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Castlevania: Call of Darkness (RP, PG-13)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Ysavvryl, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    In the year 1999, there was a war between the forces of darkness and light.
    The vampire lord Dracula was separated from the source of his power and defeated by Julius Belmont.
    His castle was sealed away inside of a solar eclipse to banish it from the world.
    But unknown at the time, some of Dracula's soul escaped total destruction.
    It splintered into fragments to resurface in several individuals, waiting for the right time.

    It is the year 2035, on the day of another total eclipse of the sun.
    Castlevania, the infamous castle of Lord Dracula, reappears within the corona and spreads its monsters throughout the world.
    It calls the heirs of darkness to it, counting on one of them to rise again as its true master.

    Castlevania: Call of Darkness

    Hakuba Shrine, Japan

    It was noon and twilight was beginning to fall over the Shinto shrine. For a brief time, things seemed quiet. A group of people had gathered in front of the shrine because of the eclipse. But not to view it; they were prepared for battle. A few of them were talking while others checked over a large spell circle drawn in chalk on the ground. It was a gateway, but the other side couldn't be accessed yet.

    As the moon covered half of the sun, the situation changed. Winged skeletons appeared in the air and began hurling spears at those below. Citizens in the town nearby began to panic, while the group at the shrine took care of what threats were there. But before they went any further, one of them spoke up. “We're going after the source of this chaos,” Genya reminded them. “The others will handle things here.”

    One of the women there was checking things on a tablet. “There's alerts already from the Americas and Europe,” Yoko said. “Wasn't this supposed to be restricted to sites that can view the eclipse?”

    It might have been local threats stirring things up to coincide with the eclipse. Once they got to their location, they could prioritize finding the gateway the monsters used. But then, six black streaks flew across the skies, at least one descending into Japan itself. They had come from the eclipse. Stronger monsters? Or maybe something else.

    At that moment, the gateway spell connected and released a white light. Genya stepped into the circle. “Transferal spell active, heading out in five...” The others going with him stepped into the circle as well. They were expected to be ready; this moment had been years in planning. “Four, three, two, one,” he then spoke in a Germanic tongue causing all within the circle to vanish.

    Not even a minute later, red flames consumed the gateway spell, denying any others from trying to get through. Just as expected.


    Outer Courtyard

    Castlevania was ready to begin. Outside of its thick walls, a murky unknown space began to turn to an eclipse twilight. The drawbridge in the southern wall was closed tight, useless for where the castle was. Right next to the drawbridge, there was a small building attached to the outer wall, a guard house. Above the guardhouse, a lone figure hovered in the air. He had sent six black orbs into the world. It was an unusual idea, but without a dark lord to lead this effort, he had to go with what presented itself.

    When the orbs reached their goals, Death spoke. “Heir to my master's power, you have been summoned. It is time to claim your destiny.” He reached his hand out, causing his power in the orbs to take hold of the heirs. Then he yanked them from where they were, teleporting them directly to the Outer Courtyard.

    It would take a moment for them to arrive, so he looked over the area again. The ground here was lifeless, hard brown dirt with weathered stone pathways. Opposite the outer wall, there was the imposing facade of the castle's main structure. Gothic windows soared alongside the grand double doors; statues of demons were nested in nooks all along wall. At each end of the courtyard, there was a tower jutting out of the front. The one to the east was five tall stories high, while the one to the west hardly peaked over the roof at three stories. From Death's vantage point, a taller clock tower could be seen to the north. But even his view of this was partly blocked out by a separate building, one that seemed delicately balanced on pillars and arches directly overhead the rest of the castle.

    Down in the courtyard itself, there wasn't much cover. A few crumbling statues of knights and kings were lined up through the middle of it, along with some petrified trees. Just past the towers, there were narrow passages that headed around to the back of the castle. He might as well bring up some simple servants to act as a greeting ambush. The one who deserved to fully inherit the castle would need to be prepared for such things. At Death's signal, a number of skeletons and zombies began rising out of the dirt, with directions to attack any who appeared.

    While he was doing that, he noticed that the ones he summoned weren't the only ones coming into the castle. That would complicate matters. Death sent out a spell to destroy the gateways they were using; they didn't want too many outsiders interfering with this plan. Still, it wasn't soon enough to stop a group that included not one, but three of the Belmont clan from arriving in the middle of the courtyard. The heirs were beginning to arrive, as well as two others that he'd been expecting.

    The current ambush wasn't enough with the extras hanging around. Death called on some skeleton archers to appear on the castle's facade, perched on the demon statues for a height advantage, as well as four bone arks on either side of the Belmonts' party. Then he waited and watched the ensuing chaos.


    System Messages

    -All characters have arrived in the Outer Courtyard. No exceptions.

    -Death isn't participating in the battle yet, remaining above the guardhouse.

    -The most dangerous enemies on the ground are the bone arks, which can fire electrical fireballs and charge up large electrical explosions. A bone ark is a big twisted skull that's carried around on a platform by two skeletons in priestly attire; the carrier skeletons can't attack, but the skull can take a lot of damage before being destroyed.

    -Most of the skeleton archers are out of reach of a normal jump. They fire arrows as their sole attack.

    -The regular skeletons use bones as clubs and thrown weapons. They can be defeated even by unarmed characters.

    -The zombies move slowly, grab onto victims, and bite them repeatedly. Weakest undead creature in the castle. They can be defeated easily even when unarmed.

    -The double doors are heavy and will take a little effort to push open.

    -The guardhouse is unlocked and can be entered.

    -While there are two side passages around the outer walls, you can't see where they lead from the Outer Courtyard.
  2. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Elias Belmont
    Hakuba Shrine

    The day had finally come to face Castlevania. Elias had been training ever since he has met with Julius again for this moment. And now that it finally arrived, he wasn't really sure how to feel. Nervous? Maybe. Stressed? Definitely. Afraid? Not at all. Out of all of his emotions though, the one that stood out was pride. Elias knew all too well of the legacy of his clan; how they had been fighting the forces of darkness for centuries ever since Leon Belmont swore to devote his family line to doing so around a thousand years ago. He felt honored to take part in this tradition, to have a chance to finally seal away Castlevania for good. The fact he was proud in such a dark and horrible time was shameful, but he just couldn't help it.

    Elias looked over to his comrades. Each of them definitely stood out from the other, from Genya's business suit to Cadence's metal armor, each of them looked like they ready for something alright, though for what exactly was different for each of them. He hadn't known them for too long, but Elias had grown to trust them by this point; even Ian, despite the fact that he wasn't one for talking. Or being social in general. With such a dangerous task lying ahead, Elias knew he'd need all the help he could get. They were all capable fighters, and they all shared the same goal, so that was enough reason for Elias to trust them.

    Just then, black steaks flew across the sky, followed by the gateway on the ground lighting up. This is it... Elias thought to himself as he stepped inside the circle and listened to Genya count down. Its time to end this. I won't let you down father...


    Outer Courtyard

    Elias surveyed his surroundings, taking note of the dark and Gothic feel of the location. This was place was Castlevania alright. Looking around, he noticed that only Cadence and Ian were standing by him.

    "Hm? Where's Genya and Yoko?" Just after Elias spoke, monsters began to appear around the three of them, including four bone arks on either side surrounding them. Elias recognized them from his training, and knew that they could be extremely dangerous if they hit with their projectiles.

    "Look out!" Elias reacted quickly, pulling a flask of holy water off his bandolier with his free hand (since the other hand was holding onto the Vampire Killer), and channeled magic power into it has he smashed the flask at his feet and pointed up to the sky. "Hydrostorm!" Holy water rained from the sky around him, causing all four bone arks and any other nearby monsters to fall apart and collapse from the rain. Elias and his two companions were wet, but they were safe. Elias knew he'd need to be careful though, as using that attack had drained some of his energy. With the main threat dealt with though, he was certain Cadence and Ian could make up for his loss of energy.

    -Plate Armor
    -The Vampire Killer
    -Silver Rapier
    -Silver Bullets
    -Holy Water Flasks
    -Cross Necklace
    -Cheap Phone


    (OOC: Its ok if I mention you all, right? I tried not to overdo it, but Elias should probably know the rest of his group at least a little by this point.)
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  3. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Daciana Lupei
    Bucharest, Romania
    6:00 AM

    "You sure that Ionescu isn't going to catch you, Daciana? You know he already kicked Cezar out last Friday..." The speaker was a tanned young man of medium height with blond hair. Twenty-three-year-old Daciana Lupei, a tall and darkly-dressed redhead, laughed roughly in response. Daciana was all but used to Professor Ionescu, his nose for seemingly detecting alcohol and his problems, especially early in the morning. Was she afraid of him? No, especially when it was her last meeting with him and the end of her junior year. The redhead was never one to take anyone's threats seriously, and landing in jail years ago did nothing to remedy that. In fact, she only grew less likely to mind.

    "Damn Andrei, you seriously are paranoid aren't you? The old man won't catch me, or you for that matter. Not my fault that Cezar insists on sitting in front. Besides, that's what cigarettes and your perfume are for." She smirked, before the aforementioned Cezar exclaimed "Hey!" in a mock-hurt tone as he lightly banged his beer glass on the table. Andrei grinned at Cezar as he squeezed the dark-haired guy's shoulder. Daciana drank some of her vodka before she proceeded to vigorously rubbing the top of her younger friend's head with her leather-clad fist. She enjoyed making fun of him, he was just so cute whenever he was sad or pissed. Drinking the last bit of her vodka, she then slammed her glass down, catching the attention of the barmaid.

    "Another! Same thing, woman." She said, before the woman behind the counter nodded and took Daciana's empty glass. Daciana spread her legs as she leaned forward and rested her head on her folded arms, keeping the position until a vodka-filled glass was placed in front of her. She then pushed herself up, facing Andrei once again.

    "Heh, what's so bad about getting thrown out anyway? I've had worse. Ionescu can suck his dick." She continued. What she got as a reply however, was not exactly something she expected.

    "Whoa, I didn't know that those things existed!" Andrei exclaimed. Daciana arched an eyebrow in question. Andrei simply pointed towards her vodka glass. Daciana looked and saw that a small, dark ball was floating above her drink, similar to how a hologram would. Great, I'm drunk now. She thought, before lightly punching Andrei on the arm. No, she wasn't drunk, she saw Andrei's reaction and felt him after all. She then pointed a finger and tried to poke the ball. It then did the most surprising thing. It did not disappear, but rather, it talked. Talked. Daciana did not pay any attention to what it was saying, thinking that perhaps, the alcohol kicked in earlier than what was usual for her. It did not end there, however, but rather enveloped her hand before spreading.

    "What the fu-..." She managed to exclaim before everything went black and she felt as if she was being whisked away.

    Outer Courtyard

    "Where...the hell am I?" Daciana growled to herself when her vision returned. She remembered that it was supposed to be noon, yet it was dark around her. A castle stood nearby and statues surrounded the dark area. It looked like a scene from one of those Dracula novels she read and she knew that this was definitely not Romania. She then noticed people...some with weapons. Near her were others, a young girl with mint-colored hair, another who looked a lot younger than she was. And then there was yet another, male this time who seemed to look lost... Something crossed her line of view, something that looked awfully like a skeleton. She looked in the direction it ran, and saw that it was indeed a skeleton, and it was returning in her direction.

    "Damn, just damn...I'll handle this alright!" She cursed before grinning and cracking her knuckles. She then punched the skeleton once, then twice. The opponent struck her on the shoulder with a bone club, and Daciana retaliated with a strong kick, knocking it down, defeated. She looked around once again, and saw that there were more of them in the distance.

    - iPhone
    - Vodka glass (which is now broken, of course)
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2013
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Cadence Amoré
    Hakuba Shrine

    The day Cadence had been preparing for had finally arrived. The day she was going to face Castlevania, and seal away the darkness forever, and continue the legacy of her family. Despite everything she was expected to do, and what was to come, she was calm and collected. Being nervous about it now wasn't going to accomplish anything. Her mother had taught her everything she knew, it was all in her hands now.

    She was glad that she wasn't going to have to do this alone. There was Genya and Yoko, there was her familiar Cerberus, and there were her newfound cousins, Elias and Ian, that she didn't know she had until recently. She hadn't known this group for very long, but she knew they were good people. They wouldn't be here if they weren't. Everyone looked like they meant business. Cadence was tempted to say something just to lighten things up a little, but with all the chaos going on right now, she felt it best to hold her tongue.

    Just then, black steaks flew across the sky, followed by the gateway on the ground lighting up. Cadence took a deep breath as she stepped inside the circle, and heard Genya countdown. As the seconds passed, she breifly thought of him, and her mouth turned into a frown. I wish you could be here with me... after a few seconds, the group had vanished in a flash of light.

    Outter Courtyard

    When they reappered again, Cadence saw the dark and gloomy looking castle in front of her. Hm, big scary looking castle? Must be Castlevania. Looking around, she noticed that only Elias and Ian were the only ones nearby. Where were Genya and Yoko? Elias asked the same question out loud, and just as he did, monsters began to appear right on cue. Among them were four bone arks as well as several zombies and skeletons. "Wow, they don't waste any time here..."

    "Look out!" Elias shouted, pulling out a flask of holy water, and throwing it at his feet. "Hydrostorm!" Holy water rained from the sky, causing all four bone arks and any other nearby monsters to fall apart and collapse from the rain. After the storm passed, the three of them had gotten wet, but they were fine. Besides, a little moisture was the least of their concerns right now. While the most dangerous things here had been dealt with, there was still the matter of all the zombies and skeletons that were shuffling towards them. The zombies were the most troubling for Cadence. Seeing them made her shudder. She had to practice fighting those creatures early on in her training. Sure, they were the weakest things here, but they looked disgusting, and were a nightmare to deal with. They had quite a strong grip for being undead, and they had an even worse bite. Getting bit by a zombie repeatedly was not a pleasant experience. The last thing she wanted was for one of those things to grab hold of her, or anyone else.

    "Hehe, that was wonderful!" Cadence cheered. "Now, it's my turn." She took a step foward, gripped her axe with two hands, and pointed it upwards. As she concentrated on her magic, the amethyst at the top of the axe started glowing. After a few seconds of charging up, she pointed her weapon at the horde of zombies that were the closest to her, and fired a powerful beam of light blue holy magic from the tip. Her magic caused some of the zombies to distentegrate and turn into dust. "I really do not like zombies..."

    Enchanted Armor
    Silver Shield
    Smart Phone
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  5. NPC

    NPC sleep researcher

    Tabitha Crowley
    Outer Courtyard

    Away from the group of vampire hunters and warriors gathered near the center of the courtyard, a flash of light dropped a black-clad figure over the cemetery. She looked like she was going to fall on her butt, but quickly managed to spin around in midair and landed perched on a tombstone like some kind of gargoyle.

    Tabitha quickly felt around for her belt and confirmed that she had arrived with everything she was carrying. The supernatural night around her seemed to hide unknowable horrors beyond it. She knew that she was now in a place beyond space and time, trapped in a phantom world-between-worlds. Having landed somewhere in the outdoors, she craned her neck and took in the great sight of Castlevania, an architectural nightmare whose nonsensical construction struck fear into the hearts of men, knowing instinctively that this was a thing that should not be. The living castle cast an intangible shadow of dread and foreboding over everyone.

    Okay okay, whatever. Tabitha quickly turned around and realized that there were more pressing matters at hand. We're here now. No turning back.

    As she leapt off the tombstone and automatically retrieved her pistol, a wandering skeleton suddenly realized that she wasn't part of the architecture, but Tabitha swiftly kicked its head off before it could react. The group ahead seemed to be dealing with their part fairly well, which is what one would expect from the world's greatest demon hunters. Tabitha turned her attention to the skeleton archers pelting them with arrows.

    This wouldn't be hard. Expertly training her pistol on one of them, a single shot was enough to put a hole through its head, neutralizing whatever arcane magic was allowing it to move around. The pile of bones collapsed on itself, its bow bouncing off of the ledge it was on and falling to the ground with a dull thud.

    Tabitha turned to the swarm of skeletons and zombies slowly making their way towards the party. She strafed around them and approached from behind, ready to put a bullet through as many undead as was necessary.

    Semi-auto Pistol
    Combat Knife
    Blessed Grenade x3
    Kevlar Vest
    Roc Boots
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  6. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Outer Courtyard

    These new Belmonts certainly hadn't grown any duller even if they thought they got rid of Dracula. Which they had, but not entirely. One of them took out all of the arks and a number of the skeletons and zombies in one attack. At least it made for a more interesting battle. But he needed to get the heirs to get into action. Death called up four more bone arks, between the Belmonts and the double doors. Not the best solution, but it bought a little time. This didn't need to go for on long, after all.

    Down on the western side of the courtyard, a young woman arrived on her own. Her midriff-baring outfit was entirely black and red with white skull decorations, in honor of the occasion. Belladonna looked over the others who had come. “Hmm, seems I’m not the only one... hey!” A zombie tried to grab her, so she smacked it away with her overly large staff. The glass lantern at the top clinked, its ectoplasm trails disrupted. The witch frowned. “Dummy.”

    Then something caught her attention. The group towards the middle of the courtyard was using rather distinctive spells. A rain of holy water and a blast of light from an axe: those, especially the first, were unique to the Belmont clan and those that they trained. They couldn't be here to serve the darkness. Were they trying to destroy this wonderful place?

    But, there were more of them than her. Were any of the others here like her? “Be nice for now, but I’ll figure out something,” she muttered. Then she launched a flurry of snow crystals into a cluster of skeletons and zombies between her and most of the others. “You ain't getting the better of me!” she shouted, heading in towards the others.

    At the same time, on the eastern side of the courtyard, Yoko helped Genya up to his feet. “You all right?” she asked.

    “He disrupted the gateway too quickly,” he said, scanning the crowd and not even bothering to dust himself off yet. Having the transferal disrupted like that had cost him in trying to get them across all safe. “He's expecting something... looks like we all made it, just scattered more than we should...” His eyes immediately went to something that very few people could see: the sparkling flash of a monster's soul being ripped from its body. It went from a skeleton to an unfamiliar young woman. Was that...? He couldn't dwell on it long. “Clear the scene, we've got civilians,” he said, drawing his sword and dash-jumping up to one of the demon statues, destroying the skeleton archer that was trying to fire on the group below.

    “Civilians?” Yoko asked, but then decided to figure it out later. She cast a lightning spell to clear her path, sending blue sparks into the monsters and turning them to dust. A few seconds later, she stopped by a few who indeed looked like they weren't expecting this. The Belmont trio were not far beyond that. “Hey, how well can you kids fight?” she asked, setting a nearby zombie on fire with a flick of her hand.


    System messages

    -Daciana gained the Skeleton soul (Bullet-type, summons bones to use as throwing weapons)
  7. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    John Millis
    ???, America

    The old cabin had been John's house for the last week or so. It was falling apart, had mold in most corners except one where a tree branch had broken into the house, and blood covered the floor. Only the last one was a change since John broke in. The blood circled around a chair with a small girl tied to it. She could've been no older than twelve but the once white dress she had was dirty and in tatters, scars from knife cuts covering her body. She hasn't had a bite to eat since she disappeared a week and a half ago, last drank two days ago, and lost her voice four days ago.

    The young man sharing the room with her lost his sanity fifteen years ago at just age 4. Now he was holding a knife covered in blood- he would have to clean it that night so it doesn't stain the metal. "Come on," he said to the girl. A deranged look came over his face and she let out a small noise of fear. "I said come on. Let me hear you scream." A quick cut to the arm elicited a pained scream from the girl.

    "Yes," the man-John Millis-let out with a slight moan. "Just like that. Too bad I'm starting to lose interest, or I could hear more of those lovely screams. For now, though, it will be your last." He pressed the knife to her throat. "Or maybe I should wait." She wimpered as he moved the blade, drawing blood. "Come on, little Angel. I've changed my mind. One more nice, lovely scream and I'll let you live another day."

    Suddenly, a strange black orb appeared in the room. "What is this?" John buried the knife in the girl's shoulder and turned to the orb. "What the hell do we have here?"

    To his surprise, the orb started talking to him. He didn't give a damn what it said, but it was talking to him. When it finished, he pulled his knife out of Angel's shoulder. She let out a scream that he quickly silenced. Then the orb grabbed him.

    Outer Courtyard

    The orb dropped him off in an odd, dark place. It looked to be the entrance to a large castle. Others where there, but he didn't pay them attention. He did notice, though, that they were fighting with weird creatures. It looked like zombies, skeletons, and a skeletal dragon's head being carried around by two skeletons were all in the area..

    "Where the hell am I?" He yelled. "Doesn't matter. I'm pissed now, so I'm doing some killing." He rushed one of the zombies that kept rising from the ground, striking at it with his knife. The blade sliced its neck easily and the zombie fell to the ground. More rose, and John kept swinging and jumping around trying to fill his blood lust or waiting for someone to say something.

    A large knife, a holder for the large knife with a rag stuffed in it, and a small flip knife.

    (OOC: Added a rag to his inventory. Hope it is fine, although I see no reason for it not to be.)

    Harry Stanley
    Hakuba Shrine

    Harry checked his large pack one last time as he stood at the shrine. The phone so he could contact the others, if the information he received about technology working within the castle was correct. He had food-salted and jerked meat, some bread, and some fruits. Five water battles, all filled. Purifying tablets and a medium-sized vial of blessed holy water to help cleanse water from the castle both of bacteria and curses. And the first aid kit.

    Pack checked, he looked at his allies. Yoko Belnades, the witch of the church, and Genya Arikado, a mysterious man Harry barely knew anything about, led the charge on the castle. Three young Belmonts, all of them a couple years younger than Harry from what he picked up, including one granted the Vampire Killer were on the journey into the castle with them. So were two other girls. Harry had taken time to learn everything he could about all of his allies, but it hardly mattered right now.

    The moon had already started to eclipse the sun. As the moon was covering the sun, six black orbs escaped from the eclipse. Mysterious, but not the main conscern right now, and Arikado didn't seem worried about them too much himself. Finally, the moon had fully blocked out the sun and the spell was ready. "Transferal spell active," Genya announced, "heading out in five..." Harry hefted his heavy bag and stepped into the circle of the gateway spell with the others. "Four, three, two, one." A white light surrounded them and Arikado finished with a spell in an old tongue. They all disappeared as he finished.

    Outer Courtyard

    The group of protectors appeared in the courtyard right outside of the castle. It was an old castle with a heavy, oppresive atmosphere. Somehow, they had gotten spread about the courtyard, Harry not seeing anyone very close to him. An army of dark beings rose up to ambush the group. Weak zombies and skeletons made up the bulk of the evil beings, but skeleton archers and powerful bone arks also appeared. The Bone Arks were a ways away and the archers didn't seem focused on him, so Harry set down his bag and unsheathed his axe.

    'Time to destroy some evil,' he thought to himself. He swung his axe powerfully, destroying a group of zombies at once. He continued on, moving towards his allies as he took down more of the weak undead.

    First-Aid Kit, Water, Food, Purifying Supplies, Axe, Phone.

    (OOC: Not exactly the best. I'll try and do better, but it's been forever since I've actually done an RPG.)
  8. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Clarissa Emiko Sinclair
    Somewhere in Ohio, U.S

    Within a small town named Rossville, the one thing that all the residents could all agree on was that Hell had decided to give them a visit. The summer day was absolutely unforgiving when it came to the temperature, the sun beating down relentlessly in its quest to melt everything. Humid and dry, venturing outside was just asking for getting completely drenched in sweat. . In every yard all the shriveling plants were slowly dying from the lack of rain. Nothing stirred except for the random breeze and the buzzing of air conditioners running full blast.

    In one particular house, a young woman with purple eyes hummed to the music bursting out of her ear buds, occasionally singing along to the lyrics only she could hear. Her soft voice echoed in the otherwise empty abode. Completely immersed, Clary felt like she was in her own little world as she lay on her bed, like she had temporally escaped from the chaos of life. Every once in a while she jotted down her own words to a poem of her own creation in a tattered green notebook.

    When a particular portion of lyrics started, Clary couldn't resist. She sang.

    How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

    Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb

    Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold

    Until you find it there and lead it back home

    Home. Without permission an ancient castle from repeating dreams flashed through her mind…as if it was calling her.


    Clary ripped the buds out of her ears, suddenly feeling ill. Her heart began racing.

    “That castle…not again…” She whispered, running a hand through unruly teal locks. “Why does it keep coming back?” For months Clary had been having dreams of the mentioned place, for reasons she couldn’t place. She dreamed of walking down desolate hallways, running from zombies and skeletons but being unable to escape, and even wielding a sword that could easily tear through flesh. Originally, Clary had thought it was a result of reading too many books of horror or even her crazy imagination, but she knew that couldn’t be the case when the dreams became a nightly affair. She considered telling her therapist, and yet…she didn’t want to. She couldn’t.

    A few swear words escaped from her lips. Utterly out of the mood for more songs, the teen decided to go to the kitchen for a snack. She was halfway there when she suddenly stopped.

    Or, rather, something prevented her from moving forward. Out of nowhere, floating just above her stomach in height, there was a small black ball. It was the most random thing, so Clary blinked a few times to make sure she wasn’t imagining things. But it didn’t disappear. What on earth? Clary thought. She felt the strangest urge to poke it, yet as soon as her hand touched the ball’s surface, it spoke.

    Mystified, she didn’t even get a chance to speak before everything went black.

    Outer Courtyard

    Within seconds, Clary’s vision returned…and to say that she was shocked at what she was now seeing was an understatement. The sun was nowhere to be found. It was dark as night wherever she looked, and close by she saw what looked like a Gothic castle right out of a horror movie.

    That’s…this is all from my dream. What the hell is going on? She inwardly exclaimed. For a moment she just stood there like an idiot before she noticed other people all around her, some standing around like she was, while others were attacking creatures that shouldn’t have even existed. In her peripheral vision she saw a tall red haired woman attack what looked like a living skeleton.

    Thudding footsteps filled her ears, and looking at her right, Clary saw a zombie heading straight toward her.

    Panicking, Clary searched around for a weapon, eventually coming across a sharp rock. She gripped it, getting ready to fight, when she heard a woman’s voice.

    “Hey, how well can you kids fight?” She asked. With a flick of her hand, the oncoming zombie suddenly burst into flames. The smell of burning, rotted flesh permeated the air.

    Clary stared at her dumbly, then swallowed, her gaze flickering to the stranger's hands and then her face. The woman was serious. Actually serious. The mint haired teen shook her head, trying to absorb it all. "Not very well." She admitted. "I've gone nuts, haven't I?"


    Note: The lyrics are from a song called Bring Me To Life, by Evanescence
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  9. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Sayo "Marie" Aeternam
    Victoria, Romania

    A young, raven haired girl gazed of the Romanian landscape, a blank piece of blank paper in her hands. She was enjoying the nice breeze, and it was a beautiful summer day. She started to fold the paper, reminiscing about her memories of Japan. She continued to fold the paper as she heard a noise come the door. She turned her head and saw her father emerge.

    "Hello Otōsan, how are you doing today?" She asked, returning to her origami. She was doing a few complex folds to make butterfly wings, and the wind helped with the calming atmosphere.

    "I'm fine Marie. Just got off the phone with your mother, and they're doing well. She said you'd be able to come back soon, just after we finish up with out family's history. It seemed like yesterday when you appeared here on my doorstep, I hadn't seen you since you were born," her father's sighed, his voice laced with nostalgia.

    "Why did you and my mother have to split up?" She asked, it seemed the question always was asked whenever her father around, but he had managed to beat around the bush.

    "Well dear, it's nothing importa- Wait, what's that thing?" Her father responded in shock, causing Marie to look at her origami. A small, black orb seemed to be floating above her butterfly. When Marie went to investigate, she seemed to hear a noise pulse through her head, but everything started to get a bit too hazy. The area seemed to get dimmer, even if the sun was just shining brightly. It was as if someone was dragging her deeper into an abyss of eternal darkness. She felt the chair underneath her disappear and a sense of falling. She reached her hand out to be saved, but was soon engulfed by the void.

    Outer Courtyard

    Sayo found herself standing in a courtyard, a giant castle looming over the place. She looked up in the sky, only to see an ominous moon hanging over her. She looked around, and could see others in the courtyard. She would deal with them later, she was too busy in analyzing her surroundings. What was happening didn't make any logical sense to her, but she knew it was the best to keep calm. She saw a figure walking towards her, it seemed to be a skeleton. She started to walk towards it, and saw the figure to be a skeleton.

    "The undead, that's very odd... Excuse me! Could you possible tell me how you died? This is fascinating, to see Lord Death reviving one of the departed. Otōsan would enjoy this information very much... Hmm, I should record this..." Marie started to mutter to herself, not noticing the skeleton raising a bone towards her head. Right as she was about to look at it, it was already sending the bone down to strike. She quickly ducked her head and retaliated by swinging her grimoire at it, sending the skeleton's head flying.

    "Well that was rude. Anyways, do you know who I am? One shouldn't take me lightly, so I ask of you undead to please refrain from attacking to me. It would be the best of our interests to cooperate, isn't it not?" She asked aloud, examining the skeleton's body.
  10. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix- Heir of Darkness
    University Lofts- Atlanta, GA

    A young man tossed and turned on the top of his bed as he was experiencing his latest dream. This was out of character for him. He rarely rememebred his dreams. However, this changed as of a few months ago. Diego Vendrix not only was able to recall his dreams, they were all revolving around one thing.

    A castle. An omnious and everlasting castle of the night.

    It was... calling him.

    Diego once more awoke from the nightmare and sighed as he stared out the window. Today was something of a slow day... or night. He couldn't tell much because of the large storm that was blocking the sun. Not to mention the power had gone out recently. Nevertheless Diego was dressed in his usual attire and ready to start out the day.

    As Diego pondered more about the castle, he felt a strange feeling arise. Like something was about to happen. This gut instinct turned out to be correct when he turned around and saw a floating orb made of... darkness. Unlike black light, it made things darker by... consuming light. Diego made sure everything he needed was on him and upon doing so, touched the black orb.

    The darkness consumed him and it was as if he fell asleep momentarily as the world around dissolved.

    Outer Courtyard, Castlevania

    When Diego's vision returned, he saw that it was a beautiful night sky. Well, night or dusk, or sunset, he couldn't tell much.

    Ahead, the castle that haunted his subconscious stood nearby and statues surrounded the dark area. The architecture resembled the Transylvanian Gothic style. Diego recalled the special Halloween lesson back in his art history class and the many things he pointed out. Overall, it looked very much like a palace for Dracula.

    Even the skeletons and the weapon-wielders.

    Wait, what?

    Diego's jaw dropped at seeing the skeletons versus skileld and armed combatants and normal-looking folk. Diego looked to see a skeleton go and throw a large femur at him. Diego yelped as he dodged and saw the bone slam into a tree behind him. Diego went and grabbed the bone.

    Channeling his inner Marowak, he ran, bone in hand, and whacked the skeleton on the skull, hoping to send it flying. Just in case, he then kicked in the rib-cage before jumping to stomp on it.

    Makeshift Femur club
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  11. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Rapunzel Rogers
    Wasilla, Alaska

    Stifling a yawn, Rapunzel took another drink from her glass of orange juice and focused her attention back on the screen in front of her. Even though she had been playing this game for a while, the story was building towards its grand finale now. She just couldn't bear to leave it unfinished so close to the end. She had to know how it turned out, wither it took another hour or all night, then she could move on. A quick glance out the window confirmed that it was not yet dark out, though that honestly wasn't too surprising in the summertime. The sun was up around eighteen or nineteen hours a day now. It could be seven o'clock or eleven o'clock. No way to know without checking. Though since Rapunzel didn't have a clock in her room and she wasn't entirely sure where her phone was at the moment, she didn't bother checking.

    Normally, her sisters would be bugging her about this or that, or her mom would be trying in vain to get her to spend some time outdoors, but this was summer vacation. The one time of the year she was allowed to goof off on weekdays without anyone bugging her. And today was no exception. Her Care Bear printed pajamas, long sleeved and legged of course, were simply too cozy to bother changing if she wasn't going outside, which she wasn't.

    A cut-scene began on her game and Rapunzel leaned forward with interest, not wanting to miss anything. That was when something appeared between her and the TV. At first, she didn't believe her eyes. Surely it was just a side effect of playing a fantasy adventure game for around ten straight hours. But after she blinked, rubbed her eyes, and even shook her head a bit just to be sure, the little black orb was still there. Just... hovering. Menacingly.

    And then it made a noise of some kind. It almost sounded like words, but she couldn't make them out. She wasn't sure if it was another language or just poor reception on her end. Without any further warning, she felt herself being pulled towards the sphere. Her arms disappeared into the sphere, like it was some sort of 3D portal or a black hole or something. She let out a scream as she was pulled completely into the sphere. And just like that, she was gone.


    Rapunzel & Masquerade
    Castlevania - Outer Courtyard

    The next thing that Rapunzel was aware of, she was standing in the middle what looked like a cross between an abandoned castle courtyard and a cemetery. And she wasn't alone. She was surrounded by a bunch of people she didn't recognize, including several people on the other side of the area that looked like they belonged in one of her game worlds. And as she watched, they even started using magic to attack... were those skeletons and zombies?

    "Ok, I'm dreaming." Rapunzel mumbled as she felt her feet lock in place. "I feel asleep while playing again, and I'm lucid dreaming."

    Even as she said it though, she wasn't sure. This didn't feel like a dream. She could feel the wind blow through her frizzy hair, the grass under her bare feet, the cold of the air sinking into her skin even through her warm pajamas... wait, what?! A quick check confirmed it, she was still dressed in her sky blue and cartoon bear covered pajamas. In a castle courtyard. With zombies. Either this was the most painfully realistic dream she had ever had or... it was real. That startling realization hit her like a ton of bricks and she pinched herself.

    "Ouch!" Yep, pain. This wasn't a dream. This was actually happening. She was in a courtyard with a bunch of strangers, fantasy game characters, and undead monsters. And the worst part was, she recognized this castle. It was the same one from her dreams... the ones where she had fresh blood on her hands...

    Just then, one of the game characters ran up to her, absentmindedly igniting a nearby zombie by directing a shooing motion at it. “Hey, how well can you kids fight?” she asked, completely seriously judging by her tone.

    "Fight? Like... fight the undead?" she realized how stupid of a question this was as soon as it left her mouth, but it was too late then. "I... I can't, I don't know any magic or anything..."

    She slowly backed away, bumping into something hard in the process. Hard, and moving. Rapunzel turned around to find herself face to face with a zombie. The smell of rotting flesh, the horrible state of its face, the shock of actually being face to face with a real life monster, all these things hit her at once and she screamed. It tried to grab a hold of her and she shoved it hard, just trying to get away from it. The zombie stumbled backwards where it tripped over something, cracking its head on a tombstone with a sickening crunch and laying limp... well, limper than it had been, and still.

    Meanwhile, another figure had materialized on the other side of the courtyard. A mask hid his face, and his dark clothing blended into the shadows. Elric Laplace smiled, even though no one could see it. It had worked! It had actually worked. He was standing here in a pocket dimension created by the dark castle itself, Castlevania. The transportation ritual had taken weeks of preparations, possibly even a life if anything had gone bad for the sorcerers who crafted and executed it, but it had gotten him here in one piece. His joy was short lived however upon seeing the others in the courtyard. A bunch of unruly children, a few wanna-be-Belmonts, and three actual Belmonts. THREE!

    Quickly, he took shelter behind one of the larger tombstones, dispatching the skeleton archer on top with a throwing knife before it even noticed his presence. With so many holy warriors running around, it was going to be difficult to complete his objective. They were here to interfere again, to prevent his master's heir from claiming their rightful throne... and speaking of the heirs, that bunch of rag tag children looked more suited for a slumber party than candidates to become Dracula's successor. What kind of cruel joke was this? Only one or two of them even showed any promise from first appearances, the rough looking woman who just kicked down a skeleton and the young man currently butchering undead with his knives.

    Another figure caught his eye. She carried a staff, like some of the witches he knew, but she wasn't anyone from his circles. And she wasn't a holy warrior either. So just who was she?

    He frowned. More observation was going to be necessary before he could decide on a course of action... better to watch things unfold for now.


    Rapunzel - nothing. :(

    Masquerade - 23 throwing knives, 2 combat knives, 2 relics, assorted potions and vials.
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  12. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    John Paul Faber, the IX
    Northern Community College, California

    Another sleepless night.

    JP walked into his dorm room, looking at his messy bed. He was absolutely worn out, from a combination of both another day of Basketball practice and the past few sleepless nights. He threw down his practice clothes, having already changed in the locker room after practice. He had promised a couple guys that he'd go out on the town with them, but he needed to stop and grab his wallet and phone first. Now that he was in his dorm room, that bed looked rather comfortable. The sun had set, and already the moon's light was beginning to shine. He knew the eclipse was happening soon in the far east, and he was kind of excited to see it the next day. Even if it meant another sleepless night. JP wondered how the eclipse thing worked in other time-zones, when he looked at his clock.

    7:56? I promised I'd be back down in the lobby by 8! JP began furiously digging for his Wallet, having already found his phone on the end table by his bed. He got down on his knees and started digging through the mess that had accumulated under his bed. Good thing his roommate hadn't moved in yet. JP would have to do a lot of cleaning before school started. Continually digging under his bed, JP bumped into his swords case. He hadn't even opened it in the last week, let alone train with it. His parents would have been sorely disappointed. He pulled out the case, and opened it on his bed. He admired his two swords. The first was a broad blade; it had a traditional blue cross hilt, with the blade curving into a hook at the end. On the blade were runes, writings in the symbols of the Lightsworn. He could not read it completely yet, but he could make out that it had something to do with Loyalty. Justice was probably in there as well, as that was the name of the blade. Judgement, the other blade, was much sleeker and thinner, a katana. Both gleamed in the light of his room.

    Suddenly, a knock on the door. "JP! Are you coming or what?" It was one of the basketball players, calling for JP.

    JP turned around, headed to the door, when he saw a black spot floating in front of him. At first, he thought he was just seeing something. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. It was gone. Probably just his mind playing tricks on him, sleep deprivation and all. He turned back to his sword case, and there it was, floating on the other side of his bed. JP Moved slowly and carefully, reaching for his swords. He wasn't sure what was going on, but his instincts and training told him to be ready for anything. Suddenly, a voice came from the black orb.

    “Heir to my master's power, you have been summoned. It is time to claim your destiny.”

    Destiny? JP's head was swirling and not in a good way. Right when he thought he would collapse, he grabbed his swords, and his vision blacked out.

    Outer Courtyard, Castlevania

    When his vision returned, JP was still standing, not laying on the ground as he expected. He even had his swords in hand. Strange enough, but it got stranger.

    He was definitely in a different location, somewhere creepy. It was also darker. Much darker. Also, skeletons. Skeletons?

    After a quick review of his surroundings, JP saw skeletons, zombies, and weird skull things that defied any explanation he could think of.

    Suddenly, he was soaked, and all the creatures crumbled. JP did a double take, as more arose. He noticed that there were many others here, apparently capable of magic, by the was one zombie was burning. JP contemplated what was happening, when suddenly it hit him.

    His dad wasn't any of it up.

    JP went into full defense mode, calling upon his years of training. No, he didn't know any magic, but he could surely chop off a few heads. With Justice held back in his left hand, and Judgement held forward in his right, JP faced the skeleton that had chosen him as a target.

    Before the skeleton was in range of his swords, it began throwing bones at him. He blocked with Justice, pulling the hook-blade across his body. The skeleton came closer, beginning to slash with its claws. JP fell back, hooking one of the skeletons arms with Justice. He pulled it sideways, ready to pull it into Judgement.

    Instead, the arm pulled off, and the skeleton struck with its other claw. Only a quick block with Judgement saved JP from injury. JP kicked the skeleton in the hip, watching it crumble to the ground. A final blow to the head from Justice slew the skeleton.

    There was no time to rest, however, as more were headed his direction.

    Justice and Judgement
    Backpack holding Lightsworn Cross and Lightsworn Bible Still had this on him in his dorm room.
  13. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Jane Cooper
    Outer Courtyard

    Jane really wished she was back in Tallahassee right now. I mean, she had known exactly what coming on this mission meant, but for the first time in a long time, she could almost feel fear. Jane had landed somewhat awkwardly, along some other people who looked to be Vampire Hunters, or thieves. Her purple outfit was very visible amongst the black and ebony jackets of the others.

    "Typical." She muttered under her breath. Most hunters, and even more of the Defenders, like herself, always wore black. Of course, she had incorporated black into her uniform, but she certainly hadn't made that the focal point. She shook it off, it really wasn't a time to be thinking about the fashion choices of herself and others right now. She let one hand drift to her belt, feeling her small knife. She then reached towards her back, letting out a sigh of relief as her hand felt the nice wood of both her primary weapons.

    Jane began to scan the area, getting a true feel for what could be coming at her at any moment. Well it certainly had the creepy castle feeling to it. Darkness? Check. Statues? Check. Tombstones? Check. The only thing that could make this place any creepier was if dead rotting bodies lined the courtyard, which she was rather happy didn't. However, her inner sense of dread didn't quite feel like leaving yet.

    Jane knew that there was no turning back now. But hell, whoever said she even wanted to go back? Jane pulled her trust bow off her back, loading it with one of her arrows. Her bow seemed like a good thing to have out, until of course she found out what exactly she'd be dealing with. I mean, her knowledge of the Supernatural was adept, but she needed to see exactly what sort of beasts came at her.

    She noticed the group ahead, making their way through the horrors in front of them rather well. Her eyes darted behind them, around where she was located, watching some zombies begin to trail them, coupled by many walking skeletons. Not to mention those bloody archers, stealing her thunder.

    Ha. Stealing her thunder was never a good thing to do.

    "Reginald, I would like to request that you sit inside my pack until we're inside." She said to the small ram that fussed inside of her deerskin pack, the ram let out a huff and seemed to settle down and curl up. Jane grinned, trading in her bow for her staff.

    "Let's do this." She said, confident in her abilities. She fired a blast of electricity at one of the archers, allowing it to scorch his bones. She watched the skeleton crumble. She smirked, cheeky as she always was and swung her staff at a zombie that had gotten surprisingly close to her, quickly knocking it off his feet.

    Today. Was her day.

    - Reginald the Ram
    - Ebony Staff
    - Knife
    - Bow
    - Pack of Arrows
    - Nightvision Goggles
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  14. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Outer Courtyard

    The skeletons and zombies that Death had originally called on were quickly being eliminated. New zombies emerged from the ground, sensing the newcomers. However, things had gone on long enough. If he didn't interfere, than the Belmonts and their friends (including him) would start talking to the heirs and things would start going wrong. Death suspected that things might have already gone wrong. He waited until the Belmont group took out the two new Bone Arks, then made his move.

    He vanished from above the guardhouse, reappearing in front of the large double doors with his bone scythe in hand. “Hold it,” he commanded in a voice that filled the courtyard and stopped all of the monsters. Death's red eyes glinted. “There's too many of you come to crash the gates. Be gone!”

    He sliced his scythe through the air and a red circle appeared around half of the people there. They were teleported to other areas of the castle, for the time being. Although, he left all seven of the heirs in the courtyard. They weren't the only ones left, but they were the ones who mattered at the moment.

    Relaxing his hold on the scythe, Death said, “Now, you seven that were called here. You each have a claim to ownership over this place, Castlevania. The castle hasn't decided on its master yet. You will need to prove yourselves worthy. If you fail, you most likely will die or become one of the master's servants. I know this because I am a servant of the former master, Lord Dracula. I am Death, acting on behalf of Castlevania. We've given you some things to get started with, in the guardhouse over there. But from this point on, you're on your own.” He then teleported away as well.

    Yoko found herself left behind in the courtyard, perhaps a lucky mistake. She looked around at those with her. “This is real, and dangerous,” she told the two girls who had responded to her. Then, in a lighthearted tone, she joked, “I hope you're not nuts; there'll be enough of that kind around here. So that was Death. It's hard to say if we should trust his word, but it seems he called you here. Why don't we check out this guardhouse and exchange names? I can tell you a little bit about this place, if you want to know.”

    With that offer out, she headed over to the building by the drawbridge. It had a simple wooden door and a large window on the northern wall, but was dark inside. Suspecting there might be monsters or traps, Yoko opened the door, ready to cast a spell. The lights came on, revealing a rather quiet room.

    It was like an office, with a wooden table right by the door, a chair behind it. On the western wall, there was a large but vague map, seemingly of the castle's current form. All sorts of pins and marks were on it, but there was no key to what it all meant. There were a couple of hammocks in the room, as well as more chairs. On the southern wall, there was a poster with something written on it. It might be worth looking at closer. On the eastern side, there was a narrow hallway leading to a strange machine in back. Seemingly inactive, it had a wide stone ring hanging about shoulder-high above a stone circle marked with runes. Yoko couldn't tell from this distance what those runes meant or what the machine might do.

    In the hallway, there were eight doors, all but one of them sealed.


    Rooftop, F4

    With the appearance of Death, Genya found himself transported onto the peak of Castlevania's roof. Nearly eighty feet below, he could see the courtyard where he had just been. He was on an overhang; even though there were a lot of architectural features on the facade that could be jumped to, it was a risky idea to head down that way. But this was Castlevania; there should be a way to get around even up here on the roof.

    There were gargoyles perched around him. Not active yet, but they might awaken. Genya turned around and looked up, seeing the suspended building overhead. Various aerial walkways led from it to the clock tower to the north, although there was also a pathway around the central pillar holding the building aloft. Part of that path could be reached from nearby, from a staircase held up by thin pillars. That was probably the master's room up above, even if Dracula was gone. It would be worth checking out.


    Twilight Garden

    Cadence arrived at what seemed to be all the way across Castlevania. The dark facade seemed about the same, but the area itself was totally different. Instead of barren dead ground, this area was overly abundant with life. A tall weeping willow tree stood close by, almost blocking off the narrow passageway that might lead back to the courtyard. Bushes and flowers grew untamed, leaving vines, roots, and brambles all over the eroded stone walk. Further away, the trickle of water and the hooting of owls could be heard. The sky was still an eerie twilight, if brighter than before. Off to the north, there was a tall and ominous looking clock tower.

    Past the drooping branches of the willow, there was a large circle made of brick. Some grasses and wildflowers had broken through the cracked bricks, but the area was mostly clear of vegetation obstacles. A couple of rusty metal benches sat at the edges. In the center of the circle, there was a marble fountain, bone dry but mostly intact. A satyr statue sat on top of the fountain, poised like he should be holding a vase or jar.


    Infernal Dungeon, B1

    Belladonna found herself transported to some kind of torture room. The grim stone walls had a bewildering array of knives displayed on them; she had no idea that there could be that many different knives in the world. However, many looked bloody, rusted, or chipped, not too useful. Steel chains and balls were piled up in one corner, while an iron maiden sat in another. A large square table sat in the middle of the room; it seemed clean enough, but it had odd grooves leading to some kind of drain hole as well as a panel that seemed like it could be pulled off.

    And she wasn't alone. There was a strange man in here with her, one who wore a mask that was simultaneously too happy and too sad. “Ugh, it's so hot in here,” Belladonna complained. “Why'd Death send us down here? That was Death, wasn't it? It seemed like a picture of him I've seen in my teacher's books.”

    She looked over at one of the two doorways this room had. One led to a hall, while the other led to a smaller room with an inactive magical device with floating rings. Belladonna thought of investigating that, but then a third person appeared in the room: Death. “Masquerade, Belladonna, I'm glad you two could make it,” he said, his voice toned down from before. “You two, and those who have worked with you, have done much for us. In exchange for that help, take these.” He passed a black talisman to both of them.

    It was about the size and shape of a matchbox, with a silver loop on one side and a black and silver tassel on the other. While it wasn't labeled, there was definitely magic to it. Belladonna dangled it from one of her fingers. “So what's it do?”

    “It will allow you to access the teleporter network without activating the teleport devices.” Death gestured to the device in the smaller room. “There's one in most areas of the castle, but not all. Do as you wish, but I must warn you to not go against the plans that the castle has in place. I would like your assistance in it. Will you hear me out?”

    “Uh, sure thing!” Belladonna said. If it was what she thought it was, then it was what she came here to do anyhow.


    System messages

    -Masquerade and Belladonna have received the Teleport Talisman.
    -John and Rapunzel have received the Zombie soul (Summon-type)
    -Diego, Sayo, and JP have received the Skeleton soul
    -Please check the discussion thread for information about Death's transports.
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Cadence Amoré
    Outter Courtyard

    As soon as Elias had killed them, more of those Bone Ark things appeared in front of the doors. Not to mention the fact that more zombies and skeletons kept appearing as quickly as they were defeated. Whoever was summoning these things must really not want them to get inside. As she and her companions were fighting off these creatures, a figure in a black hooded cloak carrying a bone scythe suddenly appeared in front of the guardhouse. At his command, all the monsters seemed to stop in place. Then with a swing of his scythe, a red circle appeared around Cadence and some others there, and they were gone.

    Twilight Garden

    The next thing Cadence knew, she was at a completely different part of Castlevania. It looked like some type of garden. This area was lush, and filled with life. All sorts of plantlife was growing as far as the eye could see. The only sounds that could be heard was the trickle of water and the hooting of owls. The sky was also brighter than before. In Cadence's opinion, this actually looked pretty. Sure, it wasn't very well mainted, but what would you expect from an evil castle?Ya know, this place has some potential. She thought to herself. If this weren't an evil castle that we have to destroy, I could definitely give it a makeover. Bring in some people to make this castle look nice, paint it pink, possibly rename Amorévania... It was good to know Castlevania wasn't completely dark and gloomy.

    As she wandered past a a willow tree to take in where she was, she came to a large circle made of brick. Some grasses and flowers snuck past a few cracks in the bricks, but this part was mostly free of plantlife. A couple of rusty metal benches sat at the edges. In the center of the circle, there was a marble fountain, although there wasn't any water. A satyr statue sat on top of the fountain, poised like he should be holding a vase or jar. Aw, I could totally bring a date out here! This would be so romantic if that fountain were running.

    Pretty as this place was, Cadence knew she had to be on guard. After all, this was still Castlevania. She thought it was a good idea to summon her familiar so she could help look out for anything scary. She also figured she might like to run around a the garden and get some fresh air. "Cerberus sweetie, you can come out now!"

    At her command, a glowing orb appeared by her ankles. It glwed brighter and brighter until a cream colored three headed puppy with a lavender ribbon tied around the neck of the middle head came into being. All three heads were panting happily.

    Cadence bent down to give her familiar a pat on their heads. "Hey girl! Listen, I need your help. Be my guard dog, and watch out for anything suspicious, K?."

    Cerberus' expression became serious. All three heads barked to show they agreed. "Arf!" Then she sniffed the air a bit. When she saw the fountain, she ran up to it, sniffed it some more, then marked her territory.

    Cadence giggled at Cerberus' act. Normally, she would've scolded her for doing that on someone else's property. Considering that property was Castlevania, it was probably deserved.

    Cerberus the three headed dog
    Enchanted Armor
    Silver Shield
    Smart Phone
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  16. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix- Heir of Darkness
    Outer Courtyard, Castlevania

    Diego felt strange.

    As he breathed, he felt a rush of energy as he thought he saw prismatic mist appear from the skeleton and ended up having breathed it in.

    Diego obtained: Skeleton Soul! (Bullet-Type)

    Unlocked new ability: Bone-Make

    He had little time to think about this when he saw the Grim Reaper appear. Diego gulped as he held the bone he had in his hand to fight.

    Death said, “Now, you seven that were called here. You each have a claim to ownership over this place, Castlevania. The castle hasn't decided on its master yet. You will need to prove yourselves worthy. If you fail, you most likely will die or become one of the master's servants. I know this because I am a servant of the former master, Lord Dracula. I am Death, acting on behalf of Castlevania. We've given you some things to get started with, in the guardhouse over there. But from this point on, you're on your own.”

    Diego watched as Death disappeared. So, they all had a claim to this dark and macrbe dimension. Diego looked around to his... *ahem* competition. The others looked nice and most were girls. Besides him, the only other guy was someone who was killing zombies. Diego caught a glimpse and saw the insanity in him instantly.

    Diego did not like this guy... at all.

    He also didn't like Death. Death was supposed to be final. He wasn't supposed to answer to anyone except maybe God, the Kami or whoever was in charge. Instead, Diego finds out he answered to Dracula. That doesn't make sense.

    He needed to get answers and he had a bad feeling of what he would find out.

    “I hope you're not nuts; there'll be enough of that kind around here. So that was Death. It's hard to say if we should trust his word, but it seems he called you here. Why don't we check out this guardhouse and exchange names? I can tell you a little bit about this place, if you want to know," the girl known as Yoko explained. Diego saw her go to the building near the drawbridge and he observed what she did before he followed her inside..

    It was like an office, with a wooden table right by the door, a chair behind it. On the western wall, there was a large but vague map, seemingly of the castle's current form. All sorts of pins and marks were on it, but there was no key to what it all meant. There were a couple of hammocks in the room, as well as more chairs. On the southern wall, there was a poster with something written on it. It might be worth looking at closer. On the eastern side, there was a narrow hallway leading to a strange machine in back. Seemingly inactive, it had a wide stone ring hanging about shoulder-high above a stone circle marked with runes. Diego observed the room in silence. He wondered if this was for them. He then looked at the hallway and saw the eight doors, all but one sealed.

    Diego felt that the doors were meant for them. He wondered which one was for him. He went over and pressed his hand on the first one. He got nothing. He tried the same for the next two. He then went to door 4.

    4... D was the 4th letter of the alphabet.

    Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta...

    In mathematics, the symbol of delta stood for change...

    Existence is bound by math...

    Diego pressed on it and saw the door slowly begin to open.

    Soul List
    -Skeleton Soul

    Makeshift Femur club
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  17. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Daciana Lupei
    Outer Courtyard

    As Daciana was about to make her move, a strange fog coming from the fallen skeleton started to surround her, before dissipating after a few seconds. Oddly, it did nothing wrong, it made her feel more energized, somehow more powerful. Daciana turned around and eyed the wall, at the skeleton archers. She then made a run for it, intending to climb up and attack. Before she could get very far however, a hooded figure descended, looking very much like the Grim Reaper with his scythe and cloak. Daciana narrowed her eyes, balling her right hand into a fist once again as she prepared to throw a punch if the figure threatened her.

    “Now, you seven that were called here. You each have a claim to ownership over this place, Castlevania. The castle hasn't decided on its master yet. You will need to prove yourselves worthy. If you fail, you most likely will die or become one of the master's servants. I know this because I am a servant of the former master, Lord Dracula. I am Death, acting on behalf of Castlevania. We've given you some things to get started with, in the guardhouse over there. But from this point on, you're on your own.” The figure spoke.

    Servant? Try me, bastard. Daciana growled under her breath as she flipped the bird at the figure before it fully disappeared into the darkness. She wasn't one who submitted, and she wasn't going to answer to anyone if it was against her will. Some of the people had gone, and only a handful were left. The small blonde, the mint-haired girl, a tall woman in robes, and three guys, all of them different. Also among them was another blonde woman, who started speaking.

    “I hope you're not nuts; there'll be enough of that kind around here. So that was Death. It's hard to say if we should trust his word, but it seems he called you here. Why don't we check out this guardhouse and exchange names? I can tell you a little bit about this place, if you want to know." She said, as she started leading everyone towards another structure. Daciana crossed her arms. Called her here? Pretty much explained the black ball in her drink. A chance to be the master? That sounded a lot better than playing slave, though she still did not fully believe either claim. The woman who was talking did not seem the manipulative or lording sort...yet.

    "Fuck, I'm no damn psycho. Why don't you ask that dude over there?" She cursed, jerking a thumb backwards to point at no guy in particular before she reluctantly walked to the guardhouse.

    The room inside seemed quiet and fairly sane, with chairs and hammocks. A map with pins covered one of the walls. A poster hung on another wall and a hallway that lead out to a machine. Lining this hallway were eight doors, one of them open and the rest of them seemingly sealed. Daciana found herself heading for one of the doors and pounding on it thrice with her fist, only to find that it refused to open up and was indeed sealed. She moved on to the next door and pounded on it again. It did not yield. Growing impatient, she moved from door to door, repeating the same thing on the next three, yet none of them opened up. Now, she was in front of the sixth door. Once again, she banged on it. However, this one was different. First a dull sound, and then the door opened up...

    Soul List
    - Skeleton Soul

    - iPhone
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  18. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Clarissa Emiko Sinclair
    Outer Courtyard

    With the sudden appearance of the cloaked figure in front of them, any of the words Clary might have said died on her lips. Dressed all in black, the teen instinctively thought the legless figure to be male, even though she couldn’t see under his hood. In one hand he held a razor sharp scythe that seemed like it could easily rip through flesh. Just looking at him gave Clary a terrible sense of foreboding, a darkness that gripped her with a coldness that clawed at her insides. She shivered involuntarily, grasping the rock in her hand so hard that her knuckles were turning white.

    With a simple curt command from the figure, all of the monsters stilled instantly. Then he swung his scythe, a red circle appearing around some of those in the courtyard, making them disappear. When he settled, the cloaked phantom spoke once more.

    “Now, you seven that were called here. You each have a claim to ownership over this place, Castlevania. The castle hasn't decided on its master yet. You will need to prove yourselves worthy. If you fail, you most likely will die or become one of the master's servants. I know this because I am a servant of the former master, Lord Dracula. I am Death, acting on behalf of Castlevania. We've given you some things to get started with, in the guardhouse over there. But from this point on, you're on your own.” He vanished like smoke.

    The pressure on Clary’s chest subsided. She took a deep breath, reveling in the air that filled her lungs. There was a pause, followed by the voice of the woman next to her.

    “This is real, and dangerous,” She stated in a serious tone. Then her voice lightened “I hope you're not nuts; there'll be enough of that kind around here. So that was Death. It's hard to say if we should trust his word, but it seems he called you here.” She gestured to a nearby building. “Why don't we check out this guardhouse and exchange names? I can tell you a little bit about this place, if you want to know.” The red head nearby cursed, stomping toward the building in question.

    Despite the myriad of emotions going through her, Clary followed the others inside, muttering softly under her breath, “I don’t like this at all….”

    Stepping inside, the room seemed to be a quiet place, with a number of chairs and a few hammocks filling the space. On the western wall, there was a pinned map of what looked like the castle, and on the southern wall there was a faded poster with something written on it. On the eastern side, there was a branching off hallway, lined on each side by various doors. At the end was a strange machine. Clary walked up to it, squinting curiously at the runes on a stone circle. For a moment she touched the stone ring above it, before recoiling with a slight yelp, surprised at the sudden shock that went through her fingers.

    She examined her hand, glad she saw no marks on her skin. Note to self: Don’t touch any unknown objects. She thought wryly, turning back around. A few of the others-the heirs maybe?-had already begun testing some of the doors. Clary bit her lip, have tempted to try one out herself, but feared what could be behind them.

    More monsters? Death? She gulped at the thought. Her legs carried her to one of the nearest doors. Door seven. Her hand hovered over the doorknob.
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  19. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Outer Courtyard, Guardhouse

    It didn't take long for ones who followed Yoko to go investigate the doors. It had to be a connection of magic, drawing them to the right ones. Bringing out her tablet again, she activated its camera with a program that filtered for magical presence. It was going to take a minute to get ready, so she looked over the poster on the wall. The text could be read, although it was faint. Or was it? Yoko tapped the poster; a sheet of dust fell off it in response, making her sneeze and displace more dust. “Oh dear,” she said, covering her nose and mouth. But the poster could be more clearly read now.

    'The Master was destroyed.
    His body turned to dust.
    His soul shattered into pieces.
    Seven fragments scattered on the wind.
    One more complete than the rest.
    But all with his power.

    The seven return home.
    Return to the throne above.
    Bring the seven seals complete.
    Open the door for the final test.
    Only one will succeed.
    Only one to be the Master once again.

    The seals are incomplete
    Seven beasts guard the seven seals.
    Retrieve the seals from them.
    Eliminate weakness.
    Seek strength.
    Embrace darkness.

    This is the path to victory.'

    This would not be good towards their mission to destroy the castle. Or... maybe they could do something. Heirs, the Master... but people weren't totally evil or totally good. They probably hadn't asked for this kind of power. Death and the castle would want them to become evil; it would be a strong temptation with how this would change them. These thoughts and others convinced Yoko that she should do something to help these heirs, hopefully to find a way to save themselves.

    Her tablet was ready, so she started looking around the room with it. The background profile, with a high level of Dark magic, was almost as expected. There was a part that had a different rating than expected. However, tracking down that irregularity, if it was so, would take time. The scanner did show an unusually strong Dark magic nearby, several sources... the heirs, that made sense. There were the seals on the doors, temporary things meant to guard something until the right person came along. And in back, the machine had an inactive magic, waiting.

    While she was waiting on the heirs to come back in the office area, Yoko checked on her wireless support network. It seemed to be running, but the main way to know would be to use it. She sent a text message to the members of her group who had phones: 'Where are you? I'm still in the courtyard.'

    Meanwhile, the seals were breaking on the doors as they were opened...

    The fourth door was opened and the mark of a magic seal appeared on it: a serpent. A single sparkling orb hovered in the center of the room. It showed the image of a small winged devil before vanishing a couple of seconds later. On the back wall, there was a simple katana, a simple bag, and a gold heart-shaped locket. However, the walls of the room were filled with images of eyes that seemed to watch anyone who came inside. Between the eyes, there was a phrase that appeared over and over again “Is there something wrong with you? Or is there something wrong with them?'

    The sixth door was opened; the seal of a wolf appeared on it. Inside the room, there was a sparkling orb of light floating in the center. It briefly showed the image of a skeletal wolf, then vanished. On the back wall, there was a partizan that was rather plain but seemed sturdy, as well as a black bag. There was a doorless wardrobe in the left corner; it held a frilly black and red dress, a lacy hair pin, cute red shoes, lacy black gloves, and a black leather strap bracelet with a rose pattern etched into it. The right wall had a small table that had a few books on it: cooking, homemaking, even what seemed an old book on manners for the well-bred lady. There was also a small packet of matches on the table, with a note near it: 'Follow the rules, or BURN THEM ALL TO ASHES?' A second note was tucked near the books, but it seemed to be 'burn' written over and over again.

    The seventh door was opened; the seal of an owl appeared on it. Two orbs of light circled around in each other in the middle of the room. After a moment, they showed two different images: one of an armored knight with a large horned owl perched on its arm, the other of a small black bat. Then they both vanished. On the back wall, there was a plain but sharp-edged short sword. A closed wardrobe sat in the left corner, holding a full blue and violet outfit as well as a matching bag. There were also a large numbers of scribbles on the wall, mostly of masks and faces. But there was some writing too: 'People aren't as they appear. You aren't as you appear. It's all lies! All lies. There's more lies than truths in the world.'


    System Messages

    -Diego received the Mini Devil soul (Summon, a small, snarky, and somewhat lazy little devil)
    -Daciana received the Skeleton Wolf soul (Summon, a skeletal wolf)
    -Clary received the Owl Knight soul (Bullet, call on an owl for a single attack) and the Bat soul (Summon, a bat)
  20. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix- Heir of Darkness
    Outer Courtyard, Castlevania

    Diego observed as he saw his door opened and saw the magic seal appear.

    It was a serpent. Diego was confused though upon focusing his eyes a tad, he noticed the scales were sticking out oddly, like plumage. Diego recalled the feathered serpent, a well-known god from his ancestors.

    Diego entered his room. A single sparkling orb hovered in the center of the room. It showed the image of a small winged devil before vanishing a couple of seconds later. On the back wall, there was a simple katana, a simple bag, and a gold heart-shaped locket.

    Diego looked at the katana. It was black, much like obsidion though Diego wondered if it was as brittle, though he doubted it. He took a practice swing and stumbled. He had little experience wielding a katana, he always wanted to learn how to wield one though. He was grateful for the scabbard, which he placed on. He also took the simple baf and the gold heart-shaped locket, having a chain so he can wear it like a necklace.

    He then saw the eyes. Watching him.

    Judging him.

    Filled with anxiety, Diego clasped his hand on the handle of the katana.

    He saw the phrase over and over near the eyes.

    “Is there something wrong with you? Or is there something wrong with them?"

    Diego long asked this question when he faced his reflection. He came to the conclusion it was him. It couldn't be everyone else, could it?

    He thought of all the problems people did. They didn't take care of the environment. They were short-sighted and reckless. There was chosen division for the sake of selfishness. Diego gripped the katana handle tighter. So many things were wrong.

    They were wrong.

    Things needed to be fixed.

    Diego shook his head as he calmed down. He was going to lose to no one. Not to this castle especially.

    He exited the room.

    Soul List
    -Skeleton Soul (Bullet-Type)
    Mini Devil Soul (Summon-Type)

    Makeshift Femur club
    Black Katana
    Gold Heart Locket
    Simple Bag

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