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Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. kirkeastment

    kirkeastment Completing The Trio

    Rule of chaining number 1: Always stop advancing your chain at 40, you gain nothing more by getting your chain to 85 than you would at being on 40.

    The next time you get to 40, stop, just keep resetting the radar, and wait for the shiny patch to appear.
  2. Melloyu

    Melloyu Well-Known Member

    caught a shiny roselia with a chain of 12 !
  3. Elgnit

    Elgnit Member

    I'd been chaining Miltank for the last week, with no progress. Yesterday, I figured i'd try once more. Got my chain to 40, reset for about 15 minutes and...


    First ever shiny. I was a happy boy. :)
  4. tonyg44x

    tonyg44x Poke-Ballin'

    well gave up on adamant zangoose and went after nincada with jolly sync
    w00t forty...
    woot 1 shiny, sync failed...
    woot 2 shiny, sync failed..

    heres hoping for a jolly one....then after that fastest pokemon ever here i come
  5. Pimplup784

    Pimplup784 Back in Blue?

    Congratulations, I love shiny Ninjask... I hope you get the Jolly one you're pulling for.

    Hahahaha, awesome, I hope you're happy with your very first. What nature was it?

    Lucky, hehe, what nature was it?

    I might be back, we'll see, but my bro got Platinum, and I think I like Pokemon again.
  6. Onyx Umeki

    Onyx Umeki Mrph...how impudent.


    My swarm today is Larvitar :]

    Ill try later tonight, Updates later

    Wish me luck
  7. MaliceIdol

    MaliceIdol Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering, is it possible to get a shiny on a chain that's lower then 40? I've read some posts where people have found shinies on chain 10 etc.
  8. maxelle

    maxelle Shadow Stalker

    Yeah. I found my shiny Abra on a Chain of 2 :D.
  9. MaliceIdol

    MaliceIdol Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks for telling me!
  10. Solarlune

    Solarlune Epicsauce = Glaceon

    My best chain: 14 Roselias in Trophy Garden, then a staravia came along and broke it. I shall try again, and maybe just find an eevee in trophy garden. I can't find one ;-;. Well, I hope I can find a shiny.
  11. Erienne

    Erienne Anime high :D

    Best chain: I think 24 Budews in the route next to Hearthome City, but of course it was broken by a stupid Bibarel. I hate those so much.
  12. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Holy Balogney

    I managed to snag two shiny Starly yesterday. I seem to have the best of luck in that route 201 area.

    I've had a lot of embaressing breaks though.

    This one time, I was chaining larvitar at night alone in my room, and Azlef was still roaming, and all of a sudden when I'm at 20 something, my chain snaps before I even walk to the next patch and I hear the dramatic Sinnoh legenary music.

    Oh geez, I totally freaked out,
    I knew what it was, of course, but it was still startled me. x.x
  13. joerachi

    joerachi The Blazing Tempest

    shiny nincada with a chain of 5(modest nature T_T)
  14. I was chaining for the first time in around six months today, i got up to 29 Doduo and i got distracted by the tv and walked into a patch that i didn't see shake and i got frustrated.
  15. Solarlune

    Solarlune Epicsauce = Glaceon

    I don't think Azelf roams. Azelf is the one at lake Valor. It's (last time I heard) Mesprit which is the pink one ;481;, and Crescelia ;488; who roam.No luck still, the Roselia chain is still my longest one of 14.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  16. Onyx Umeki

    Onyx Umeki Mrph...how impudent.

    No Luck
    I QUIT
  17. MaliceIdol

    MaliceIdol Well-Known Member

    The guides for chaining are great!
    Earlier today I posted in the trade thread becauase I wanted to have a shiny meditite, but while waiting I decided to try chaining for my own. And for the first time I had success! I got my shiny meditite on chain 23, I'm very happy right now.
  18. Shephard922

    Shephard922 Were it so easy.

    My chain records are 75 Magnemite, 123 Gastrodon, and 92 Voltorb. Advice, go chain at Route 222. There aren't any good pokemon there, but the grass is HUGE so it's really good practice. I watched videos when I started chaining, and they were useful, but you really have learn for yourself. You can go to patches more than 7 steps away and stuff.
  19. Lexsonn

    Lexsonn Member

    haha route 222 was the place I practiced too! Its the best spot imo. I got electabuzz skitty and magneton there on my first day :D

    Anyways, Ive had my chain broken by Mesprit (or whichever one roams)... Kinda stinks because I usually soft reset when my chains break (whats the point if you haven't gotten any shinies yet :p)

    anyhow, today I was chaining beldum and found a shiny at the 3rd chain lol... Managed to false swipe it before remembering that it only knows take down and is the hardest stinking wild pokemon to catch that isn't a one time encounter >:O I'd bring many masterballs to chain a beldum if you want a good natured and IV one...
  20. Shephard922

    Shephard922 Were it so easy.

    I was once chaining at Route 205. I wanted a shiny Chimecho, so I was planning on chaining Chingling. I used the Radar, and went into a patch of grass. It was a normal patch, no sparkles at all, and it was a shiny chingling. At chain 0. My first chained shiny was a Pikachu at like 18 at the Trophy Garden. I love getting shinies this fast, but it does make it kind of easy, you know?

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