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Caution: Icy Battle Conditions! (740)


Meh gym both ingame and in the anime. [spoil]It's really a shame Ash doesn't get to face drayden like in the games. I would have loved to see pikachu take down a haxorus.[/spoil]
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This episode was great. It was an awesome gym battle between Ash and Brycen. Nice to see Krokorok, Pignite, and Scraggy each get one win. The ending was cool, but sadly, it won't happen.


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I enjoyed this Gym battle a lot more in the dub than I remember enjoying it in the original Japanese. Even though Brycen's team came across a little weaker than expected, I liked him as a character and it was nice to see Ash do some improvising like he used to.
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This made a very great episode. Ash's battle was one of the better gym battles he's had.


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The Gym battle between Brycen was phenomenal. One of my favorites in the Unova region now. I swear, the ending to the battle looks incredible similar to the conclusion of Ash VS Paul in the Sinnoh League. Although, I had a good feeling Krokorok was going to win over Beartic. Infernape and Electivire just had a different feeling of suspense.

I also didn't realize this was Scraggy's first Gym battle, and he got a win! Plus, Focus Blast finally hits the target; luck of course. Pignite was greast as well, following from his evolution episode. Krokorok shows business, and he means it!

I could have sworn Brycen's badge was called the Icicle badge, not the Freeze badge. I find Icicle badge a better name, imo.

Brycen mentioning the Opelucid Gym at the end had me thinking... and looking at Iris and Axews' faces had me puzzle. I think I know what's going to happen. Too bad, I don't think it's going to be what a lot of us wanted it to be. Since, you know... a certain game is coming out.

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This was a really good episode enjoyed pignite using fire pledge, was surprised a fire type was taken out. But what can you expect when a super effect move is used. Krokorok shined in this episode and loved how it grabbed rocks from Stone Edge to take out Beartic. Both Krokorok & Beartic seemed to have a rivalry going.


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This was a really good episode enjoyed pignite using fire pledge, was surprised a fire type was taken out. But what can you expect when a super effect move is used. Krokorok shined in this episode and loved how it grabbed rocks from Stone Edge to take out Beartic. Both Krokorok & Beartic seemed to have a rivalry going.
Which are likely to never be brought back up ever again.


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And it was a decent rivalry to enjoy, for the two episodes it appeared through. Great build up to the gym battle. :)


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Really good gym battle episode alot better than the previous 3.


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That was a pretty awesome Gym Battle. Each segment had its highlight covering a range of topics from Strategy to Spirit. I don't know about anything else but Brycen came across as a competitive teacher. He was supportive enough to fulfil a teaching role but at the same time he didn't want to lose which gave him a competitive edge. It was also interesting to see Iris' reaction to Opelucid City, I wonder what that will lead to?

Anyway, on to the next one! :D


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Great episode.. but the way it ended with Iris and Axew kinda havign a nervous laugh made me think that she would be the gym leader of opelucid city like she is in white version,... but it is pretty obvious that ash takes on Roxie for his 8th. that or she is just afread to confront Drayden,.... I guess we will find out what goes on soon.
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This episode was great. So far my favorite Ash Gym Battle there in Unova. I really like Brycen. He's an Awesome Leader! 9/10 =D

Yeah the end was such a Tease.


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Not the most interesting gym leader, but it was noteworthy that Iris got through an ice-type heavy episode without her usual freakout, and it was nice to see Krokorok overcome his type disadvantage and come away with the win.



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It was nice that Scraggy's first gym battle ended with a win. I'm glad Krokorok was the one that beat Beartic.


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Loved how Ash slipped and fell on the ice when he entered the Gym.

Glad to see Scraggy get a win in its first Gym battle. I really liked Cryogonal - I didn't think it could spin like that (I always imagined it looking really weird while using Rapid Spin >_>)! Beartic's Aerial Ace animation was pretty cool, IMO, since it's not everyday that you see a flying bear. I liked the Stone Edge strategy Ash used in order to get Krokorok to defeat Beartic and win the battle.

Axew was cute in its winter clothes.


This might've been the best BW Gym battle episode had it not been for all the Krokorok glorification imo. I just thought the writers over did it. However, the episode had some highlights. I loved that the Icirrus City Gym was built into a hill for instance just like in the games, and Iris's coat made her look so cute. I also liked the stances that Brycen did when he commanded his Pokemon to attack. I was mildly impressed that Scraggy beat Vanillish and surprised when Cryogonal was defeated by Pignite; those swirly eyes looked ridiculous lol. Obviously, Beartic vs. Krokorok was the most important battle and everyone loved it, but I thought it was predictable and not very enjoyable.


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Caution: Icy Battle Conditions

I enjoyed the gym battle, it was Ash's best Unova gym battle in my opinion. It's great that each Scraggy, Pignite & Krokorok got a win in the match. It was a smart move of Ash when he told krokorok to grab the stones and attack Beartic, and it worked. He used his own opponent's weapon, just like how Bianca did in the Clubsplosion tournament. It's nice to see him using strategies in a battle again.

I liked Iris' reaction when Brycen was Ash about the Opelucid Gym.