuto got a name. Tobias. It kind of fits.

  3. Linkdarkside

    Linkdarkside Well-Known Member

    yeah the episode was great,that Skarmory fainted too fast,i agree that Hitmonlee should have fainted Ursaring.

    Empolean defeat was sad

    the best battle over all was Ursaring vs Hitmonlee.
  4. yeminied

    yeminied Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the episode very much. My favourite part had to be when Dawn impersonated Paul. Man was that funny. She was spot on with what he would say and how he would do it.

    Other than that I suppose the battle was, overall, somewhat of an improvement from last episode. Although, it would be hard to be any worse.

    It's good to see Takuto has a decent name. Tobias doesn't seem to bad but it reminds me of that guy from Arrested Development. I'm not going to be go all fan rage on the name because I have been using Takuto for a few months now.

    Team Rocket were a gem this episode. I have learnt to enjoy what we have of them because in a matter of weeks they will be replaced with robots. It will be sad to see them go because they really are a great addition to the main cast.
  5. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Um, somebody explain this to me... HOW did Barry's Empoleon get disqualified? It was still standing, and its eyes were still open!
  6. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    They've been doing it since Kanto. Ash's computer even crashed because it got infected with some virus from Gary.

    He had fallen down by the time Barry had gotten to his side.
  7. Jorah

    Jorah What do I put here?

    I really liked this episode since Barry got beat pretty handily. I think that Tobias is a pretty good name and I wasn't really expecting a ____son to continue here. I'm glad that we got to see a Fighting-type Pokémon battle since that's a type that really doesn't battle too often in the animé.
  8. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Paul just crushed Barry with 3-0 victory but there was Barry thinking he had given Paul a close match.....The real close match will surely be between Ash and Paul
  9. Brumrha

    Brumrha Banned

    If we're talking about it going downhill for Tobias, or whoever the hell he is, I'm inclined to agree, as the rest of the team has damn near zero combat experience. The only way that theory can end up being void is "if" his team consists entirely of legendaries.

    The answer for that is really simple: Paul's Ursaring is like an Alpha Grizzly Bear infected with Rabies. That, & the fact that nobody aims for the %^&#ing head/face like a smart person should do...

    ...But enough of that!

    - What?! Round two is already over?!! Damn, these writers are hitting that fast-forward button on us!
    - Afterward, we get a glimpse of who's fighting against who; Paul is fighting Barry, & Ash fights against Conway.
    - Back outside the War-zone TR are having trouble selling their inventory. That's when James gets a brain-wave: Model merchandise as the Pokémon that fought in the previous war. They get to sending the order to TR HQ.
    - Now, we get to the next event, Paul VS Barry!
    - Magmortar VS Skarmory. FIGHT!!
    - Skarmory laid out a bed of Spikes at Paul's side of the war-zone, but unfortunately, that's all it did before getting instagibbed by Magmortar's Flamethrower...
    - Barry sends out Empoleon, which lands an impressive hit with Hydro Cannon on Magmortar. It also provokes a switch from Magmortar to his Ursaring.
    - Ursaring flings a Focus Blast straight towards Empoleon, but it wound up getting sent back to him hard.
    - Barry switches out, & then...
    - Ursaring VS Hitmonlee. FIGHT!!
    - This fight ends up being a straight out brawl, with hitmonlee landing some solid hits on Ursaring. Of course, Ursaring isn't taking these things lightly...
    - Another Blaze Kick, & Ursaring gets burned. Big mistake, as that activates Guts Man on Ursaring. That gives it the power to maul Hitmonlee to death... literally...!
    - Barry's Empoleon is forced back in, & right away, Paul switches with Electivire. Looks like those spikes aren't stopping him from doing the switcheroo.
    - Electivire gets going with the killing, meeting some resistance with Empoleon. It attempts to beat it down with, what else? A Giga Impact!
    - After some more punishment, Empoleon's Torrent ability activates! Off goes his Hydro Cannon...
    - ...But it's stopped by Electivire's Coward's Shield! Now you know why I've labeled Protect as the Coward's Shield.
    - Electivire Shocks Empoleon to death with one last Thunder, & Barry suffer a humiliation.
    - Surprisingly, Paul thought that it was a great fight, & gives Barry his compliments.
    - After this fight, TR's inventory gets cleaned out once more by the mobs of customers, as if I need to know that.

    Well, in this fight, Paul was the pimp, & Barry was his @$%#^!! Paul raped him & Barry just screamed like a little girl. It was that bad. Talk about a one-sided fight...
  10. Tyranitar Rules

    Tyranitar Rules Pokemon Fan =D

    Barry's Electivire?
    Isnt it Pauls? o_O
  11. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Oh oops, I didn't see it. :p
  12. BigDaddy D

    BigDaddy D You're on thin ice

    I really loved how paul admitted that it was a good battle.
  13. Rebeccag

    Rebeccag Well-Known Member

    Poor barry but I could see it coming really doesnt stop Barry worshipping him hehe. And glad to see hes still sticking around to cheer for Ash. I like Tobias name for Takuto it kinda suits him in a strange way. I like the way they can look up data on the computers it shows they dont just go in one sided they have to think of a stratedy. And good to see that Pauls Electrabuzz evolved as well. Good episode. Oh and loved how Team Rocket were good buisnesspeople as well they should so go into that
  14. It was kind of lame really.

    3-0 Win by Paul. Hitmonlee should have made Ursaring faint, Empoleon was fail. It didn't even do anything, and Paul just messed around with Barry. Barry thought he gave Paul a good match, while Paul agreed!

    Overall, it was a horrible battle. I am looking forward to Ash vs Paul the most, that will be a good battle.
  15. zerowing

    zerowing I forgot burn heal

    I really liked this episode.
  16. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    You are right.... Paul did play around Barry and it wasn't a close match as Barry thought.... but I think Paul agreed just to end the talk or something
  17. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Overall it was an impressive battle. The best part definitely had to be Ursaring vs Hitmonlee. Still can't figure out why they wouldn't let the bear drop. Ursaring probably started taking some of Infernape's steroids >=D

    I was actually surprised at how Paul actually said it was a good battle. Go Barry!

    And of course, this epsiode truly proves how creepy Conway really is. Seriously he popped out of nowhere like 10 times the entire episode. Dawn has a special creeper....

    Overall 8/10

    Factoring in Conway's creepiness 9.5/10
  18. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I forgot to comment on this battle. Well, I did like the battle. It does suck that Barry didn't even beat one of Paul's Pokémon, but if Empoleon's Hydro Cannon hit Electivire, that would have dealt a lot of damage. Hitmonlee did seem close to beat Ursaring as well. Hitmonlee VS Ursaring & Empoleon VS Electivire were my favorite parts of the battle. Barry having Skarmory & Hitmonlee instead off Rapidash & Snorlax was quite the surprise.
  19. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    I liked this episode. I liked Barry's team because he used Hitmonlee and Skarmory.
  20. What the heck is that Ursaring made of, adamantium? I'm calling hax on the bear. Let's recap on the hits it took:

    - Spikes damage on switching in
    - Mega Kick (which is normal type, but still)
    - Close Combat
    - Hi Jump Kick
    - Blaze Kick, got burned to activate Guts
    - Reflected Focus Blast (also a fighting type move, FYI)

    and it STILL didn't go down? OMG. I literally started yelling at my screen when Hitmonlee fainted, then the reflected Focus Blast from Empoleon just made me do a facepalm. It seems that that entire beatdown from Hitmonlee was simply to buildup to a Blaze Kick + burn to activate Guts, which everyone should still remember from Paul vs Ash at Lake Acuity. If Barry had stuck with any other attack, Hitmonlee should have been able to faint Murdabear.

    I also dislike how the spikes effect from Skarmory basically had no effect at all and that the constant burn damage was basically ignored after initial activation. I'm all for Paul giving Barry the beatdown, but Hitmonlee vs Ursaring was just unfair.

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