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Caution: Icy Battle Conditions! (740)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Icirrus Gym Battle! Ice Battlefield!!

Having learned that Brycen is the Icirrus Gym Leader, Ash eagerly challenges him to a battle, which Brycen accepts. After the training with Brycen, Ash is pretty confident, using Pignite, Krokorok and Scraggy against Brycen's Beartic, Cryogonal and Vanillish. However, Ash faces a massive challenge with Krokorok's type disadvantage, with Krokorok refusing to give up the fight. Will Ash win and earn the Freeze Badge?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episodes stars off with Ash and co. in Iccirus city.

Cool, they showed the Windmills, I like it.


Well-Known Member
The gym is very dark...

Some talkings between Ash and Brycen.

Krokorok's first against Vanillish. Ash scans it. What was Vanillish's first attack?!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
I know, right?! At least he's finally gonna be using Scraggy.
There are reasons.

Was that scary face that Vanillish used? Krokorok mentioned Crunch, or Bite, now Krokorok is using stone edge.


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Maybe Vanillish used Astonish. Then ir freezes Krokorok's tail, and after it get hit, Ash switching to Scraggy and Axew's happy.


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Scraggy's using Focus Blast, and it misses, but then it comes back and hit Vanillish. Scraggy beat him with Headbutt.

Next is Cryogonal.

Dare Da? Beartic.


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Go Scraggy! He learned to control his aim, even if the attack hit from behind.\\

And now my favorite Pokemon is on the field, Cryogonal!


AshXSerena = Canon
I wonder with the release of best wishes 2 will they finally use the old soundtracks?? because the music in this episode is very dire...

Also, scraggy got a win :)
Scraggy's using Focus Blast, and it misses, but then it comes back and hit Vanillish. Scraggy beat him with Headbutt.
*wipes tear from eye* my little scraggamuffin is all grown up


Well-Known Member
Cryogonal counter Scraggy with Rapid Spin. Then it's using SolarBeam and Scraggy faints.

Anyone else noticed that SolarBeam got a new, and a very strange animation?

Up next is Pignite.