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Catching Shadows In The Palm Of Your Hand

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Every Heart, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    *cough* About freaking time, eh?

    Yes, I am now starting the rp. Those at the sign up know the rules, so I hope not to repeat myself here.

    --Rp Start--

    Blair sat back in the booth that she had chosen to sit at the Outskirt Stand. Well in the back where she wouldn't be disturbed too much. Closing her eyes, she remembered what brought her back to the Orre Region. Helping out Professor Krane. Sigh...he can wait...

    She then caught the sounds of a news report playing on the tv. Sitting up, she watched the end of it, about the missing people. Then again, maybe this is something that can't be waited on., she thought to herself as she stood and stretched, preparing to walk out the door.
  2. EspeonFan

    EspeonFan Well-Known Member

    Hina got off her electronic scooter. "Is this the place?" She asked Kyuubi. "Nine, nini tales," She responded. She saw a woman coming out of the outskirt stand. She walked up to her.
    "Umm, excuse me? A-are you Blair? Pr-proffesor Krane asked me to pick you up from here," She told the girl. She tried to manage a smile.
  3. Anzua2

    Anzua2 Well-Known Member

    Alan was sitting by a window, watching the scene unfold with his friend, Bones.
    It was his day off and he had little better to do. There had been an odd feeling exuding from that girl who had been sitting in the back . An aura of sorts, perhaps? It seemed to reek of a disregard for safety, whether it was true or not. It was as if she was destined for mishaps and things of that sort. Alan could barely keep himself from taking action. Chills ran down his spine as she passed him. This feeling of wonder and tragedy to come was almost unbearable, and it could only mean one thing. This girl was soon to be intertwined with a wounderous adventure. The kind of marevelous adventure that Alan had been seeking in Orre. He decided to, for now, watch her at a distance.

    What was this? Professor Krane? The most famous scientist in Orre?
    "Knew it.", Alan chuckled to himself. No common person would have bussiness with the professor.

    Bones, however, was preoccupied with another matter. He had turned his attention away from his porkchop when he heard a wounderous noise. He turned to the window and saw the love of his life. A glamourous Ninetails, beautiful beyond his wildest dreams. It was true "puppy love", if you will.
  4. MaplePhanpy

    MaplePhanpy Anywayz...

    "Ugh... why does the closeset place in Orre to Fiore, MUST BE A DESERT!" cryed Yotam, trying not to fall on the hot desert sand from triedness (yes, I know its not a word -.-). "Che! Che!", mumbled Sakura, and closed herself in her flower.

    "Mis! Misi!" sudently said Witchy, Floting above Yotam's head, and pointed west. "Fine, fine Witchy, I'll look th... Oh my!", yelled Yotam "A city! meby we can get a meal there, or some information about Pr. Krane!", and without waiting, he started runiing west.

    Inside the ciry, Yotam got a not so very nice welcoming. "Pft, thats pathatic", said some person, standing next to the city's gate "What kind of lame trainer lets his pokemon out, not in battle?!" and point at Sakura that sat on Yotam's shoulder, and on Witchy floting above Yotam head. "I can beat these PILES OF DIRT any time!" said the mean person. and took out a Pokeball and a Duskball. 'Krane will have to wait...' thinked Yotam.

    "Bring it on!..."
  5. Krug

    Krug .

    Luke rode swiftly on his hover scooter, as the landscape of the desert flashed by him. If there was one thing he loved to do more than battle it was roaming aimlessly.

    He chuckled to himself "I would have gotten a ticket if I was still in Johto".

    He looked back in the direction of where he was, an old cave filled with Arons and Zubats. While he was there he had managed to get an aron for himself. Luke then re-focused on driving. He cruised on ahead

    "I would have gotten a johto starter if I didn't have to go to the freakin outskirt stand." He though to himself

    He couldn't wait to get a Johto starter when he first arived in orre, being from cianwood he never met Professor Elm and got a Totodile, so when he heard he could get one at the Mount Battle, Luke was elated. Then right when he thought his team was tough enough, he had to do something for some dude named Prof. Krane. He heard he was as smart as Elm. He would so if that was true for himself however.

    Suddenly there was a loud conk and then a couple of sputs and the scooter stopped moving, the engine had died.

    "Aw,crap" Luke said angrily "Go, Drowzee" He said.

    Luke asked drowzee if he could fix the engine, as he seemed to be the smartest pokemon Luke had met. Drowzee then shrugged after looking at it, and Luke sighed, and sent out Gliscor, who Luke asked if he could scout a Town nearby. Minutes later gliscor came back and pointed southeast. After runnung a 1 yard he saw the, the place he was going, the Outskirt Stand, he had two reasons to run there one, it was the place he was to go to find out about this Krane guy, and two where he could possibly get help. He ran over gliscor gliding over his head.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2007
  6. spridesi

    spridesi Banned

    Terrance took another sip of his Mocha-cino, with a small ~*Urp*~. He glanced up at the Television and saw exactly what he feared was happening. He left a 20 on the bar and left to his HovraScoot2000. He turned the key, but the ignition would shift. He got off and turned it over. Of course, today of all days, this happens. Of course, it was no coincidence. Someone or Something had driven a screw driver through the internal battery. He took it out, and got one hell of a shock. After a curse word or two, he sent out his Miltank and ordered an abrupt heal bell on him. Obviously, the machine was beyond repair. He recalled his Miltank, and in place sent out his Aerodactyl (Who couldn't help a cry, at looking at his trainer's poofy static hair), and Doduo, who's pokeball shared a space next to the pokeball marked with a large, fancy, Yellow 'E' that contained Terrance's prized and quitely favorite pokemon, nicknamed Eleptho. He sat on Doduo and smacked his broadside. "Hup, Hup." and Doduo started to jog, into a slow run, into the fastest sprint anyone could imagine, coming from a generally fast breed, but raised by a vigorously training master. He commanded Aerodactyl to be the lookout from the sky. After just several minutes of silent-speech, Aerodactyl swooped down and implied to go in a 1:00 direction to city. but theres trouble in the same. Terrence saw a black light, a yellow waving flash, his last thought being, "Hypnosis! Damn!!!!" and he fell off of his Doduo going at least 70 mph, at landed on his arm with a thud. After regaining consciencenous, he stood up, aching, in confusion, utter confusion. Thank goodness there was desert sand to break a fall. He said to himself "Where's Doduo?" He writhed his spine in a straight formation. Immediately, four men surrounded him. Cowker men. Cowboy-Biker, that is. He challenged them to a battle without thinking, instinctively. He sent out Miltank and called his Aerodactyl with a certain Pidgeot-shaped whistle. Where was Aerodactyl? As the Cowkers sent out their four pokemon with a "Your on, kid!" Pupitar, Houndoom, Weavile, and... Igglybuff(?) he knew it was time to break out the secret weapon. He ripped the 'E' Ball off of his belt, and threw it down hard. "Mamoswine, I Choose You!"
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2007
  7. Cipher Admin Lovrina

    Cipher Admin Lovrina ...I forgot. O.O;

    Evanescence was sitting, cluelessly while she was listening to music. Then, the TV caught her attention. She made a face at the TV. Then Evan got up from her seat, took a deep breath, and went outside and got on her hooverbike...thingy. Following alongside with her was her Ninetales. Evanescence petted her Ninetales. "Ni-ni!!" she replied. Then, Ninetales curled up in a ball and took a little nap.
    "NOW of all times?!" Evanescence whined.
  8. Mini Minun

    Mini Minun Twin Bolts of Light

    *smacks face in idocy*
    COmpletely forgot this. sorry.

    Matt downed the last of his drink, then got up and left. He was reasonably confident that his Pokemon were enough to take down most Pokemon here. having nothing but desert, Most people here had Ground or Rock type Pokemon, with the occasional Steel types.
    He was just thinking about that when he smacked right into a shoulder by mistake. "Sorry," he called, but the damage was done.
    The thug-like trainer shoved him, evidently thinking he would be easy bait. Matt did not like this. He shoved him back. The thug was surprised, but started to punch when Matt caught hold of the man's arm, twisted round, and smashed the thug's face into the desert sand in one smooth move. The man got up, spluttering, and tossed out a Machop and a Graveler. DOuble Battle.
    Matt smiled, then tossed out his own Pokemon. He knew which of his Pokemon would down the duo. White the Espeon and Weed the Oddish came out of their Poke balls. In the ensuing battle, Matt's Espeon put the Machop out with a Hypnosis, then floored it in a brutal Psybeam. The Graveler took a little longer. It had learned ROck TOmb and used it now on the Oddish, then followed it with a Magnitude, stopping Oddish to act. However, Espeon used a PsyWave and confused it, and while the Graveler was busy with a nonexistent enemy, The Oddish somehow managed to shake itself free and use a Solar Beam, which KO'd the Graveler. He returned the Pokemon to their respective Poke balls and walked to his scooter. The Thug bared his teeth, but did not get up.

    XP KNOCKED UP! I believe I can FLY!

    Alex finished his glass of water and went outside, it was quite peacful and hot but Alex didn't care. He started to walk around the side when a small breeze picked up sand and blew it in his eyes, "I hate sand! Go Poliwhirl!" Alex flicked one of his Pokeballs and out came a Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl likes to splash water on Alex every timehe gets sent out so he launched a water gun, from his belly, directly in Alex's face. "Thanks Poliwhirl. How about cooling me off a bit." Poliwhirl starting doing some somersaults while blasting a cool stream of water around Alex, he will eventually dry off especially in this heat. He decided to go walking for a while instead of riding his scooter, he enjoyed walking, anyways he needed to dry off. "Man!
    The sand is picking up some more. Better wait until it calms down to ride." Alex started a slow jog stopping to wipe the sand out of his eyes constantly. He grabbed some bottled water, fresh from poliwhirl's water gun, and started gulping it down. All of a sudden Alex feels something trembling underneath... Bam a Trapinch ran straight in to Alex's stomach, "Ouch! Stupid Trapinch! All right, Go Buneary!" Alex tossed his pokeball in midair letting out a Buneary.

    "Buneary!" Buneary knew about type advantages like Alex and knew what Alex was about to say so she sent an Ice Beam directly towards the Trapinch. "Bunearyyyyyyyy!" A huge dust cloud was caused by the explosion from Buneary's Ice Beam. "Buneary?" All of a sudden the sand sand stopped blowing and Alex and Buneary heard a strange noise... It was a buzzing sound... VIBRAVAS!

    "Run Buneary, what am I saying! Return Buneary!" Alex made a run for it, right after Alex started running a Flygon sprung up from the sand. The Flygon was flying in mid air now and looked as if it was about to attack, "Oh know! Hyper Beam!" Alex ran for his life hoping it wouldn't catch him, but Flygons are pretty fast when it comes to flying.
    "Stop Flygon!" It was a man that called to Flygon. The man stared at Alex with intimidating eyes, "You there! You and me will battle or I'll have my Flygon attack you!" Well there was an obvious answer to that, Alex nodded his head. "Good, come on out Vibrava. Flygon, Come!" What a strange man. "You win, I'll give you the amount of money you have, I win you give me all your money." Alex noticed this man was a gambler.

    "All right, Come on out Buneary and Poliwhirl!" Alex Threw his pokeballs sending his pokemon out. This has to be one of the easiest battles of my life, here he has two ground-dragon pokemon that are extra weak to Ice. "Poliwhirl use Ice Punch on Vibrava, Buneary Ice beam on Flygon."

    "Flygon Dragonbreath on the Buneary and Vibrava Giga drain on the Poliwhirl!" "poliwhirl went ahead and used an Ice Punch on Vibrava but Vibrava dodged it and used his Giga drain. The giga drain was still not enough to take down Poliwhirl so he quickly used another Ice Punch. Flygon was gaining power for an enourmous Dragonbreath and was going to shoot it out until Poliwhirl Got right in its face and took the hit real bad.

    "Quickly Buneary, let out the Ice Beam!" Buneary quickly let out the energy and Knocked out Flygon. The man sent out another Vibrava and it used Sandstorm to blind Alex while he fled. When the Sandstorm stopped, there was a bag with money in it. Alex picked it up and left.

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