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Casual_Friday's Trading Thread

Discussion in 'DP Battle & Trades' started by Casual_Friday, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Casual_Friday

    Casual_Friday New Member

    Friend Code Justin 1074 7200 8054

    Hey Serebii Forums. This is my trading thread listing what im looking for and what I have in return.​

    What I want:

    What I have

    Level 45 Shiny Shapedo Untouched
    Lvl 100 Victreebel
    Lvl 100 Japanese Gible
    Lvl 100 Ludicolo
    Japanese Mew - Level 19 - Relaxed
    MYSTRY Mew - Level 23 - Sassy
    MYSTRY Mew - Level 100 - Jolly\
    10 ANIV Celebi - Level 70 - Adamant
    Shiny Japanese Lugia - Level 100 - Quirky
    Ho-oh - Level 70 - Adamant
    Hacked Entei - Level 50 - Quirky
    Hacked Suicue - Level 50 - Quirky
    Hacked Lugia - Level 70 - Modest
    Hacked Ho-oh - Level 70 - Modest
    WISHMKR Jirachi - Level 60 - Hardy
    WISHMKR Jirachi - Level 5 - Rash

    Palkia - Level 47 - Brave
    Phione - Level 1 - Bashful
    Phione - Level 1 - Modest

    Ditto: 2x Brave, 2xSassy, Timid, Lonely, Jolly, Serious, Quiet

    Female Combee (Impish)
    Magby (No item)
    Elekid (No item)
    Clamperl (No item)
    Porygon (No item)

    EXP Share
    Master Ball

    If need be, we will discuss the trade.

    Friend Code Justin 1074 7200 8054
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2007
  2. Casual_Friday

    Casual_Friday New Member

    Bump for screentime
  3. Zaqq

    Zaqq Let Me Show You Them

    I'll give you a Teddiursa with a Power Anklet, Lens, or Bracer (take your pick) for the Kyogre. Interested?
  4. shyyit

    shyyit shyyit

    will you trade the level one manaphy for a shiny deoxys?
    (ill clogne it and give one back to you)
  5. shyyit

    shyyit shyyit

    i also have a gligar that ill trade w/ the deoxys for the manaphy
  6. Ash crimson

    Ash crimson The crimson king

    trade ya a teddyursa for a female combee
  7. Casual_Friday

    Casual_Friday New Member

    Ok, Deal for Zaqq. Kyogre for Teddiursa with a Power Anklet. give me a sec to get your friendcode.

    Shyyit. So i trade you teh manaphy for both the deoxys and gligar. Then you trade back the manaphy? am i understanding that right?
  8. Zaqq

    Zaqq Let Me Show You Them

    My friendcode is in my sig, and I'll be online in just a sec.
  9. lordtako

    lordtako New Member

    i have a modest ditto i can give you for a pineco and a shuckle.
  10. Casual_Friday

    Casual_Friday New Member

    sorry guys, I apologize. These forums seem a bit laggy and seem to cut out on me sometimes.

    Ok, back to business. Lordtako, if your still up for the ditto trade then ive got a pineco just for you. i'll take down your code and met you online.

    Throw in the shuckle too. I missread your post
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2007
  11. lordtako

    lordtako New Member

    uh if youre still around ill trade you the ditto. sorry the forums went down for a while and i couldnt check on this.
  12. Casual_Friday

    Casual_Friday New Member

    i found a modest ditto on Gamefaqs. Sorry dude, im not looking for them anymore.

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