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ravern, are u ready to be tested?

and i just battled draco, triple battle, flat rules, results=i won 6-0
and rotation battle 2-0
comments= great game, lvl ur pkmn more so ur strategy can develop more and last longer
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draco star 98

great battle

need to lvl up way more in white game when i get them to lv 50 ill pm you juan then we will battle if its cool with you

also id like to be the clans breeder or team builder which ever one is more useful to the clan though it wil take some time to get used to it

my team for sidney is tyranitar,absol,honchkrow,steelix, shuckle and cloyster just need to catch them after i beat white in 2 days

emarald goblin i have a favor to ask you just pm me if your ok with it.

quick news flash guys [i shouldent be posting this] i live in california right well today we just had for of the rarest things to hit cali 4 [count them] 4 tornadoes hit near chico wich is near the nevada border now your probably thinking im lying but im not it was on the news and every thing anyways just wanted to let you now ps: i hope the people in joplin [midwest] are ok and i wish them luck

i know this wad a useless post
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Im back
Name cheetochee game is dawn
FC: gen 5 white 2580 3180 6173
Time Zone: MANDATORY! Your application will be rejected without one. -8 pacific time
Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): 6/10
Why do you want to join this clan? : to have fun
Would you make any improvements?
Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? : "JuanLink26"
want to give it a shot? triples flat or no restrictions?
lol dont worry about it i dont get mad, ill be waiting
np..10 characters
I have PO up and running again. I just built a team, but I did it quickly, so it might not be the best in the world.

I'll be on Smogon's server shortly, if anybody wants to come and find me. I'll be there as "Skip.t.G".

draco star 98


hey guys anyone want to battle or trade i need to get rid of some shinies i can give them pokerus if you want any way post or pm me

im so happy got a naugthy nature growlithe its shiny took for ever to chain in heartgold gona give it pokerus yeeeeeeah
just battled joshua (rnigov)
and rematch on singles flat, won 1-0
result- i won 2-0
comments- good game overall
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New Member
Name:Shedinja95 but mah buds call me Sync XD
Fc: Now what was it...154... and then comes...9 and... 5326... 0004!!! Ha i know it!
Time Zone: I really dont know!!! DX WAIT i just research it on Google! >w< is eastern!!!
Rating: Mmmmmmmh......... Would it be 7? definetly cause am a good trainer but all mah friends know the type of pokemon i use so mah team (including shedinja, sadly DX) looses a lot because of their type!!!
Why do you want to join tha Clan: Basically cause i love clans and well this was the first clan i saw!!! P.S: am a pkmn collector!!! >:3 mwahahahahahaha!
Any chuanges?: Nah... 4 now P.S.S: I know i spell changes wrong but it was on purpose cause i like how it sounds XD
Did anyone told you about this clan: Yes someone actually called Juan and some numbers i think it was JuanLink27
Final P.S: Aint this a weird aplication XD?


New Member
This clan looks interesting but i'm so retarded i restarted black... I will post an application after i get my fc but my pokemon wil suck


draco star 98

welcome our leader will put you in a group that you choose but for now would you like to battle

wait! i dont know if i can post that


New Member
Wait can i maybe AR my team back They won't be any better than what you guys have infact they are only level 70 :S ?

Edit: No they don't have illeagel moves it just makes a pokemon of my choice appear...
draco what do u mean? if u cant post what? the battle requests? yeah u can if thats what u mean


New Member
Okay I am now beating myself up over restarting :/

I am really sorry guys i think i'll spend my whole night play pokemon to get to e4 and win as fast as i can... I might use my Action replay
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penguin-welcome to Catalyst, are u ready to be tested?
Shedinja-Welcome also, it was me who invited u over to the clan, lol