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Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by shadow3944, May 7, 2007.

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  1. shadow3944

    shadow3944 The Legend Himself

    EDIT: Now that we all know what to do because of Shuko's and Merbear's guides, discuss progress and how far your chains are, what shinies you caught and whatever. XD But before that, here are some important side notes:

    Side notes:
    1. The animation for the pokeradar grass patches appear above the fog. (Very useful for people chaining Bagon)
    2. For Chaining in the sandstorm, be in a very dark place, have your DS (Preferably a DS Lite) on highest light setting, and have it be around 11 Am. It should be very bright and easier to see the grass patches. You can also tilt the screen a little to semi-invert the colors and see better.
    3. Every chain breaks for some reason. (Yes, they all do. It's in the coding.)
    4. Magnet Pull attracts Steel type pokemon.
    5. Static attracts Electric type pokemon.
    6. Synchronize attracts pokemon with the same nature as the pokemon with Synchronize.
    7. Lost my train of thought.... Will update more soon.

    Shuko's Guide:

    And Merbear's guide as well.

    Last edited: Sep 28, 2007
  2. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    I remember hearing about the number of pokemon in a row, but last time I checked, people weren't believing it. I don't know about the second line, never heard about it. I think though that finding a shiney with the radar is the same chance as a normal shiny.
  3. The patch of grass has to start glowing and shiny, at least that's what I heard.
  4. Tankatic

    Tankatic Well-Known Member

    Question how do u use the pokeradar I can't seem to get it to work.
  5. willypiggy

    willypiggy Well-Known Member

    If there is a shiny pokemon then the grass will shake and shine, it doubles the chance of finding a shiny and to use it just stand in some grass and use it. it lasts for 50 steps
  6. Shuko

    Shuko Pippi! Pi!

    Edit (8/28/07):
    Don't want to read the text? Watch the amazingly boring video!

    There is a lot of dispute going around as to whether or not this method works. I believe it does, because most people who get a high enough chain and catch a shiny are able to keep the chain going, and catch more shinies within only a few minutes of each other. For that reason, I think it deserves its own topic.

    First off, I'll assume that you know what both shinies and the Pokeradar are. If not, I'd suggest not reading this, as it'll only confuse you.

    Second, I'd like to begin by letting you know a few things you'll need to begin this method. Be sure to have the following:
    1. The Pokeradar.
    2. Pokeballs (to catch the shiny with, of course)
    3. LOTS of max/super repels. You'll need to buy a lot of these, hundreds in some cases. I'd suggest fighting the Socialite and Gentleman on Rt. 212 with the Vs. Seeker and an amulet coin until you have enough for some good repels. You're gonna need them!
    4. A strong, high-level Pokemon with enough PP in high power moves to take out a bunch of Pokemon in one blow. You'll want to specialize this in some cases, depending on which Pokemon you'll be chaining.
    5. A Pokemon that can whittle your shiny's health down for catching. Obviously, this is optional, but very helpful if you're not swimming in master balls.
    6. PP Restoring items. (I prefer leppa berries, as they're easy to find).

    Now that we know what we'll need, let's get started! The first thing you'll want to do is go to Sandgem town and find out from Dawn's/Lucas's sister what Pokemon are swarming that day (if you want to chain a swarming pokemon).

    Once you know where the swarm is, go to that route, and find an ideal place to begin chaining. (If you don't want to chain a swarmer, go to where the pokemon you DO want to chain is located :p) An ideal spot is one where the grass nearly covers the screen. Once you're there, save the game.

    Now, I'm going to introduce you to a method known as "chaining." Chaining is a process by which you "chain" multiples of the same species of Pokemon one after another by using the Pokeradar. When done correctly, you can get dozens of these things in a row, and an added bonus to doing so is that it boosts your chances at finding a shiny Pokemon dramatically.

    So first, use a max repel, and then use your radar. Notice all the wiggling patches of grass? I tend to go for the ones that aren't sparkling, as they're harder to confuse with others.

    Now it's time to let you know about the "Rules of Chaining."

    Rule 1:
    Only choose a patch of grass if there are FOUR patches shaking. The reason for this is that if you don't see a fourth one, it might be hiding somewhere else, and it could be the one you were supposed to go to instead.

    **Rule 2:
    After the first patch you choose, all subsequent patches MUST shake in the same way. Choose any others, and you'll break your chain.

    *Rule 3:
    Never choose a patch of grass that forces you out of the radar's range.
    (The range is dictated by whether or not you can see at least one of the patches of grass that wiggled.)

    Rule 4:
    ONLY choose a patch of grass that's farthest from you, and is at least four patches away.

    Rule 5:
    Never choose a patch of grass that's more than seven steps away. That's the steps you have to walk, by the way, by taking the shortest route. This is not a calculated distance; it's one you can count by actually walking it. (Someone in here warned us about this, but I can't track him down. If anyone can tell me who, I'd appreciate it; I need to credit him. Anyway, it's turned out to be true for me every time I tried it. If anyone can get it to not happen this way, I'll need to know that too. :p)

    Rule 6:
    NEVER choose a patch of grass that occurs on corners or edges. The fewer empty grass spots that surround your chosen patch, the greater its chance of breaking the chain.

    Rule 7:
    Avoid patches of grass if they are right beside other moving patches. See rule 5 for the same reason. ;)

    Rule 8:
    When in doubt, reset the radar and try again.

    Rule 9:
    If you see a patch of grass that sparkles twice dramatically, and seems to have a differently colored hue, it's a shiny Pokemon. Proceed there with caution! What the grass will look like (video courtesy of Pokerealm)

    *Rule 10:
    Never run away from the Pokemon, and never let it flee either.

    *Rule 11:
    Never use your bike.

    It's a lot to remember, but in time, it'll become second nature. Now, I should address one more thing before moving onto the tips and tricks. Resetting the radar.

    Here's how you do it. The Pokeradar needs to recharge after every fifty steps. If you come across a set of wiggling grass that doesn't go by the rules, walk fifty steps in non-wiggling grass (taking care to stay in the radar's range), and use the radar again. This will not break your chain, so long as you are in range when you use the radar again. And believe me when I say this: you'll be doing a lot more resetting than running into Pokemon.

    So now you have the basics. Is there anything else you should consider? Of course! Here are a few tips and tricks you might want to keep in mind before you begin:

    1. Swarming Pokemon make easy chains. Swarming Pokemon, and also any other pokemon that are common in an area seem to be easier to keep the chain going. This may or may not be true, but It seems so in my experience.

    2. Never enter the grass directly behind your character. Unfortunately, this grass is mostly hidden from view, and if it wiggles, you'll be hard pressed to see it. I make it a point never to enter this grass unless I can see all four of the wiggling grasses elsewhere.

    3. It's good to have a Pokemon that knows super fang or false swipe in your team. They'll help make the Pokemon easier to catch. Any immobilizing statuses like sleep or paralysis are good too.

    4. If you're hunting an electric Pokemon, put a Pokemon with static at the head of your party. This'll help ensure even more that you'll run into your chosen Pokemon (or so it is believed).

    5. App. No. 20, the Pokeradar App, is very helpful. It will tell you how many pokemon you've chained, as well as your longest chains so far. This'll help you determine when you're ready to start resetting for shinies.

    6. Register the Pokeradar. This'll help you out a lot.

    7. Put your repels at the top of your item list.

    8. At some point, stop chaining and start resetting. Most people say 40 is a safe number to start resetting, but as long as you have enough patience and repels, even 20 could work. It's all a matter of how far you're willing to go to raise your chances. A chain can break for seemingly no reason at all sometimes. It's best to be extremely cautious.

    9. If you need a break, take one! But make sure you'll know where you are when you come back. I find it best to take breaks in the middle of a battle, or right before I reset the Pokeradar. But whatever works for you. Real time won't affect your chain, so take all the breaks you need. Just be sure to plug your DS in if you need to leave it on for a while, and putting it in sleep mode won't hurt either.

    And that's it! If you stick at it, you too should notice results. I've only been doing it for five days, and I already have five shinies to show for it!

    * These rules, if broken, break your chain ALWAYS.
    ** I have seen it happen sometimes where your chain can "shift grass types." What I mean is, I may start out with non-glittery grass, then all of the sudden, the chain will shift to glittery grass, and it's all that appears. I've had chains successfully shift to the new type of grass and keep going. Be extra cautious if you suspect this has happened.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2007
  7. Pachirissu!!

    Pachirissu!! I gots me a Pikachu.

    I had the same problem first, too. You just need to go off you bicycle ;)
  8. fasola91

    fasola91 B0$$

    every time u use it, it cuts the precent in half so 1/1872 becomes 1/931 and so on but if u run into another pokemon it breaks it so use max repels and ur granteed to not break the chain by not battling any pokemon. thats what i h
  9. AerialAce!

    AerialAce! Inconceivable!

    From wha I've heard from peopls' success stories, this is correct. Except that the normal Shiny rate is 8192, so it'll take quite a while to get it down to a decent likelihood.

    Then again, I may also be wrong. The only way to be sure is to delve into the game's code.
  10. Shuko

    Shuko Pippi! Pi!

    that's only a 13-length chain, though, since 8192 is 2^13. It seems doable. But I doubt it's true, lol. Just sounds too good to be true, lol.
  11. AerialAce!

    AerialAce! Inconceivable!

    Curse the fact that I was too lazy to do the math. That number makes this unbelievable. Thanks for pointing that out. It seems the shiny rate is unchanged, but the fact that it lets you know before battling them where shinies are makes it worth doing anyway.
  12. Canis Lupus

    Canis Lupus Well-Known Member

    It does not cut in half the chances of finding a shiny. Each time you get a Pokemon in a chain, it increases your chances a little bit, not much.
    It is possible to get a large chain of Pokemon, but that is very hard. I have personally only gotten up to 11 in a chain.
  13. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    a chain of 7 was my max so far
  14. Princess Reina

    Princess Reina lalala....

    Is this really work? I must try alone because having shiny pokemon is fun!
    I heard some opinions about that video (Youtube). Some people call it \"just a rumor\".
  15. MetagrossMasta

    MetagrossMasta Say what now

    I've seen many things that say that once you get like a 40 chian or above then the pokemon that you are chaining jumps exponintially in being shiny but I have yet to test this myself seeing as my highest chain is 21
  16. jasi08


    I have had the grass shine 3-4 times and nothing was shiny.
  17. Bayzider

    Bayzider Member

    What exactly is a chain?
  18. Charizard Champion#06

    Charizard Champion#06 Spiral Warrior

    So let me get this straight, you just have to get a 40-60 chain of Pokemon using the PokeRadar and Repels to get a shiny? That seems too easy.
  19. ShiningCharizardUK

    ShiningCharizardUK Rock & Roller

    my best chain is 33 :( I've done it three times - twice with Geodudes, once with Starly.. it's flipping hard to get it up past about 15 I'll say that much.. and I've not seen any shiny grass yet, damn my luck :(

    EDIT - I'd just also like to add something else that REALLY annoys me.. sometimes you will have a chain running and it will just stop for no reason.. no other pokemon breaks the chain, the pokeradar just stops working so you have to start over.. thats so annoying.. it happened once when I had encountered 33 Geodudes.. I was less than happy =/
    Last edited: May 8, 2007
  20. Super Trainer

    Super Trainer Member

    Hehe I feel lucky I got a shiny Nincada after only 2 other battles. Of course the patch of grass was pretty small.
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