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Casual Battling Section Rules (READ OR YOU WILL BE INFRACTED)

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Looking for battle.
Info in Sig.
PM when ready.


Flat battle series of 3 any1


He Returns.
6 on 6 triple battle, flat rules. Preferably at 5 or 6 P.M. as that's usually about an hour after get home from school. PM or VM me so we can set up date and time, and maybe have a different type of battle.
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single or double, set to Lv.50, no ubers.... thats about it.
3 on 3, 6 on 6, and anywhere in between.

message me for a battle!


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white fc: 2923 8368 3408

i would like a battle, i battle without flat rules, and wonder lanch is your choice

i am new here, and hope that who ever battles me will have luck on there side :D


Hi, i apologize if my post does not belong here but i cant find any forums on support for DS connecting to WiFi. Im having a bit of an issue, I have a standard Nintendo DS With pokemon Black And HeartGold. Whenever i try to connect to a network i get into the settings and look for connection spot's. It reads that my router is there but when i try to connect i get the error code 53001. I have experimented a bit and made sure the WEP key was entered correctly and i have even disabled the security to just allow straight access, but still no luck. Any help or Redirection would be great, The nintendo site has been unhelpful really and was hoping to see if anyone had a similar problem with advice. Thank you


World Battler
Fc: 4512 9767 1042
Up for any kind of battles, single ,double, triple, rotation you name it.

Prefer 6v6, but whatever anyone wants will do, pm for battles :p
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New Member
FC: 3954-6297-5271

I'm up for anything. I dislike Wonder Launcher but I may or may not allow it to be used depending on my mood of the day. PM me for battles.

blue furret

New Member
brand new to battling on wifi. I'm just testing out jank teams at this point and I sav them (legal movesets but still sav'd)

name: blue
FC: 0346-8791-9379

6/6 smogon tiers/no restrictions/no wonder launcher/sleep clause etc. PM me if you want to battle :)


I am the king!
Name: Luke
FC: in signature

6vs6 no restrictions
pm if you want to battle or if a certain poke is okay


A True Gentleman

Hello, if anyone would like to battle, please message me. I like playing single matches, 6v6 100's. I am currently new to battling.

Easter Egg

i haz gud grammer
My friend code is: 3568 2677 4940
I have very weak Pokemon all under level 25, and I only have 3. I would prefer someone also with weak Pokemon (I have never Wi-Fi battled before).


New Member
name: Bailey
FC: in sig.

prefer triple battles dont care much.
idc if the wonder launcher is used or not.
Ubers r allowed but dont use hacks
pm me if your interested.


Above Average
Andre Fc in sig.


Optimistic Trainer
My name and friend code are in my signature, I will do any type of battle with anything :)


YouTube: theINNOSINT
Name: AD
FC: 4770 6907 8363
I'm up for anything really preferably no wonder launcher
Also up for trades
PM me and we'll specify a date, time and rules.
My current team:
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