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Celebrating the Hero's Comet! (798)


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Noivern Appears! The Legend of the Comet & the Hero!!

Arriving on the next island, Ash & co. learn that it's the time of the year for the Woodate's Comet showing, which only appears once every 10 years, so they go to the top of a mountain to observe it. It is said that when the comet passes, the Pokémon in the area start acting strangely. When travelling up the mountai, they discover Woodate's battlefield amongst the ruins, but soon find that Team Rocket have a plan set. Will they managed to stop Team Rocket in time to see the comet?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episode starts with Ash and co. walking into a town after getting off a cruise ship.

Cilan mentions something about some comet.


They comes across some ruins of a town.

Alexa is missing something and then tells this story of Aaron, some guy who did something a while ago and there was also the mention of a comet in the story.

Team Rocket lurking behind some bushes.

Some girl gives Ash some golden star medal for...some reason.

Team Rocket cosplay as Ghost Pokemon.

Ash and co. arrive at some temple, where some rare Woobat come flying out of.

Then some rare Venipede walk down a passage way.

Iris and Ash fight.

The totally real Ghost Pokemon that aren't Team Rocket in disguise or nothing are in some room waiting for Ash and gang.

Wait, those Ghost Pokemon were really Team Rocket and they try to take some statue of that guy from the story/legend.

Waht a tweest!

Some real Gengar and Banette surround Ash and co. as well as Team Rocket.

Alexa gets Noivern to attack the Pokemon and then they escape from the room.

Dare Da? Banette.

Everyone is now exhausted after being const escaping and for some reason Noivern bites Meowth.

Alexa points a finger at Team Rocket...someone never learnt their manners.

The Banette and Gengar come back for round 2 and so Ash and co. run away again.

And now some Dusknoir chases them.

For some reason, Ash finally decides to attack the Pokemon.

That star medal thing falls from Ash's pocket and it attracts the attention of the Ghost Pokemon.

The statue is put back in its place and then some door opens.

Iris, Cilan, Jessie and James make it to some stadium by riding the statue.

Ash, Alexa and the rest are already there.

Pikachu gets stolen by Team Rocket and the Ghost Pokemon bring them back.

Pikachu escape from the glass box.

Frillish, Amoonguss and Noivern come out and battle eachother.

Pikachu uses Electro Ball and sends Team Rocket flying.

The Comet flies across the sky and the Pokemon are happy and that woman from before who is stalking them watches the Comet as well.

Ash is happy and dances with the Pokemon.

The next day.

The footage from Alexa's camera was erased and Ash can't find the medal thing.

The girl is now in that story book, because of reasons.
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Noivern going Scraggy and just attacking Meowth out of nowhere it seems XD, nice bite in his head.

Nice some kind of old battle stadium.

Amagad za gurl waz a ghost.

It seems that nobody cares about todays episode, and playerking stopped in the half :p
I care more for the pokemon than the plot actually, Noivern and Banette, but Gengar and Dusknoir are the ones being shown more.


Good enough, nothing super fantastic but enjoyable might be because it had a bunch of pokemon I like a lot though.
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~Yaoi FanBoy~
Wish I could see it the way you guys are...


What's happening? Is it a wild Noivern, or did Alexa own it the whole time? What's going on? I can't watch the episode, I rely on these threads and the comments within to find out what's going on.
We always knew she owned it, it probably wasn't with her, she might have got it back(transfer it) when she left in the Clair episode.


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This episode makes me want to get a Noivern on my team even more.

Why does October have to be so far away? D=


Everything stays.
The only interesting thing in this episode was the introduction of Alexa's Noivern.
I was amazed by how Boomburst is animated in the anime. It's so awesome. Here, take a look!


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
First the abandoned island, now this. What is up with Alexa losing her footage at the end?
To protect the location. Meh. At least Alexa used someone other than Helioptile and Gogoat. Past BW traveling companions have barely used Pokémon.


The Dragon / "Dog"
Once more, a side character reveals to have more Pokémon than our (un)lovable trio. They're being constantly laughed at in some ways.

That guy from the past had a very close similar look to Oliver from Ni No Nuki. I thought they were going to repeat the "Ash is an Aura Master" card yet again.

First the abandoned island, now this. What is up with Alexa losing her footage at the end?
It's her running gag.

Chances are that if she goes with Ash as a permanent companion, she'll get hit by Candace Syndrome: no matter how hard she tries to bring evidence to her higher ups, it will be destroyed/forgotten/burst into bits before she gets there.


Meh ಠ_ಠ
interesting episode, funny how that statue kinda looks like an older version of Ash.
I'm beginning to speculate Ash has these distant relatives that somehow have been everywhere. Seriously, every legend up to this point seems to have a figure who looks like Ash


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So the girl who gave Ash the gold star, was actually a ghost ? That's surprising.
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Guys, let's just take a moment and appreciate this scene. Jessie is clapping and looks genuinely surprised that James managed to lift that statue. And omg the very clapping, haha.


The Dragon / "Dog"

Guys, let's just take a moment and appreciate this scene. Jessie is clapping and looks genuinely surprised that James managed to lift that statue. And omg the very clapping, haha.
I thought those two had some sort of super-human strength. I can't forget the time when James made Ash roll all the way back to Misty with just a mere flick of one finger. Ah, the good ol' days...