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Caution: Icy Battle Conditions! (740)


Meh ಠ_ಠ
Easily tied with Clay in my opinion...Scraggy getting a win was outstanding, Pignite was gonna get one no doubt, and Krokorok proves how much of a champion he really is. XD


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anyone else think it's a good thing that despite the rotation, every member of ash's team has now had at least 1 gym battle and there is still 1 gym to go.


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Have only seen pictures of the episode only but it was really nice to see Zuruggu participating and winning a battle , didn't expected to see that so that was a nice surprise to me that left a smile on my face. Chaoboo vs Freegeo kinda happened really fast but hey the main showdown was Waruvile vs Tunbear but was impressed how Chaoboo defeat Freegeo with just fire pledge. The main battle was really good no complains here xD. So it looks like it was a nice gym episode again haven't seen the episode just my reaction after seeing the episode pics.


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When the episode air you will see that you are wrong and i am right we got to wait and see that iris is the gym leader daughter and she might had to battle ash if he want the next badge ok.

Haunter ゴースト

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When the episode air you will see that you are wrong and i am right we got to wait and see that iris is the gym leader daughter

Your joking. Right? Iris is not Draydens daughter, if she was it would have been mentioned in BW033 when she battled him.
Scraggy got a lucky break, the focus blast hitting was accidental.

Cryogonal v/s Pignite wasn't well written.

Tsunbear v/s Krok.....yeah that was the kind of battle I want.


Throwing Shade
Iris and Axew looked so cute in their snow clothes. Great gym battle. Also, I loved the forshadowing at the end for Iris and Drayden.


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Good gym battle and clever win for Krokorok.


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Ice ice everywhere. This is my best gym so far. I loved this battle. It's nice to see Scraggy get his first win. I think it has something to do with all that training at the Don battle. The writers were smart in that regard. And I'm glad Iris and Axew stayed and watch the match. Atleast it's better than them not being there.


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Eek, more type disadvantage ignorance by the writers.

I get the Stone Edge and all that but dammit for once let Ash use a good strategy,


Now everyone of Ash's Unova team had at least 1 gym battle/win, that's AWESOME! :) I love rotation, hopefully next gen(s) will have Ash catch more than 5/6.

Nice gym battle. Cool Ash is heading to Opelucid I was worried a little bit he was going to get his last badge by Homika. :eek:


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We've been on a streak of really good gym battles since Driftveil, and another one added here. I'm glad we got as assortment of uncommon attacks in this episode (Astonish, Aurora Beam, Brine) and Scraggy getting his debut is nice. I'm also happy that the "Ash only uses 2 Pokemon" rumour was false.

Love the foreshadowing with Iris at the end. I think there's more to her backstory with Drayden.

Banana Knight Arthur

Wow, I predicted the Wayward Focus Blast somehow hitting the Ice Cream last week and it came true.

This had great potential, but it was wasted.

Zuruggu, who we didn't even know was here until a week ago, really stole the show.

Chaobuu did well, and tanked hits like a true porker vs. Tsunbear.

Warubiru disappointed me, his movepool really limits him. He needs to evolve or learn something STAT.
Seriously? Fling again? I guess the writers just had Ash use it so Bianca winning against Trip that way back in the donamite wouldn't look DEM, although it still is.