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Celebi ex


they need a lot of work..
read the tutorial or ;249-d; will eat you..
1/5 for each

Yellow Bommen

Well-Known Member
I have to say, this card needs some work. Since it is an EX pokemon, 90 HP seems a little low. If it gets knocked out, your foe will take 2 prizes. Therefore, you should definitely give it above 100 HP. Also the art is pretty bad itself. You really need to learn from someone who is really good at making fake cards.


My Heads Exploding!!
Nice 3d pic on the celebi!

Where did you get the celebi pic from!


That Celebi is from Pokemon Stadium 2.

King Shuckle

Don't be daft
Wow, you need some work. I suggest visiting the Fake Card Tutorial thread and click on the link to download blanks, fonts, and accessories. Also try downloading an official 30-day trial version of Photoshop from their official website. (Unless you already have it). Everything is wrong on the card and Beedrill MUST have an Illustrator. MUST. If you don't, and the artist is viewing this thread, he or she can accuse you of stealing without giving credit. If you can't find the artist, the more appropriate thing to go would be to not use the art.

I hope you understand this >.>


I don't know!
IMO they're not very good actually.

Master Ein

I'm Mexican and speak Spanish.(Never mind)I think they are way cool dude keep up the good work.^^