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Celebrating the Hero's Comet! (798)

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Actualy no, I have another headcanon. That person is actually Sir Aaron himself. Sir Aaron has travelled a lot many regions himself., so he has made a name in almost every region he has been. He had a Pikachu and a Lucario. He was known as the blue dressed hero with Pikachu in Hoenn, he was known as the Aura Guardian in the spiritomb episode in DP where he forgot to shave, and is also the hero we saw now. The woman on the other hand is an ancestor of N and Sir Aaron's waifu, because she had the same blue eyes N has.
Which woman are you talking about who is a ancestor to N.And it would be strange and cool that in some how in what way that Ash is a connection to these two people.The man that had a Pikachu and a Lucario would be a connection to Ash's past from his father's side of the family.I'm mean hey I heard from what Alexa said in the book that the hero has travel to many different regions same thing happening to Ash and his father is still traveling to more different regions.Like father like son.
And one thing also hit me is that Ash's father could be from a different region where he was born from where he hasn't meet Ash's mother Delia yet.I really don't know what region could he be from, but I have a feeling that would happen some where during in the 7th Gen of Pokemon where Ash will be going to his 7th region.
And one more thing the hero who has a Pikachu in the episode "A Different Kind of Misty" would be the same Pikachu that would been sent to the future happens to be Ash's Pikachu.Like if a Celebi brought Pikachu into the future.
And one last thing I like to see Ash get a Lucario in the 7th generation.


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Fine episode, but a good one to line up with the end of Halloween. Noivern is pretty cool. It was funny when Meowth ate one of those spicy berries, lol. Also a bit funny when the gang had to split up for a bit. I wonder if that Conley Comet will show up again in 2023...


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A good episode. It was a proper adventure where the gang explores an ancient story. I really liked seeing the ghost type pokemon and their characteristic cheekiness. Also, the debut of Noivern was nice but I did want to see more of it and maybe learn some more about it but I guess they are leaving it to the XY series.

On to the next one!


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Was this even a filler when a new pokemon was shown?


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interesting episode, funny how that statue kinda looks like an older version of Ash.
ALL the aura guardians an heroes look like him. All the fan speculation about Ash being a descendant of Sir Aaron and/or the other heroes gets annoying.

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This was an ok episode aside from seeing Noivern for the first time as well as Gengar, Banette, and Dusknoir's return.


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I wasn't all that excited for Noivern, since I'm not a huge fan of the Pokemon to begin with. However, I'm not inclined to say he's a bad Pokemon, just didn't find it interesting to see his debut.

The ending got pretty spooky, and built my curiosity, but it's saddening to say that it won't be touched upon. Oh well.

Loved the kind of interaction we got between our main characters. Pretty entertaining, I would say.


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I loved this episode. It was great to see Noivern and I loved seeing the ghost Pokemon again.


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"Celebrating The Hero's Comet!"

This was the perfect episode for the weekend of Halloween, I liked how this episode was focused on Ghost-type Pokémon and the Conley Comet. The legend behind the Conley comet and the setup for the ending with the mysterious woman Anima was interesting. Anima was kind of creepy, she reminded me of the Gastly who was imitating as a beautiful woman in "Ghost of Maiden's Peak".

It's funny how Conley actually looked like an older version of Ash, but nobody mentioned it. I honestly thought they'd make this episodes plot similar to "The Keystone Pops", but this episode turned out to be different from that episode.

It's cool to see Alexa's Noivern for the first time in the anime. I liked Noivern's dub voice, it's suitable for the Dragon-type Pokémon in my opinion. I am surprised that Iris wasn't excited after seeing new Dragon-type Pokémon, but I was fine with it since she annoyed me by calling Ash a kid. Geez, this episode made me hate Iris for her calling Ash a kid, when she herself got scared fifteen seconds prior. Team Rocket was annoying as always, I didn't care for them in episode.

The part with Ash and the others watching the Conley Comet was nice, too bad Alexa lost all the footage she recorded throughout the episode. The ending with the mysterious woman Anime was surprising, but we didn't even get to know who she was? I think it'd be better the writers made another episode explaining the mystery behind Anima, but sadly they didn't do that. This could've been a great two-parter if they did that.

I found this filler to be really boring.

This is not a filler episode because Alexa is revealed to have a Noivern !
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This episode had some great Team Rocket dialogue. Comedic with a supernatural twist makes it stand out from the rest of the DA! episodes. My favourite exchange was between JJ and Iris/Cilan when they were escaping the ghosts.

Jessie: Respect your elders!
Iris: What does that even mean?
Jessie: You're a kid!
Cilan: Can we do this another time?


This episode had some great Team Rocket dialogue. Comedic with a supernatural twist makes it stand out from the rest of the DA! episodes. My favourite exchange was between JJ and Iris/Cilan when they were escaping the ghosts.

Jessie: Respect your elders!
Iris: What does that even mean?
Jessie: You're a kid!
Cilan: Can we do this another time?

Also, it was hilarious the way they clapped when they boys managed to move the statue. Like, LOOK AT JESSIE'S FACE!
I guess Jessie doesn't care about being called old anymore. What with her using a phrase like 'respect your elders'.
Or maybe I'm taking that too literally?


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Not one of the more memorable episodes of the season, but the animation was very well done, and nice to see Team Rocket and the twerps get along for a few minutes at least, putting the statue back in place to placate the ghost pokemon. I liked the twerps joining in dancing with the ghost pokemon too. Too bad Alexa's video was erased, they could have made a YouTube-like joke there. Ash and Iris's arguing in the background while Cilan and Alexa are talking in the foreground is pretty funny too if you're able to hear the dialogue.



It's puzzling that the man in Pansy's book resembled Satoshi, and while I enjoyed the plot centered around the approaching comet, it would've made more sense if the Jirachi from the other episode had shown up here, instead. I have to admit that I chuckled when Pansy's Onvern bit Nyasu's head, though. I venerate Onvern.

Mrs. Oreo

The hero from the legend here reminded me of Sir Aaron a bit, plus Team Rocket looked so silly dressed as ghost types hee hee. Alexa's Noivern was quite cuddly as well and I liked the battle in the old coliseum ruins. :]
I cackled when Jess began clapping when James helped Cilan push the statue. Idk why. And to me, Ash and co. and Team Rocket didn't even seem interested in seeing a Noivern, a Pokemon they've never seen before. :/


I thought Onvern would be a major part of the plot, but all it did was attack the Ghost Pokemon and later Team Rocket. This was kind of a meh episode for me plot wise, not to mention the animation was even worse than the Clair episode.


In hindsight, I kind of wish that this episode had been merged with the Ibuki episode given the emphasis on Onvern, which is a Dragon-type. And what was even more vexing was how Pansy's footage was erased, which made the adventure here seem pointless.


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The episode was extremely boring, the only redeeming features were Alexa and Noivern. I find it funny how Alexa lost her footage again.