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Catalyst: Falling Stars | SU | PG-15

Samantha Sparks

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Hmmm... let's see...
'Death's Contact' and its variants are definitely rather overpowered.
The Reality shifting ability too... Although you can keep it if you limit it more.

Well, as much as the others may be slightly overpowered, they are limited by sins and such...

So perhaps change 'insta-kill' to something else, or at least just limit 'insta-kill' effects to NPCs and have those skills have another effect on player characters.

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It is I: ME!
Alright; it's fixed. I added what I intended for everyone to already understand in Other. Thanks.


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Not my best piece of writing ever, but I’m happy with it. Feel free to make corrections, offer suggestions, anything.
Name: Icarus
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Family: Parents: Deceased

Appearance: Icarus is a blonde and handsome individual. He holds a respectable height of 5’11 along with a boxer-esque body, and is moderately athletic, having followed Tennis for the majority of his life. He weighs in at 154lb, and his posture is better than most. Friendly turquoise eyes look at you from his face, which is complimented by medium-length hair. I picture him looking a lot like this, but with dirty blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

Icarus prefers to be fashionable and wears appealing outfits that are continuously changing during the course of the story. However, most of his clothes follow some kind of guideline. During the winter, he commonly wears a navy blue north face jacket along with a pair of his favorite jeans and stygian fingerless gloves. In summer/spring time, Icarus most often wears some kind of t-shirt or sleeveless shirt (Jerseys and whatnot) with matching shorts. Fall season is met with a hoody and jeans. All of these are usually worn with beaten red basketball shoes, a gift from Icarus’s late father. Depending on his mood, Icarus also wears a set of white and black headphones.

Country of Origin: His origin is of French, but at the start of the story, he was currently in Greece.
Notable Skills: Has a mastery of Archery, sword-play, and horseback riding which is enough to hold his own in a fight. Is able to operate a firearm, but so far has little to no experience in utilizing it.

Icarus has a degree in Law & Psychology and is masterfully eloquent in speech. Thus, most debates against Icarus are lost, and depending on the target’s frame of mind, they can be convinced into thinking a specific way.

Training in stealth and combat. Mixed Martial arts, specifically Judo, Chinese martial arts, and Taekwondo.

Icarus’s partnership is also a bit more powerful than the other catalysts as he had already been training with Hyperion for a year.

Personality: Icarus is, on the outside, very pleasant and charming. There is a certain attraction, a certain charisma to him that draws others to him. Everywhere he goes his politeness follows, and it feels very genuine. In his journeys, Icarus has made many friends that sincerely believe that Icarus deeply cares for their needs and wants, and are willing to repay that debt whenever the need arises. Icarus appears philanthropic and charming, yet does not seem to have an ongoing relationship, attracting the attention of many women.

Despite his charms, Icarus is in actually a dark and manipulative person. Currently, no set of morals define him, and no ethics confine his way of action. Other than Hyperion, who Icarus somewhat trusts, Icarus puts his hopes and aspirations on no one, and therefore really does not care for anyone. He can feel, and has emotions, but the world has rendered him cold and calculating towards it, and feels no guilt from using humans as tools, which is easy, considering his high intelligence.

He hasn’t always been this way, and so he many occasionally lapse into brief moments of emotion and kindness.

History: On November 13th, a night filled with howling winds and freezing ice, Icarus was born to a young, wealthy, and loving couple. From an early age, Icarus was adored and cared for. Every need of his was provided, and constant murmurs of “love you” were commonplace. All Icarus experienced during his childhood was to love and be content. In this environment, Icarus grew to be an intelligent, sympathetic, heartfelt, and likeable person. His mother was the epitome of beauty and kindness, some would go as far to say an angel; his father was gentlemanly and gently greeted every visitor with the equal attitude. Their philanthropic endeavors were the stuff of legends and they revolutionized the business revenues they participated in.

Icarus grew up learning the ways of horseback riding, archery, and sword fighting, and was surrounded by tutors of various topics year in and year out. The cello was also taught, which Icarus seemed to have a natural affinity for.

All good things must come to an end, and in Icarus’s 12th year, it would end at an opera house. The recent earthquakes and natural disasters had devastated a majority of the population, and that majority deeply resented the few rich and prosperous. The opera playing was a relatively popular and well known one, so a few members of a gang named the Chilly Joes (I know, cheap Batman rip-off, but what’s a guy going to do?) lay ambush to rob people as they came out. As luck would have it, Icarus’s family entered out as one of the last, because it turned out that one of Icarus’s father’s friends had a major role. The Chilly Joes jumped out and repeatedly shot at the family, and ran away with some money.

Icarus, while shocked at the horrific amount of blood spilling out, remained stable and called the police. The medics came and rushed away both parents, while a few servants came and took Icarus home. Operations began for parents, but only the father made it. The funeral for the lovely lady was attended by many of the city’s people, and it began a program to help the needy and poor.

Meanwhile, Icarus’s father sunk into a period of deep depression. He refused to eat most of his meals, and began to pour his energies into his work alone. As a result, Icarus was left unattended, and all Icarus could was watch as his father wasted before him. Communications were rare on all but the special occasions, and even those were sporadically missed.

On Icarus’s 17th birthday, a small party was laid out, and his father gave Icarus a pair of red basketball shoes. The next day, Icarus’s father committed suicide. The pent-up sadness was too much for his father to bear.

Icarus had no longer any love for this world. To his mind, it was full of trash that killed good men and women like his parents, trash that was easily expendable. Icarus flew to Stanford and completed a degree in Psychology in 2 years, as well as finishing up Law school in one with his genius. During that time, Icarus learned the ways of manipulation and the powers of speech, and carefully used them to make connections. After college, Icarus left to train his body, learning martial arts and combat training from the best for a year.

On a sudden whim, Icarus decided to travel out and discover the world in perhaps an attempt to redefine and redeem the world in his eyes. Even if it was his purpose, it didn’t work. Everywhere Icarus looked, there was pain and evil. Children robbed money from their parents, and blood was shed daily on the streets. Disgust was the one thing on Icarus’s mind. His journey took him to Athens, Greece, where he prepared to once again meet the corruption brought on by the natural disasters.

While walking through the Parthenon and whatnot, Icarus saw a shining light hurl from the sky. It was a huge and burly man who introduced himself as Hyperion, the titan of light. He offered the position of Catalyst to Icarus, who offhandedly accepted. The sensation of being drawn to Hyperion filled Icarus, and Icarus commonly followed his gut instincts.

Hyperion trained Icarus, and Icarus taught Hyperion, and the duo remained that way for a year till the news of the breaking of Yggdrasil’s core reached them via Icarus’s sources. They decided to follow this news back to Paris, where a fragment of the core was said to remain……

Others: N/A


Name: Hyperion
Alias: Titan of the East, Lord of Light, Lord Hyperion
Gender: Male.
Origin: Greek
Family: Wife: Theia
Kids: Helios, Selene, Eos
Siblings: Oceanus, Iapetus, Cronus, Crius, Coeus, Rhea, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Themis and Mnemosyne
Parents: Gaia and Uranus
Weapons/Divine Relics

As one of the greatest titan warriors, Hyperion carries the signature weapons of the Ancient Greeks: the doru (spear), xiphos (sword), shield, helm and armor. Hyperion’s weapons all have special characteristics fitted to them, as should a weapon of the Titans.

αστέρι που καίει (Star That Burns), His Xiphos capable of slicing through toughest armor, Hyperion wields this terrible golden blade. It has drunk the blood of gods and mortals, strengthening itself with every life. The shining sword holds to a diamond shape, its burning wrath lasting long. Its metal is said to be mined from the sun itself, molded by Hephaestus, and its essence seems to be of light. All who star into this blade’s hateful mirror are said never to live again…..
Abilities: The xiphos glows with a strong light that is likely to blind mortals and gods alike who directly stare into it, and is wrapped around by searing flames. The flames are hotter than the furnaces of Nebuchadnezzar, and inflict severe burns to whoever it touches. The blade is as long as Hyperion’s arm and the hilt is the length of 2 of Hyperion’s palms.

Κόσμος που διαπερνά (World That Pierces) His Doru, hateful sprit of war, spearing the hardest of enemies. The wound that is inflicted, for it never heals, its influence spreading and hatred warping. Its poison flourishes in a god’s blood, and it destroys in a mortal’s womb. Purified in Hades’s realm, under the cool frosty moonlight shower, the doru was forged to smite the enemy bare. Fear the Doru, for it comes your way…..
Abilities: The doru gleams with a dark light that is sure to strike fear in any that see it. The wounds that the doru gives are likely to fester and other nasty things, and it gives a heart of hate and general bad behavior to those it pierces. The doru is dipped at full moon in the deadly poison of a black mamba, so when applied to mortals, it more likely than not will leave them instantly dead, and other gods are severely crippled, even ones with immunity to diseases.

Φεγγάρι που παρακολουθεί (Moon That Watches) Shield that blocks all, blinds all, and defeats all, this shield Hyperion wields… (I got kinda lazy with this one… >.>)

Slumber Mode Appearance: The best way to describe Hyperion is this: take the Rock (Dwayne Johnson); now imagine if he was Greek, covered in scars, and 10x buffer and a couple inches taller. That’s basically Hyperion. He towers at an incredible 7 feet and 1 inch, and weighs probably at around 450-500 pounds of pure muscle. When his golden eyes take one look at you, all you want to is prostrate before his feet and preferably run. A long scar etches across his nose, and the curly black hair helps with his appearance as some kind of Yakuza.

Although Hyperion prefers to be always be in his golden armor, Icarus has meticulously explained to him that mortals don’t take well to weapons and such. Icarus promptly took him to a clothes store and outfitted him in a black leather jacket, sunglasses, and crisp black pant, all over spanking new cowboy boots. That’s his outfit every day, somehow kept clean by his god powers. Hyperion also wears black fingerless gloves, a trade mark of their team, along with his everyday outfit.

Combat Mode Appearance: Hyperion changes his size to match who he is fighting; if Hyperion chooses to fight an overpowered 60 mile high god of death, he will grow to match that size. Hyperion immediately clad in golden armor, reminiscent of medieval suits of armor, and wears a Spartan helmet. In this form, Hyperion seems to take the very essence of light, and his entire shape is bathed in heat and radiance. Hyperion has the xiphos and doru slung over his back, and the shield on his left arm.

Basic Abilities: Immunity- Hyperion boasts a resistance and immunity to other god’s abilities; the weaker ones will be all but naught, and the more powerful ones will be less effective.

Immortality/Regeneration- Hyperion, while not invincible, is practically immortal. As so, he will not be affected by diseases, can regenerate lost body parts, and will not die. He will only be affected by either other god’s weapons or weapons forged from special metals specifically made to fight gods.

Instantaneous Speed- Since Hyperion is the lord of light, he can travel to places or move at the speed of light, which looks as if he had teleported.

Photokinesis- The absolute control of light. Hyperion can do anything with light; he can summon it, he can absorb it, he can meld it, he can focus it, he can become it, he can create an absence of it, etc. When fighting during the daytime, his powers are amplified, but his fighting prowess does in no way decrease during the night. Hyperion can also harden light to become harder the most adamant of diamonds. When focused, his light can incinerate most anything, and he can probably control light over a distance of Alaska before his concentration falters. Please allow a bit more freedom with this and the below abilities, cause the uses are unlimited.

Pyrokinesis- To a lesser extent, Hyperion can control fire. Flames and such do not affect him, and Hyperion can even absorb them. It is largely similar to his control over light, but it is not as great, and there is a possibility of his control being overpowered by say, a god of fire. This ability probably ranges the size of Chicago.

Battling Prowess/Strength/Extended Stamina- Hyperion is a merciless and skilled fighter, and is one of the very best. His strength matches with Atlas himself, and can easily take Zeus on a 1 v 1. His stamina is beyond words; as long as he isn’t fighting in an ocean, Hyperion can go on for days and days.

Size Growth- As described in the Combat mode appearance.

Omniscience- Hyperion hears of many through his light communication channels, but he may miss certain conversations blocked by skilled gods.
General god abilities- Telepathy, limited control of mortal’s minds, materializing clothes, etc.

Catalysed Mode Appearance: Icarus glows with the power of three suns, and his usual aquamarine eyes are replaced with cocky gold ones. Icarus is also clad in Hyperion’s armor, but no longer wears the helm, and Hyperion’s form seems to hover over Icarus’s body. His hair is brighter then his usual shade, and radiates as if it was made of pure gold.

At Icarus’s hands, he wears a gold glove that has a picture of a sun etched onto the backhand. Like Hyperion, the xiphos and the doru are slung over Icarus’s shoulder, and the shield is latched onto his left hand. Icarus’s expression is also substituted to a warrior like and mischievous face, deeply contrasted from his usual laid back face.

Catalysed Mode Abilities: Enhanced Immunity- Any god’s abilities used toward Hyperion are significantly weakened, if not completely nullified. Weak to medium power abilities are completely repelled, and strong abilities are damped.

Enhanced Immortality/ Regeneration- Same except for a few things. Regeneration will cost a lesser toll in Hyperion’s energy and is activated in much quicker time. Hyperion is now slightly resistant to other god’s and god-killing weapons.

Enhanced Instantaneous Speed- Hyperion is slightly faster than the speed of light and is more agile.

Enhanced Photokinesis- All Hyperion’s light controlling abilities and his light’s strength are greatly amplified. His range now extends to about the size of the United States.

Enhanced Pyrokinesis- All Hyperion’s fire controlling abilities/strength of fire are greatly amplified. He is less likely to get overpowered by fire-specializing gods and his range now extends to about the size of Illinois.

Enhanced Battling Prowess/Strength/Stamina. Hyperion’s strength, stamina, and battling abilities are greatly multiplied. He is less affected by water

Size Growth-same

Enhanced Omniscience- Hyperion is less likely to get blocked by the barriers of other gods.
General God abilities-same

Concentrated Light Destruction- Hyperion begin by summoning 5 equal length blades of light that are about 6 feet long. They shoot at the enemies torso, and impale him/her while fiercely glowing bright. Light surrounds the foe and incases the foe in a box which keeps him/her from moving. Hyperion punches the box and the light shatters, breaking apart the foes body, and making it impossible for the foe to regenerate.

Mecha Mode Appearance: Giant Mecha time YEAH! Hyperion grows to a size of about 20 feet in length, but can grow or decrease depending on the opponent. He takes on a golden robotic form, which is, in basics, largely identical to his combat form other than that he is now a robot. Sort of like a golden gundam. His helmet is looks as if merged, and has machamp like things on top. His eyes are of a golden shade, and is the same configuration as a transformer.

Hyperion has 4 cannons. One on each shoulder and one on each arm, located right above the hand. A jetpack is attached to his back for convenient flying, and his fist has 4 round spikes for each knuckle. At his feet, there are 3 holes on the bottom on each foot, maybe for assistance in blasting off or in-flight fighting. The xiphos and doru as slung crossing each other on his back, and Hyperion no longer uses the shield.

Mecha Mode Abilities: Advanced Immunity- Hyperion is now completely immune to most god’s abilities; only the absolute strongest of abilities can affect him

Advanced Immortality/Regeneration- Regeneration costs little energy and takes only a few seconds depending on the size of the regeneration. Hyperion is now largely resistant to other god’s and god-killing weapons.

Advanced Instantaneous Speed: Hyperion is now largely faster than the speed of light, so fast that even the most eagle eyed of gods cannot catch him. All god’s movements appear stopped to Hyperion, and he can easily run circles around them

Advanced Photokinesis: Hyperion’s light controlling techniques and his power of light are tremendously amplified. In conjunction with the manipulation of corpeal and material light, Hyperion can manipulate the “light” inside people, that is to say their moral tendencies. If there were any limitations with his previous power, those chains are broken. His range is about the size of the continent of Asia.

Advanced Pyrokinesis- Hyperion’s fire manipulating techniques/strength of fire are tremendously amplified. Hyperion can now summon vast quantities of flame; he could do so before in more limited quantities (read: He can summons fires and such to temperatures of the sun, but couldn’t summon as much flames as say, a volcano) but not as much now. (read: he can summon as much fire as a volcano) His range over fire probably increases to the size of Texas.

Enhanced Battling Prowess/Strength/Stamina. Hyperion’s strength, stamina, and battling abilities are tremendously amplified. He is hardly affected by water. As he is right now, Atlas could probably do nothing but scratch his paint job, and would be in turn be knocked out with a flick of Hyperion’s pinky. Hyperion can probably go on for months without getting tired (not that mecha mode lasts that long but :/)

Size Growth-same

Advanced Omniscience- Hyperion will hardly ever be blocked by other gods other than God (Yahweh) himself.
General God abilities-same

Advanced Concentrated Light Destruction- Hyperion begin by summoning 5 equal length blades of light that are about 10 feet long. They shoot at the enemies torso, and impale him/her while fiercely glowing bright. Light surrounds the foe and incases the foe in a box which keeps him/her from moving. Hyperion punches the box and the light shatters, breaking apart/incinerating the foes body, and making it impossible for the foe to regenerate. The power and speed of this attack is multiplied tremendously.

Shining Cannon Fire. Hyperion can shoot bullets of light out of his cannon, which instantly disintegrates most anything it touches. It can be charged for a bigger radius, or it can be fired machine gun style.

Shining Beam Fire. Hyperion opens his mouth and shoots a beam of light about 10 meters wide and is as long as Hyperion wants/puts into it. Same attributes as the shining cannon fire.

Absolute Supremacy. Everything within a twenty-mile radius from Hyperion (sphere) is frozen and disintegrated beyond repair. Instantly kills if life forms are in its vicinity. No exceptions other than Icarus. Impossible to avoid, block, and run away from. If there is an ability that says, “haha durr this shield blocks ur poop attcks” (or anything similar) this attack will override it. This automatically puts Hyperion out of Mecha mode and leaves him vulnerable and without abilities for one week.

Personality: Hyperion, whilst being a great warrior, suffers occasionally from the tendencies found in these types of men such as rowdiness, recklessness, love of alcohol, and boasting. Most of the time, Hyperion is wise and fierce, a brilliant mind in the battlefield. Hyperion is at all times vigilant and hawk like.

Despite being on the “bad” side, Hyperion is the honorable enemy type. He has a code of conduct which he will only occasionally breach, and does not use dirty tricks in battle. Hyperion merely enjoys the feeling a good fight, and will more often than not kill someone who he has just enjoyed a great battle with. To those Hyperion considers allies, he is loyal and a great teammate, but hates being confined. To Icarus, Hyperion acts as some type of father figure; a talent obviously gleaned from his times with Helios and the others.

Hyperion also enjoys more respectable pastimes such as philosophy and reading, and will regularly be found sipping coffee in his free time.

History: Born to Uranus and Gaia, Hyperion was one of the foremost titans. Wielding the absolute control of light, Hyperion was one of the four corners of the world along with Crius, Coeus, and Iopetus. Uranus sought to restrain his sons by way of Tartaros, but with the help of Gaia, Cronus and the titans overthrew him.

The Titanomachy. The terrible and bloody battle between the infidel gods and the tyrannical titans. Father clashed blades with sons, brother murdered brother, and comrades betrayed allies. The conflict waged for ten years, day in and day out, but eventually the gods emerged victorious. Fortunately, Hyperion, at that time, sided with the gods; a result of a brief and much heated argument between Cronus and Hyperion. Zeus though, fearing and envying the remaining titan’s powers, turned his back upon Hyperion and threw him within the depths of Tartaros.

Hyperion cursed and raged against the Benedict Arnold of ancient Greece, but his cries fell on deaf ears. To escape from Tartaros without outside help was an impossibility. Hyperion really, really hated Tartaros. Over the millenniums, Hyperion grew bitter and angry, his power ever growing even as Zeus’s dwindled.

On a night forever sung by the muses, Loki’s voice rang in Hyperion’s mind. Loki presented a tempting offer. Loki would rip the dimensional barriers of Tarturus free and would allow Hyperion to obliterate Zeus; the only condition being that Hyperion fight on his side. Though wary of Loki’s clever plans and his manipulations, Hyperion reluctantly accepted those terms and saw light (ironic) for the first time since his betrayal.

Hyperion, for lack of a better word, was a hit. Gods of various mythologies all fell to his sword, and even Poseidon and Zeus took a “strategic retreat” when he led. The legions in control of him and the other 3 pillars, Crius, Coeus, and Iopetus struck fear into every enemy god and goddess. For a time, Loki’s faction was undefeatable.

The Fates deem an end to every story, no matter the sheer power of the individual. The blanket to Hyperion’s light was the Battle of Raging waters, a fate that was unavoidable by Hyperion.

Put simply, Hyperion’s legion was ambushed on all sides by Poseidon and Oceanus. See, though Hyperion’s strength is unparalleled, fire and light can always be dampened by water. Poseidon, who knew this from a previous battle against a Heliopath, carried out this tactic. Unfortunately, since Hyperion is the incarnation of light, not fire, its effectiveness did not exceed Poseidon’s expectations.

Nevertheless, Hyperion’s power was slightly weakened, and with the legion surrounded, it would only be a matter of time. Thus, as Hyperion hacked and slashed at the multitudes of gods, his strength was whittled away at little by little. Hyperion finally fell to his knees, at the peak of exhaustion, but a flash of light whisked him away to Midgard.

Groggily blinking the stars out of eyes, Hyperion looked straight into a handsome and cunning looking French man. “Who the bloody hell are you? You just fell out of the sky.” At these words, Hyperion felt an indescribable tug and remembered Loki’s description of the Catalyst.

When all hope is lost
Look towards Midgard
In the land you were birthed
There the partner who was foretold
Will come to your aid
So choose who you must
And choose who you will
But in their power you will
Grow even greater still.

“I am Hyperion, Lord of Light and Titan of the East. How would you like to become my Catalyst?”

Explanation of what was going on: Hyperion was one of the few gods to have a Catalyst before the Yggdrasil Core was destroyed. During the battle of Raging Waters, Loki’s faction was defeated by the Tyr in a battle with the highest casualties during the whole war. Near the end of the battle, Hyperion was finally exhausted by the fight, but vanished to Midgard in a brilliant flash of light. He landed in his old birthplace Greece, and was met by his current Catalyst. There Hyperion waited, quietly gathering his power and training his catalyst. Recently though, hearing of the destruction of the Yggdrasil Core, he has decided to look for his old allies and the remaining pieces.

Faction: Sorry bout that, but I’m inclined to put Loki here. There’s too much Tyrs crowding the aisles.

Others: Relationships between Icarus and Hyperion: After finding Icarus in the ancient city of Athens, Hyperion took Icarus in as a surrogate son. Even though they are on the side of “evil”, Icarus and Hyperion have more of their own agenda, and will have no qualms about deserting Loki’s faction. Hyperion and Icarus have a more “Tyr” sort of relationship, the titan is not just using Icarus, and they have a growing comradeship. They hate being bound down to one authority, and if pushed hard enough, the duo will leave. Icarus and Hyperion will never join the Tyr faction, reasons being many, one of which is the fact that Zeus will probably be in the Tyr faction.

Favorite Quote: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.
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Back Again...
I'm working on a sign-up for this. Question, however:
How long ago did the earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. start in Midgard? I'm wondering for History Purposes.

I'm using Xipe-Totec, from Aztec and other MesoAmerican cultures' mythology.


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Could I reserve for Persephone and her catalyst? Tyr Faction

EDIT: Sorry, cancel my reservation.
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May I also reserve Jormungand?

Also: it's spelled "Tartarus" in Latin; as it was originally in Greek, it's actually spelled "Tartaros".

The word "blond" denotes whatever it's describing as being masculine, whereas "blonde" (as you used) actually marks its noun as being feminine. What's funny is how those adjectives are actually French...

Every need of his was provided, and constant murmurs of “love you” were commonplace.

“I am Hyperion, Lord of Light and Titan of the East. How would you like to become my Catalyst?”

Capitalize it.

You need to learn the difference between things like "gods", "god's", and "gods'"...

The best way to describe Hyperion is this: take the Rock (Dwayne Johnson); now imagine if he was Greek, covered in scars, and 10x buffer and a couple inches taller.

There are just too many common errors; you didn't capitalize "that" in all your Greek relics, and you forgot to capitalize so much (I mean, seriously, at least be consistent); in fact, did you know in original Greek (as in Latin) all letters were actually capitalized and didn't have any accents to display how they were pronounced? Also, spaces weren't created until much later.

So many common errors (sorry, but it's true)...

You used modern Greek instead of Ancient Greek, and they're as different from each other as Italian is from Latin.

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Forget the reservation. Also, I just read all of Icarus'/Hyperion's sign up. By the way, speaking of yakuza...


Name: Aimi "Aichan" Sakurako (桜子 「愛ちゃん」 愛美)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: She stands at 5'07" and is nothing other than all the world's potential beauty and eroticism; nothing short of "misaki". She has brown and blonde hair (which she frequently dyes whatever color she wishes about every couple of weeks; the dye usually only takes about a week to get fully washed out) as well as blue, slightly green irises. Atypically for a phenom in pop music, she likes to dress plainly, with not only relatively less pointless, trivial articles of clothing than other stars in Japanese or general worldly society, but fewer unnecessary pieces of clothing than other girls in general, or even people overall. Had Aphrodite been cast out from the heavens first, she would have doubtlessly sought to use her.

She likes to wear regular denim jeans in addition to a thin cotton bright red t-shirt. She also has white running shoes. She has really pale skin; however, if she does just spend a few hours under good sunlight, she can get a decent tan. She tolerates cold weather for the most part; she has a simple white cotton jacket if she absolutely needs it. Essentially everyone universally agrees she looks good, and, as according to her boyfriend, has "sweet tits and a sexy a5$". She can wear whatever people give her; she herself will still look good be beautiful.

Country of Origin: State of Japan

Notable Skills:
- She knows a bit of English, although that doesn't really matter so much, since her deity is usually around with her to speak any language for her (he's also teaching her English and French).
- She's somewhat clever (a skilled strategist and tactician), and is alright at formulating, predicting, and understanding plans.
- Due to her past association with the "ninkyo dantai", she knows how they function and has learned many of their operations and techniques (such as usual points of interaction/trade and torture methods).
- She's learning parkour and spying, and is decent (just above average) at running.

Personality: She tries to be nice to other people, and she's actually relatively innocent. She knows how terrible life is. She always tries in whatever situation she's in to make sure as few people get hurt as she can. She knows the yakuza isn't right and she doesn't want anything more than to leave it. She aspires to be able to spend the rest of her life doing something right (taking care of herself as well as others) without having to rely on and fuel some terrible human hell-on-earth machine.

She is the archetype of the sexually promiscuous. She flaunts herself to other people (usually to get a job or deal done) and she enjoys it. She enjoys acting like that to others to get attention, but she knows better than to actually get herself into trouble (getting herself into a situation in which she's hopelessly trapped and going to have to pay the price for what she's been doing is what she fears most). She is going to get around in the musical industry by using her sexual appeal to others, and landing a deal (as well as other acts which are much more clandestine and even metaphysical) is going to be dependent partially on it, as well as whether or not she, her other band members, and her deity are sufficiently charismatic.

History: She is a rising star of Shinjuku; she's gradually becoming a famous singer. She was born and raised in the city, although her parents usually left her alone and practically wandered all around Kanto. She was often very lonely. She met a few people at her school, but she always felt as if none of them really cared enough to relate with her. Her parents were highly respected in the yakuza. They did all sorts of trade, made tons of money, and always spent the nights with each other.

She learned about everything that was going on in life from an early age. She always felt terribly neglected. Her closest friends up to her early to mid high school life were also in the gokudo. Her boyfriend, Takashi, met her in high school and was also a son of an even more honored family in the criminal organizations; he was hoping to be able to escape his parents and everyone else, too. She would frequently get herself in the middle of such things in order to profit from it if she could; her parents didn't care about her much and she needed to make a living.

One day she received recognition for her skill in singing and started a small band up with some of her friends, which also helped them get some money. In regards for the "ninkyo dantai", they were considering leaving, always making business deals less and less frequently.

What helped out even more was how, recently, she was hanging out alone in her boyfriend's alley (who, as he had been mentioned before, is also one of her close friend yakuza band members), and she saw a burning light fall down from the sky. It crashed down at the end of the alleyway and made a crevasse into the concrete. She headed down over to it; it turned out to be a person. The strange grey-haired entity (who looked hardly any older than she was) claimed to be a "sarugami"; some type of "monkey god".

At this point she realized her life was seriously going to get interesting.


Name: Babi

Aliases: Monkey God, King/Prince/Bull/Chief of the Baboons

Gender: Male

Origin: ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟΥ/Aigyptou/Aegypti/Egyptian

Weapons/Divine Relics: A 1.5-meter long metal staff with a diameter of a couple of centimeters which can grow to a greater mass and length at his will; its composition also changes to whatever precious metal he chooses, from bronze to gold to silver to some sharp blood-red metal, and he can use it to channel fire in addition to being able to make the end of it sharper as he desires until it's as sharp as a needle.

Slumber Mode Appearance: He easily stands at slightly over 6'00" in height. He weighs about 160 lbs. and usually has moderately tanned skin. He can alter his skin coloration to be whatever he chooses, from considerably tan to a fierce scarlet color to a shade of albinism. He usually has from light gray to pure white hair, and he can change the color of his hair to a somewhat dark grey, blond, or even dark brown color, too. His irises are an ardent red color of blood; he is a weak god of fire and violence. He looks young and athletic, and typically appears as if he might actually be no older than about 20. Being a god of sexual tension, he looks what teen girls would generally call attractive. He actually has trouble in keeping his form entirely human; in this state, he can also transform into a monkey, alter the amount of hair his human body has in certain locations, and even grow a monkey tail in his human form. During moments in which he opts to be a monkey, he most frequently decides to be an agile South American species.

For his clothes, he generally prefers to wear a plain and simple black t-shirt and jeans, or a grey collared shirt and khakis, alongside deep red sneakers. He's just fine with wearing other things like a school uniform or any other sort of outfit; he is the type of man god who makes the suit.

Combat Mode Appearance: He becomes covered in light grey fur, grows a 7 foot long prehensile monkey tail (which he can change the length of up to several yards), and becomes slightly larger and much more muscular. He also gains sharp, piercing fingernails which anyone would call claws and can grow monkey fangs.

His skin color also typically changes to a much redder hue. More people can see his eyes in this form, which are practically glowing.

Basic Abilities:

Simian Rule - he is telepathic with and can control any nearby simians entirely (this is limited in humans; he can influence their thoughts and emotions, primarily regarding lust, hormones, tension, and sexual desire, but he can't outright control them).
Pyrokinesis - he has a limited extent of control over fire.
Soul Devoration - he is remotely vampiric; by biting into people, he can consume and become stronger from their blood by nature, as well as destroy and even gain the knowledge of part of their spirits by magic; back during his life in Egypt, he would actually be able to grow to a colossal size and devour unjust people who were not fit to walk into his father's (Osiris') home, let alone stand before him to be judged, most often alive and whole, entirely; however, now his spiritual abilities have been suppressed, and he is weak.
Absolute Charisma - he can convince human beings and some deities to do absolutely anything as long as he provides sufficient rationale.

Catalysed Mode Appearance: Aimi can actually change the extent at which she and her deity are Catalysed (however much she has fused with her deity), and, depending on however much of him she has absorbed, he will be able to take a certain extent of his forms, additionally. If she is only fused with him slightly, she can appear to be even more busty, change her hair color at will, appear to be just a bit (about an inch) taller, and even grow a prehensile monkey tail; if she does, he will be able to use his Combat form less strongly.

At their midpoint, she can reach a point essentially halfway between human and his Combat monkey form, with both of them hardly having any extent of his Combat form abilities (barely any pyrokinesis, if any, and it would leave her exhausted mentally; they become slightly stronger from consuming the blood of their enemies, but they can't consume anyone's souls). They both gain the forms of humanoid monkeys, and she grows a 7 foot long tail of a monkey, but they both have limited abilities.

If she's Catalysed with him nearly completely, she gets nearly all of his monkey god abilities; her monkey tail can grow substantially, she has the shape and form of a humanoid monkey, and she gains full fangs and claws like a monkey. As her deity does in his Slumber form, in this state, she can also take on the full form of a monkey. In this state, her deity can only be in his Slumber form, and only use those of his abilities (Simian Rule and Absolute Charisma). During moments in which they use this, she's either alone and in need of these abilities or they're usually both going out separately and spying.

If she Catalyses with him completely, she gains full use of his skill and his abilities, and she fights alone quite skillfully. They usually do this to be together, and, in this form, she can't change back to human instantly. In this state, she's either doing her best improving at fighting, or (in order to minimize their chances of being caught or to spy without having to work separately) she has absorbed him completely and taken on the full form of a monkey.

Catalysed Mode Abilities:

Simian Rule - exactly the same as with her deity.
Pyrokinesis - exactly the same as with her deity.
Soul Devoration - exactly the same as with her deity.
Absolute Charisma - exactly the same as with her deity.
Emotive Manipulation (or, as Aimi likes to call it, especially if she's being coerced to use it by Babi: "Mind Rape") - just by touching someone (aside from any other Catalysts and especially deities; immunity to magic stops this entirely and the stronger the deity, the more resistant his/her Catalyst is to this and the longer it'll take for it to work), she can give people her values and completely rewrite their thoughts and feelings about something.

Mecha Mode Appearance: Babi's bones, muscles, and skin all become metal; he grows to a size of 60 feet in height easily. He looks like a robotic humanoid monkey; he even keeps his plain, unfashioned hair style, which also turns into metal, as well. He still has a strong prehensile monkey tail as in his Combat Mode, and, although his body is designed to look more like a human's, his face still resembles that of a monkey somewhat more than that of a human.

Babi's metal covering becomes the same color as his hair/fur was in his basic form; his lower half is colored dark blue as if he is still wearing jeans because he thinks they look awesome. He has significantly greater speed and agility even proportionally; he can react very quickly and he's insanely swift. He still carries his burning metal morphing rod; it now amplifies his power over fire considerably.

Mecha Mode Abilities:

Simian Rule - exactly the same as in his basic forms, in addition to being able to control simians from a greater distance and manipulate people much more powerfully.
Pyrokinesis - exactly the same as in his basic forms, and he can wield flames much more strongly.
Soul Devoration - exactly the same as in his basic forms, only considerably stronger and he can devour people entirely.
Osiris' Judgment - he can create a huge blast of hellfire and metal shrapnel with a radius of about 15 miles; this doesn't do much to gods or deities who are resistant to fire and are capable of protecting their Catalysts from fire magic or even just general magic, and he is forced out of Mecha Mode immediately.

Personality: He's a cordial young deity. He's charismatic and likes everyone to act maturely. He knows he's quite weak, even if he is a god, and never overestimates his abilities. He's brilliant in planning, and, although occasionally he and someone may be enemies and he may act like a total prick to someone for his own amusement frequently, he always carries a deep respect for everyone, whether mortal or deity.

In spite of how he's weak, he can always set things up so that he and the people he cares about can end up on top. He may belong partly to chaos, but, in the end, he's very selfless and caring. In fact, that's the entire reason why he joined Loki.

He doesn't like the way his name sounds currently, and preferred how it sounded in ancient Egypt. He has decided to take on the job of Aimi's band's manager/counselor/negotiator/liaison. He can take on any name people desire to give him, and, seeing how he's foreign, Aimi refers to him in katakana as "マナジャー" (ma-na-jyā; manager).

Mythology: According to the mythology of Egypt, Babi was a son of Osiris, who often stayed with him in the Egyptian underworld, devouring those whose souls were unworthy to be there. Monkeys (specifically baboons, as those were the only ones Egyptians would normally see) were thought to be incarnations of the "worthy" dead.

Babi was considered to be an underworld deity, who would always reside there, enforcing some extent of order by devouring the unrighteous. In accordance with several myths, he lived down there near his father, down by a lake of fire. Monkeys were seen as being excessively aggressive, and, so, Babi was thought to be vicious and bloodthirsty, and believed to have lived off of entrails and human bodies.

Specifically, Babi was believed to be Osiris' first born. He was imagined as having a very strong filial attachment to him, and acting accordingly. He carried out due judgment against the dead, either by helping or punishing. He was also called an incarnation of destruction and virility.

History: He used to spend most of his life in the Underworld with his father, Osiris, living alone contently. He would usually go around and meet up with some of the other deities, such as Bast, Horus, Isis, and even Set. He'd devour people and consume their souls frequently, but he'd also help and talk to those who were friends of the gods occasionally. He was young and reasonably powerful (about just as much as Bast). He was clever, and could infer just about anything pretty much any of the gods were either already accomplishing or planning on doing. For his own entertainment, amongst the lesser gods he'd sometimes set astir much mischief.

Everything was going normally until just recently. A god of the Norse variety gathered together a military and invaded the land of his family. He captured them all and gave each of them a beating. Even some of the toughest fell to his military. As for Babi, he decided to flee. He failed to escape, however; Loki had caught Osiris and was subjecting him to a terrible punishment. Once he caught word of the news, Babi made his way back to the underworld. He reached his father's palace and saw it was true: Loki's faction had taken and imprisoned all Osiris, Anubis, Bast, Horus, Nephthys, Isis, Horus, and Set.

At that point, the god offered each of them an opportunity: join his military, or perish eternally. His father refused, but didn't express any desire to join Tyr, either. For Babi, Loki threated to ruin not only him or his father, but his entire family; however, if he would join him, he offered he would set his father and maybe his cousin (Bast) free. Babi naturally accepted.

After he got into a few fights amongst some weaker gods, he eventually had to fight against Freyr; needlessly to say, he horribly lost. He crashed and landed into a strange city in a well-kept local alley in Japan. He met a person (a young girl) who asked who he was and whether or not he was okay. He replied in her modern human language that he was alright, told her who he was, and asked her who she was before offering to make her his Catalyst.

Faction: Loki

...and I think I might make an Izanagi sign up later (and the Catalyst will actually be from Egypt).

I'm still thinking about Sobek, Zeus, and Poseidon... also, would a Chaos God from Warhammer 40,000 be permitted?
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Also: it's spelled "Tartarus" in Latin; as it was originally in Greek, it's actually spelled "Tartaros".

The word "blond" denotes whatever it's describing as being masculine, whereas "blonde" (as you used) actually marks its noun as being feminine. What's funny is how those adjectives are actually French...

Every need of his was provided, and constant murmurs of “love you” were commonplace.

“I am Hyperion, Lord of Light and Titan of the East. How would you like to become my Catalyst?”

Capitalize it.

You need to learn the difference between things like "gods", "god's", and "gods'"...

The best way to describe Hyperion is this: take the Rock (Dwayne Johnson); now imagine if he was Greek, covered in scars, and 10x buffer and a couple inches taller.

There are just too many common errors; you didn't capitalize "that" in all your Greek relics, and you forgot to capitalize so much (I mean, seriously, at least be consistent); in fact, did you know in original Greek (as in Latin) all letters were actually capitalized and didn't have any accents to display how they were pronounced? Also, spaces weren't created until much later.

So many common errors (sorry, but it's true)...

You used modern Greek instead of Ancient Greek, and they're as different from each other as Italian is from Latin.

Making those corrections now. Do you have a website that translates ancient greek? :/

I fully admit that there are a bunch of errors, but meh. :/ If they all bother you that much I'll run it through a grammar check machine.

Also, yes, I have absolutely no idea about ancient Greek. Unfortunately, all my 10 years of education haven't bothered to educate me on that subject

EDIT: Thanks for reading my thing and criticizing it. Much appreciated.
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I know I was being obnoxious; I just wanted to help by pointing out a few things, and I, naturally, am irritated by common mistakes (and respond to them by provoking the people who cause them).

So, I'm sorry for having been as irksome as I was (the means by which I corrected your sign up's flaws), but I won't apologize for having corrected the errors.

Edit: Oh; you were being sincere. You're welcome, then (sometimes I worry I might come across as being incorrigibly annoying).
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...I'm also working on this in the unlikely event that this thread is revived...


Name: Joshua Krokodeilos

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Country of Origin: The United Kingdom

Notable Skills:

- He's alright at running.
- To call him excellent at swimming would be an understatement.
- He knows a bit of Royal Marine martial arts and training.
- He has a lot of medical knowledge.





Name: Sobek

Aliases: ΣΟΥΧΟΣ, Suchos, God of the Nile River, God of Crocodiles, God of Egypt's Military

Origin: ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟΥ/Aigyptou/Aegypti/Egyptian

Gender: Male
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