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Casual Player looking for some help to beat his friends!


New Member
I am not a competitive battler but my friends and I have a bet going as to who can win in a series of battles at lvl 50, 75 and 100. Currently I have about 8 pokemon at lvl 50 and I was looking for some help building the best team. I realize that a LOT of them have a weakness to Ghost.

FYI I bred for some natures, but others I just rolled with. Also I did not EV train. Just looking for help on an overall pokemon/weakness/move-list basis.


Original Team

Metagross @ Lum Berry
Adamant Nature
Clear body

Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch

Archeops@ Flying Gem
Gentle Nature


Conkeldurr@ Quick Claw
Brave Nature

Stone Edge
Bulk Up
Hammer Arm
Drain Punch

Chandelure@ Choice Scarf
Modest Nature
Flash Fire

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

Jellicent@ Leftovers
Calm Nature
Cursed Body

Scald/Ice Beam?

Eelektross@ Life Orb
Sassy Nature

Grass Knot

Possible Subs Already "Trained"

Excadrill@ Balloon
Hasty Nature
Sand Rush

Sand Storm
X-Scissor/Brick Break
Swords Dance

Haxorus@ Leftovers
Brave Nature
Mold Breaker

-Dragon Pulse
-Brick Break

I realize to many of you this is a joke without EV training or even proper natures but if you can just give me a little help I would appreciate it.

Things Im looking for:

-Which 6 pokemon would give me the best chance/most coverage?
-Help on which moves I should change if any?
-I would be open to training up another guy if it would help a lot, but please B/W pokemon/moves only.

Thanks for your help!
This is what I run on my Metagross:
Bullet Punch
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt

It works pretty well, though Agility might not be bad since Metagross is slow. If you want to to keep Agility, get rid of Bullet Punch, otherwise swap Agility for Zen Headbutt.


The Torterra Trainer
Chandelure wants Calm Mind over WOW and a Wise Glasses to hold.

Arhceops wants a Jolly nature and Dragon Claw over Dragon Breath (I think).

Elektross wants a Timid/Modest nature if you go fully special.

Excdrill @Muslce Band
Jolly/Sand Force
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide

Haxorus @Life Orb/Leftovers
Adamant/Mold Breaker
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide

El Panda

No Present For You!
I find Scarfed Chandelure as a great revenge killer, though give it Overheat over WoW. Mach Punch over Hammer Arm if you can on Conkeldurr and Payback over Stone Edge, but if you can't get Mach Punch then Payback over Hammer Arm. Definitely give Archeops Rock Slide over DragonBreath. If possible give Conkeldurr Lefties, if not Muscle Band.


New Member
Thanks for all the replys so far guys. Should I keep my team the way it is now? or add in somebody else/some of the other guys I have in reserve. I was also thinking of getting a Reuniclus so I can trick room for my slower friends like Conkeldurr and Haxorus if I end up using him.