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Welcome to Catalyst.

Webster's Dictionary defines the word Catalyst as an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.
They also define clan as a group united by a common interest or common characteristics.
Clan Catalyst is united by our strong urge to inspire change.
For too long things have been the same, and we have been oppressed.
Magma and Aqua have come and gone, but there's a much larger force out there.
The time has come for us to rise up out of the dust and take back what is rightfully ours.

Please fill in this form if you wish to join this clan. Just post your registration in this thread.

FC: (Specify 5th gen, or 4th gen)
Time Zone: MANDATORY! Your application will be rejected without one.
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): /10
Why do you want to join this clan? :
Would you make any improvements? :
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? :

After your application is accepted, you will be expected to choose a group.
Each different group will require you to form a mono-type team with a 3:3 ratio of the respective Elite member's type. Please note that the Steven group is for Owners only.


Steven Group

-Shiny Magmortar


Wallace Group


Drake Group
-Gorgonopsid Master


Glacia Group


Phoebe Group


Sidney Group
-draco star 98​

Members TBD:


War Points

During your downtime between wars, you will be expected to keep your guard up. Anything could happen, even during times of peace. Each player will be expected to complete 5 (five) intraclan battles per month, though you may do more. To obtain points you must win a match. The higher your score, the more points you receive. For instance, if you won your match with a score of 6-0, you would receive 6 (six) points, and so on for each score lower than that. The player with the most points at the beginning of the next war will have the opportunity to participate.

Breeding Service

A breeding service will be available to all clan members. You will use points earned from battle to purchase anything from the shop. Any members that are willing to supply Pokemon for this service will receive payment from the recipient of Pokemon.

Clan Rules

1: All basic Serebii rules apply. That means no flaming bashing or trolling.
2: We strongly dislike sore losers as well as sore winners. If you have a problem with how someone battled or the battle itself schedule a rematch or take it up with a Leader.
3: You must have a Wi-Fi team within 2 weeks of joining this clan. Otherwise you must have a good reason why you can't have one yet. Having a team available for use on Pokemon Online is also incredibly convenient.
4: Please, no blatant hacks(ie. WonderTomb). For fifth gen, using unreleased Dream World pokemon constitutes a hack. You will be given three chances, when those are used up you will be banned from the clan.(legit hacks are acceptable)
5: You must be active. That means at least one post a week unless you give notice beforehand.
6: You may only battle each person once a day per generation/tier, for points. You must wait until the next day to have another points battle with them in the same generation/tier.














-Credit goes to EmeralGoblin for the awesome User Bars and Banners!

Clan Xat (chat):
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Oh wow I didn't think anyone would approve this after a week. My bad.

Anyway this clan is open. Just post with the form to join. If you have any questions or suggestions post or PM me.


Name: xxtaymanxx
FC: (5thGen-Black) 0260 9599 1805
Time Zone: (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time
Rate yourself as a battler : 6/10 (I'm 4-2 on wi-fi random match up and i've beaten my bro and cousin.. So not a lot of exp in battling)
Why do you want to join this clan? : I like to join small things and grow w/ them.
Would you make any improvements? : nope
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : nobody
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Nice to meet you. As of now I only play 5th gen PO and 4th gen both wifi and PO. You've been added to the OP.


Thanks, Sir! This is my first clan, so I look forward to playing with everyone.


Allez Les Bleus!
Yay a new Clan!!

Name: TheSuperZekrom a.k.a Mark
FC: HG FC: 9703-1958-3753
Time Zone: GMT+ 7
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 7/10
Why do you want to join this clan? : Have fun! :)
Would you make any improvements? : Yes I can make the Clan Userbar and something!
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : No one

And as the new clan you can make a Rank with a Pokemon (but if with Trainer is fine), a Clan Userbar, Jobs, how to rank up, Points System etc.
I have a PO too!!
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Thank you for joining Mark and I hope this clan grows soon. I think we'll use the rank up and points systems that the last incarnation of Catalyst used. I'll have that up by the end of the week. As of know I think we'll stay with the GL ranks but if more people think pokemon would be better it might change.

@tay: Do you have PO or just play wifi?
toasting in an epic bread

fine i will make a "constructive post"

i am humbled by your offer to assign me the position as co leader of your clan, and i accept your gracious invitation
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I only do wifi
I haven't heard about PO until I signed up on Serebii (a few days ago)
If you're computer can handle it it's a good program. It allows for testing of teams without the time and effort required to breed and EV.


That sounds awesome. When I get the chance, I'll check it out!
There's some stuff I want to try out, so that's good to know there is something like that out there.


This thread needs more life. SPEAK PEOPLE!

I agree! Samurai has the most posts (which is how it should be..?), and I'm in close second! Which is weird!
You should do some sort of mini-event thingy for the little amount of people that are in this clan. The first thing that comes to mind is Tic-Tac-Toe, but that doesn't make sense.
I can think of several gimmicky tourneys but we don't have enough people for a good one. Since Brandon (shiny mag) Doesn't play very often and that leaves three of us. However I do believe we will have a member returned from the original Catalyst clan. When that happens we might do something. Until then, theorymon-ing and such is welcome.
Name: jeyre80, aka Joel, aka Skippy the Great, aka Skip.t.G
FC: HeartGold: 0776-4675-1308 (OT "JOEL") Platinum: 1333-8519-5034 (OT "SKIPPY")
Time Zone: GMT -6 (aka US Central Time)
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): Over 9,000
Why do you want to join this clan? : Because I was here the first go around.
Would you make any improvements? : More Orange, Less Purple!
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : Since I was in the first time, I think I technically refered myself to myself...Or if you count the first time...It was Tom, but on a different forum.

I'll be back on Gen 5 within 3 weeks for PO.

I already have teams prepaired for OU, UU, NU, LC, VGC 2010, mono-type, and mono-color for Gen. 4. I have OU and LC ready for Gen 5 when I get out of the hospital with my g/f for PO.
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FC:5th Gen-1764-2599-7332
Time Zone: Central
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 5/10
Why do you want to join this clan? :its a new clan as i see and i want to be part of it so when it becomes well known i can proudly say i was in it in the beginning
Would you make any improvements? :no
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? :no


I Am Legend
Name: ares43
FC: 0046-3496-9555 (Platinum)
Time Zone: GMT -4 (East Coast)
Rate yourself as a battler: 5/10
Why do you want to join this clan: Because I want a place to battle; the threads aren't doing it for me.. And the clan name is sick.
Would you make any improvements: Yes, I'd make it so the ranks were determined by battle record. If there was any kind of dispute, make the battlers submit a Battle Video or take it to Shoddy and have members watch.
Did anybody refer you to this clan? Nope.
Wow three new members in less than 24 hours ._. :D

Anyway you are all welcome and have been added to the OP.

I should and will add it to the sign up sheet but, which of you have PO? As my best 4th gen OU team and my only 5th gen team are on there I can't test players in those two areas if they do not have PO.

@Ares: That is a good idea and was actually one if the rules in the original thread. I need to find it again so I can combine a few things like the shop and rules. And thanks for liking the name. It's an awesome sounding name and there is a reason behind it.

@Jeyre: Holy cow I didn't even realize there are 4 purple GLs as ranks. 5 if you count Koga but he looks blue and black to me.

@Juan: Thank you for your certainty that this clan will be strong and well known.

And to everyone who has joined so far: Thank you very much. We will soon be doing activities and programs to keep everyone battling and growing stronger.