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Catching Shadows In The Palm Of Your Hand (Sign-Up/Info)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Every Heart, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    *rises up from the grave* So, here I am, taking a new shot at Pokemon roleplaying. Hopefully this one will turn out better than the Sevii Islands rp I made before.

    Located in the far east of the Pokemon world is a region known as the Orre region. In the past, trainers never came to this region, for one very simple reason: the environment didn't support wild Pokemon. But thanks to Pyrite Town's Mayor, the region has grown, now there are spots where wild Pokemon can come. Now trainers are flocking all over the world to come and see. Unlike the other regions, the Orre region carries Pokemon from all four of the leading regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, making it become relatively popular as of late.

    But alas, Orre is still struggling to shake off its dark past from 7 years ago, when the criminal organizations known as Cipher and Team Snagem dominated the land, terrorizing the nation and stealing trainer's Pokemon with a device called "The Snagger", a metal arm that you attach to your own that gives you the ability to take a trainer's Pokemon. They took the stolen Pokemon and turned them into Shadow Pokemon, pokemon whose hearts had been locked up so that they were avoid of all emotions except for rage and hate, they were unstoppable and known to attack trainers...maybe even kill.

    7 years ago, a mysterious trainer named Seth, a former member of Team Snagem, and Avi, a girl who could see the auras of shadow Pokemon, were able to defeat the leader of Cipher , the mayor of Phenac town known as Evice. But then 2 years ago, a boy named Dave had finally brought down the true leader of Cipher, a terrible man known as Greevil and project XD001, AKA Shadow Lugia. It seems that Orre has finally found peace.

    Or so it seems...

    *At the shipwrecked remains of the S.S. Libra*

    "I can't believe this old thing is still in one peice.", a construction worker remarked as he overlooked the ship laying on it's side.

    "Never mind that, we need to move this thing out of here and back to the docks of Gateon Port. Maybe we'll be able to use it again.", said his partner as he pulled out a fairly large shovel. The first worker started towards the crane and bulldozers they had.

    "Remember what brought it out here in the first place?", he asked.

    "Now is not the time for reminicing Frank."

    "Whatever you say Jones."

    Before they could move any closer to the ship though, the desert sands suddenly started to kick up. The two men put their hands over their mouths as their vision was obscured by the swirling sands. A horrible screech filled the air.

    "What the...what the hell was that?!"

    A looming shadow stood over them as it screeched again, the skies turning dark. The two men screamed as the last things they saw were two bright red eyes.

    *About 40 miles away at Outskirt Stand*

    "The locations of the two men are still unknown. Police are asking anyone with information to please contact them in Pyrite Town. I'm Katie, and this is the News Where It's At!"

    The bartender sighed as he flipped the tv off, wiping his forehead. "Not this again. Been working here for 15 years and this place just never settles down. People disappering left and right.", he mumbled to himself as he washed the glass in his hands with a wash rag.

    He puts the glass down on the shelf behind him before suddenly turning back around to face you. "I'm sorry, didn't see ya there. My eyes aren't as good as them used to be. Didn't cha say that you were heading out to the Pokemon Lab nearby? It's about down thata way from here. Avoid crossing the desert with that contraption of yours.", he pauses as he jabs a thumb at your scooter-bike. He then leans in and whispers, "But you might want to be careful on your way out. Trainers love hanging around here and might be challenging ya to a battle, so you might want ta be prepared."

    -And that is basically where you pick up from-

    If there are going to be any rules, all I ask is this:
    1. Obey the Serebii rules of course.
    2. Keep romance and swearing PG13
    3. You can have any Pokemon you want, as long as they are NOT LEGENDARIES.
    4. Spelling and grammar are your friends. I just want to be able to read your posts.
    5. You can't steal other players Pokemon. Just from made-up villians with shadow Pokemon and such.
    6. You start out with up to 4 Pokemon of your own choice at level 25. That sounds about fair. Of course, if it's a Pokemon that evolves past that level that you want, then you'll just have to have it's pre-evolved form.
    7. Have fun! <--Most important of all. ^_^

    Places of Importance
    Outskirt Stand: A bar/shop in the shape of a train on the edge of the deserts of Orre. Trainers come here for the latest rumors or gossip, as well as just a place to relax, battle, or make friends. Recently, they have started building on more sections onto the place: it seems that they are thinking of turning the stand into an inn.

    Pokemon HQ Lab: The lab of the Orre region, led by Professor Kane. This lab studies Shadow Pokemon and ways to purify them. The Purifying Chamber hasn't been used for a long time, so it's currently on the fritz. Beginner trainers can come here and learn the basics as well.

    Kaminko Ruins: Where Professor Kaminko and his trusty assistant Chobin once lived. After an explosion from one of Professor Kaminko's expieriments, the house fell into disarray and all that is left seems to be just the remains of his house. Rumor has it that the basement is still intact.

    Gateon Port: The only way to get to Orre from other regions. Has a good mechanics shop and a famous resturant/bar called the Krabby Klub. This is also the only place to gain access to Citadark Isle.

    Agate Village: A quiet village where former trainers live. This is also where the Elder and his Pikachu are. The mart here sells Colognes for boosting a Pokemon's friendship. Home to the Move Tutor who can help your Pokemon learn or forget moves and the Day Care center. Famous for the Relic Stone, a mystical stone that purifys Shadow Pokemon.

    Mt. Battle: Many trainers come from afar to conquer this place. 10 rounds, 100 battles. Can you do it?

    Pyrite Town/The Under: Formerly known as a town for attracting thugs and criminals, it's lately become better. Lots of trainers are available to battle, and there is a fortune telling house, the police station, Duel Square, and the Pyrite Colosseum, where many trainers go to win the Pyrite Cup. It is also home of the ONBS station, the news network run by teenagers who used to be the Kids Grid in the Under. They recently reopened the Under, the city that lies underneath Pyrite and is home to The Under Colosseum.

    Oasis/RockGround/Cave Spots: The only places to catch Pokemon that aren't shadow Pokemon.

    Phenac City: Known as the City of Water. Has a trainer school with their own special gym leader named Justy. The Phenac Colosseum is now home to Pokemon Contests.

    Realgam Tower: Place where you can play Battle Bingo or Battle Disk. See what it would be like to battle with the power of a god.

    Deserted Cruiser Libra: Two years ago, Shadow Lugia had attacked this very boat and lifted it from the ocean to strand it in the desert, where it now sits this very day. It's more rusted down than it used to be. Conviently, this is also where the two people went missing and is relatively close to the other disapperences. You can't go there now since your scooter can't ride though deserts at the moment. Currently Unaccessable

    Abandoned Snagem Hideout: Where the legendary Team Snagem once resided, led by their leader Gonzap. It's empty now...or so it seems. You have to cross the desert to get there. Currently Unaccessable

    Cipher Key Lair: The former holding for Cipher. It too is also empty, but rumor has it that the lights are on at night and people can be seen entering the building, but never leaving. It is also where they stored their Shadow Pokemon. Currently Unaccessable

    Citadark Isle: The former main headquarters of Cipher. Access is prohibited and it's strictly against regulations to allow people there. The sky is always dark here. It is a horrid place. Currently Unaccessable

    Orre Colosseum: Only where the strongest trainers of level 100 Pokemon reside. This is where you prove that you really are a Pokemon Champion. Currently Unaccessable.

    Personality: (Try not to make emo characters. That's all I have to say)
    Bio/Background: (A breif idea of who you are. What's your family life like? Pokemon life? Things like that...)
    Pokemon: (List your three here. You can give nicknames, you don't have to list their attacks, and they can't be Shadow Pokemon. You can exchange Pokemon from your PC, but for now we'll assume that the three-four you have with you right now are the only Pokemon you have)
    Other: (Do you have a theme song? Things like that can go here)

    *Example/My Template*
    Name: Blair Markov
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: Has long black and white hair with bangs that fall into her light grey eyes. Wears a tanish-brown shirt with long white pants and brown tennis shoes. Wears grey-ish black gloves with a silver band around the wrists. Carries a small black backpack for travelling.
    Personality: She's kinda quiet and shy around most people, but she seems to be more open when it comes to Pokemon, or more specifically, her Pokemon. Is calm in the face of danger and is known for having a mischevoius side to her as well. It's kinda hard to read her emotions from her face, but the small signs will help. In battle, she is quite vicious and cunning. Definately a formidable opponent
    Bio: Born in Orre's very own Pyrite Town, Blair lived a slightly sheltered life deep in The Under when she was a kid, back when Cipher dominated the land. When she was older, she left to travel to the other regions, feeling rather adament about coming back home. But soon enough, she didn't even have a home to go back to, since they had closed off the Under. Now that it's open again, the buildings and houses still standing where they were before, now she's a bit too nervous about seeing it again. Sentret was her first Pokemon that she had ever since she was a kid. It evolved into Furret before coming back to the Orre region.
    Pokemon: Furret(Bandele), Kirlia(Amani), Dratini(Ryu), and Growlithe(Daemyn)
    Other: If she was going to have a theme song, it would probably be T.M.Revolution Madan ~Der Freischutz~
  2. ME2

    ME2 Iz dat wut I tink?

    Me like! May I reserve a position?
  3. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Yes you may. I will take reservations.
  4. Anzua2

    Anzua2 Well-Known Member


    Name: Alan
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Lanky. About 6' 1". Short, blonde, frizzy hair. Blue eyes. Caucasian. Wears a long-sleeved, blue & white striped shirt; blue jeans; an open, green vest; and brown sneakers.
    Personality: Inherently skilled in intelligence and agillity...but not Pokemon. Oddly enough, he prefers to speak in spurts and snippits. He is clumsy to the point that it is suspicious. Alan can, however, speak in detail and move swiftly on rare occasions. He is also an insomniac. Even after he sleeps, he is constantly tired. While he has no skill in training, he finds it easy to befriend even the most vicious canine Pokemon.
    Bio/Background: Alan was born in the port town of Vermilion City. He found life at the coast too simple, and decided to find a new home. He finds happiness in helping people change their perspective. Needless to say, he had an easy time finding people to teach in Orre.
    Pokemon: Growlithe: In the PC, Houndour AKA Bones, Poochyena AKA Grey, Shinx.
    Residence: Alan currently sleeps at a room he rents at the Phenac Gym. He works as a trainer under Justy. His job includes battling challengers and doing various chores at the Gym and Stadium.
    Other: Alan's Favorite Song: Zetsubou Billy. Alan has been travelling for two years. He has been in Orre for ten weeks. He can sometimes be rude and obnoxious for short periods of time. He currently has an Mp3 player in his pocket.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2007
  5. Emergency BuTcH

    Emergency BuTcH Team Rocketron! D8<

    May I make a reservation also?
  6. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Yes, I will also reserve a spot for you as well BuTcH
  7. Anzua2

    Anzua2 Well-Known Member


    What about me?
  8. ME2

    ME2 Iz dat wut I tink?

    What about you!? Muah, only joking.

    I'll have it atleast by tommorrow. :D
    BTW Nice name for the RP. ;)
  9. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!


    Don't worry Anzua2, your accepted
  10. Broken_Hearted

    Broken_Hearted ~ Peaceful Bliss ~

    Um... May I reserve a spot for my sign-up? Oh...And I have a question about the moves out pokemon can know....I was wondering, are egg moves aloud? Thanks.
  11. Krug

    Krug .

    Name:Luke Wilson

    Appearance:Luke is 5'9" with messy brown hair and green eyes. He also wears a green army jacket with a black shirt underneath. He wears jeans and greenish brown torn up sneakers.

    Personality:Luke is cunning and intelligent, and thinks he's a powerful trainer. However he does have respect for those more powerful than him. Despite is intelligence he is not very strong and is accually very skiny. To make up for his lack of strength he is very fast, and always seems to be bursting with energy. Also luke is very stubborn about things not letting go of his opinion until completely proved false.

    Bio/Background: Luke was born in cianwood city in Johto. It was here he meet his first pokemon, aipom, who fell out of the crabapple tree in his backyard. Luke was constantly picked on because most kids in cianwood were strong and had powerful fighting types. Lukes was weak and had a aipom which was weak to fighting types. This, however did not make him give up hope. He soon became stronger and caught two more pokemon,both strong against fighting types. however before he could beat the other kids his family moved to orre and once there he caught a third pokemon in a cave and got even stronger, even evolving Gligar! It was then that he decided to set off on a journey to explore orre.

    Pokemon:Aipom,Gliscor,Drowzee and Aron

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2007
  12. Mini Minun

    Mini Minun Twin Bolts of Light

    I'd like to call a reserve, can't do it now b/c the exam (tomorrow! arrghhh!!!).
  13. Raining_Cherrys

    Raining_Cherrys ~*~OriginShipper~*~


    Name: Rain
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Appearence: Light Blonde hair and deep Sapphire eyes that both human and pokemon can easily get lost in. She supports a lolita look: Her hair is curled and put up in ribbons, her clothes consist of white lace and black silk. She carries around a similiar parasol to help shade her delicate skin, and a purse that has all her items in pokeball-designed capsules, each with a different star for different item groups.

    Personality: Rain is very soft spoken and gentle, but not shy. Shes known for her low self-confidence in battling.

    Bio/Background: Rain's from a long line of 'Astrocats' and was born in the Fiore region. Her Espeon has been with her forever and is always out of its pokeball. Her reason for coming to the Orre region is unknown right now.

    Pokemon: Espeon, Chikorita, Swablu, and her newest addition: Horsea!
    Other: ...
  14. MaplePhanpy

    MaplePhanpy Anywayz...

    Name: Yotam Gazit
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Appearence: Have long brown hair that covers his right eye (but he can see throgh the hair). Not high and not short, but very thin, almost no mussles in his hands, but have some in his legs (When i say mussles, i mean big mussles, every one have mussles o_O).
    Usuly wears a T-shirt with a gret ball picture on it, a long pair of pants (not jeans) and sandels. In hot days, he wears a bandana and swichs to short pants. In cold days, he wears a furr hat and scarf and swichs to a sweatshirt and shoes.

    Personality: Ecept for very close friend and importent poeple, he never shows his real personality. He usuly acts emo next to super happy peoples and super happy next to emo peoples. His real personality is a shy and random jokester. Like making and telling jokes (but he is not good at making them XD).

    Bio/Background: Yotam comes from a family of rangers. and they taught him how to be in th wild and with wild pokemon. But he never liked the idea of rangers, that only control the pokemon for a short time and then relese it, so he decidead to be a trainer. His first Pokemon, Witchy, he caught alone without any help of other Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Witchy (female Mismagius), Rapid (male Eevee), Sakura (female Cherrim) and Toad (male Croagunk)

    Other: Yotam is jewish (and i will like if you will make someing in the RPG about it (like someone forcing him to eat pig meat)). Also when Yotam drink coffee he get extramly hyper (but he still likes drinking coffee XD).
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2007
  15. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Sorry, I was gone for a little while. Anyway, don't worry, those who want reserves can have them.

    And yes, egg moves are allowed.

    The roleplay will start in a few days because I have to go on a short trip.
  16. Broken_Hearted

    Broken_Hearted ~ Peaceful Bliss ~

    Hello!!! I finished my sign-up...And I think I did well on it. I read every thing I could to help....Please tell me how I did.

    Name: Shepard Wilson (also will go by Shep)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Shepard isn’t a very daunting figure, only around 5’6 at the most. He’s not very muscular, and most of his body composition is, as his dad would put it “fluff.” He does have a slight tan, and often takes brakes outside. He has light red hair, and if looked in the right light, it can and has been mistaken for pink. (Much to his disdain.) He doesn’t like it getting cut, so it is kinda long, at least reaching past his shoulders. It is kinda straight, except near the end. Once it reaches past his ears, it curves out, resembling wings. He has a unusual eye color, they’re a deep brown color, with little flecks of green here and there. The most noticeable spot is on his right eye, near the center there is a big circular green spot, like the Red Spot on Jupiter. For clothing Shepard is content to wear long-sleeved shirts, and doesn’t seem to mind them. The torso of the shirt is a deep burgundy, while the sleeves are a bright yellow, with yellow stitching here and there. He also wears khaki pants, and rarely will be seen wearing anything else. He also dislikes shoes, preferring to wear leather sandals instead. He also has an attraction to shiny objects, and he has a silver necklace, that has a silver heart charm. It is known that he has a picture of someone very close to him in it, but he never shows it to anyone.

    Personality: Shepard is, for the most part, happy…Very happy. Most of the time he’s seen smiling, or has this big grin on his face. He tries constantly to remain happy, even if he doesn’t originally feel that way. He subscribes to the thought “If I tell myself that I’m happy…I will be happy.” He also likes making friends with people, but he doesn’t pay attention very often. Like when he sees you, he’ll run up and instantly start talking about whatever that he finds interesting, and he tends to forget that you are there, and that you have said something. The word “personal boundaries” has no meaning to him, and he is comfortable in running up to people and just randomly giving them a hug. He is kinda clingy, and he has the intense need to be hugged, or told that he’s an okay person. His life has been pretty random, and he can never stay on one topic, always saying one thing one moment, then doing something the next. He tends to call friends ‘Hun’ instead of by their names.

    He isn’t a confident battler, and has forgotten his pokemon’s moves from time to time. Most of the time, when given the option to battle, he’ll decline. He never really wanted to become a Trainer, he only did it to make his parents happy. He thought that with his other brothers all successful trainers, he wouldn’t have to be one. But, try telling that to your pokemon obsessed father. In battles he relies heavily on Tyrogue’s counter and Bonsly’s mimic and copycat. He could be a good trainer, with a lot of help and coaching…

    Bio: Shepard was born in to a large family, having 5 older brothers. Their dad was a top pokemon trainer, he had won many battles, often near the top in battles. But that was in the past, now, he had a new passion: Seeing his legacy of victories pass on through his sons. He was the one who gave them their first pokemon, he who taught them every thing he knew. Since he was a fighting-type fan, most of their first pokemon where of the fighting type. It was him who gave Shepard Tyrogue, and tried to teach him how to battle. And while the other family members where happy with battling, Shepard wasn’t. He just didn’t see the point of it. Despite knowing this, his father still had him leave the house to travel, claiming that it would do him a world of good, and that it would teach him to be a man. For the first few months, all he did was stay in the Kanto region, until he decided that if his parents weren’t going to take him back, then he would go find his own place in the world.

    Pokemon: Shepard doesn’t like to give his pokemon nicknames…is that okay?

    Gender: Male
    Bio: Tyrogue was given to Shepard by his father, and is his first pokemon. They are very good friends, and Tyrogue will stick up for him, even if Shepard won’t. Out of all Shepard’s pokemon, Tyrogue is the one that listens to him the most, even though he is annoying. Tyrogue is also his main pokemon, and Shepard often turns to him when trying to deal with Elekid.

    Gender: Male
    Bio: Shepard only caught Bonsly on pure need…he was lost in the woods. And by lost, he had been wandering around for two weeks and had run out of food three days ago. So, in desperation, he needed a guide. Luckily for him, Bonsly appeared…but wasn’t up to helping him. So, after battling and capturing the little fellow, he demanded to be led out of the forest. Bonsly was unwilling to help him, but eventually he warmed up to Shepard. And, as we can see, Shepard is no longer stuck in the woods. (Shepard was surprised to find out he was a rock type-he thought he was a grass type.) Him and Shepard get along just fine now, and tries his hardest to help whenever he can.

    Gender: Male
    Bio: Elekid doesn’t even like Shepard, and the feeling is mutual. Shepard doesn’t even like electric types, he only caught this one to try to impress someone who did. (Which ended up in failure.) Elekid is very unfriendly to his other pokemon, and doesn’t get along well with anyone. In battles he does his own thing, disobeying when Shepard tells him to do something. Elekid isn’t let out very often, and down right hates Shepard.

    Other: Shepard’s favorite song also happens to be perverted, and he rarely admits that he likes it. His favorite song is ‘I Touch Myself’ by the Divinyls. He also asks people who know what his favorite song is to not judge him by it….
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    This will be my first time participating in a Pokemon rpg…so if I did something wrong with my sign up, please tell me.^_^ Thanks!!
  17. ME2

    ME2 Iz dat wut I tink?

    Arg, blast it all, I haven't been on for quite some time. (Due to friends and many other distracting things!) I WILL make one up tommorrow. (It is 10:45 afterall) I'll save on favorite this time. ;)
  18. EifiBurakki

    EifiBurakki The Sacred

    i would like a reserve:

    Name: Flare
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearence: (PBR clothes) Rider Hat C, Wild Shades, Flame Jacket, Flame Pants, Black Shoes, Fingerless gloves
    Personality: Mostly outgoing, Sometimes Loud, jokes aroundalot but knows when to be serious, loyal to his friends, and loves to battle.

    Bio/Background: Takun moved out early for his pokemon journey and lives in a small hut outside of phenac. He lets his pokemon roam freely on his property unless he has to leave. He then returns them all to his pokeballs and walk away.

    Pokemon: Riolu(Uloir), Growlithe, and Kirlia
  19. Broken_Hearted

    Broken_Hearted ~ Peaceful Bliss ~

    Every Heart-sama...I have a question...What are you going to evolve your Kirlia into?...Be cause I really would like to have a Gallade, and planed on getting one...But if you want one I was going to change to something else....
  20. EspeonFan

    EspeonFan Well-Known Member

    Could I possibly sign up? Here is a SU.

    Name: Hina Kekala
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Appearence: Her hair is short, and black. She wears a fluffy, fake-fur, white hoodie. Her pants are long, black jeans, with zippers to make them into shorts, but she rarely does this. Her eyes are big and blue, making her look extremly cute and innocent, her skin is creamy. She wears a necklace with a yellow pendant on it. She also has a black ribbon in the back of her head. Heres something like her http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s258/Chihoko-Chan/animeAngel.jpg
    Personality: People think she's gothic because her favorite color is black, but she's about as least gothic as possible. She very shy, and often tries to avoid social areas. She often times give people she's close to cute nicknames, which is sorta a hobby for her. She is also a bit of a neat freak, taking baths as often as possible tring to get of those "Demon germs". She currently works under Professor Krane.
    Bio/Background: She never knew her father, this is because he set of on a journey shortly after her birth. She lived with her mother in Littleroot town. She attended the local Pokemon school to learn more about pokemon, making her an expert. On her tenth birthday her mother gave her a graduation present, her first pokemon.This pokemon was a Vulpix.
    Pokemon:Female Ninetales ( Her vulpix all grown up) Nickname: Kyubbi
    Personality: Kyubbi is quite close to Hina. She loves just about everything about her, and she just loves her name! She basiclly loves everything!
    Attacks: Flamethrower
    Flare Blitz
    Energy Ball
    Male Seel nickname: Porpoise
    Personality: Porpoise is very perky, he usally always is Happy-go-lucky. He also has a crush on Kyubbi.
    Attacks: Aurora Beam
    Icy Shard
    Aqua Ring
    Female Sentret nickname: Squi
    Personality: Squi has a bit of a split pesonality. Sometimes she relaxed and calm, and at other times shes extremly jumpy.
    Attacks: Scratch
    Sucker Punch
    Other: Theme: Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru http://kendra.wordpress.com/2006/03/30/kingdom-hearts-2-english-intro-and-sanctuary/ < music vid.
    She has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.
    I'm gonna update. Is that ok? EDIT: Aparantley the other site closed, but I found the Music Vid on this site.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2007
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