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Caution: Icy Battle Conditions! (740)


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Because that was the only other battle with that outcome.
Haha, yeah.

Why was Iris so worried at the end, did they mention Opelucid city or something?


Yeah, Iris seems kinda worried. Nice foreshadowing, there.


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BW2 Trailer afterwards, yep. Iris and Dragonite foreshadowing.

??? did i saw Meloetta and Charizard in the ending ???




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Make sure to discuss the stuff that occurred after the episode here, thanks^^


So did Krokorok use Fling or not? or was it just an imitation? and damn me for falling asleep and not watching the epiosde...


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So did Krokorok use Fling or not? or was it just an imitation? and damn me for falling asleep and not watching the epiosde...
Actually I don't think the purpose was fling, but to show how a Pokemon can use a move in a way that's not normal. Bianca's Emboar used Trip's Conkeldurr's stone edge and flung it something Trip commented on as "Is that even possible?" (or rather: Can fling be used like that?)

Krokorok from what we see was merely using the deflected stone edge pieces as a "dagger" of sorts, just an anime mechanic, that can't be done in the games.


Hum cool, I didn't get to watch the figth but from comments seems like it was really good, I'm mainly interested to see the Scraggy vs icecream figth, looked like a good figth from people comments.

Btw we just finished the first part with every pokemon having a gym win cool(Scraggy and Krokorok getting theirs here).


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Was Iris worried because they decided to go to Opelucid City for Ash's 8th badge?


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No Krookodile...now I have to stay up at night worrying someone else is going to debut it D:

...I chuckled a bit at that. Cryogonal looks weird with the spiral eyes.

Everyone got a win here, that's fine I guess. Still wish Krokorok evolved but at less it still was awesome in my eyes. I wish it would have gotten to battle all three Pokemon though.

Ending was interesting, if Iris was commenting on the next gym then that pretty much assures there being some development for her there, as if it wasn't obviously already.


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Iris is worried that ash is going to her hometown and she might had to battle him if he want the next badge just like what misty did in season 1.


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There really isn't much I can say about this gym. It wasn't outstanding but it wasn't bad, it was just OK. Seeing Scraggy battle was nice and Krokorok's win against Beartic was pretty clever.