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certaian Gen 2 pokemon that you never evolve??


pokemon prof
Ok, basically this is a thread that I Created to discuss if and why you choose certain pokemon in your soulsilver and or heartgold game NOT to evolve them and purposely stop their evolutions...

For example, I choose not to evolve my cydaquil At all because of the fact I think imho it looks cooler as a cyndaquil, plus it leanrs all it's moves faster...

what Gen 2 pokemon do you usually keep in it's same form the entire time if any???

Discuss!!! :D
For me, it would be Murkrow. I find that Honchkrow was not a good evolution for Murkrow, one of my favourite Pokemon, as much as I may like it. As such, I choose to keep my Murkrows unevolved due to prefering them.


Never Say Forever
Porygon2, but only sometimes. Depending on what I have planned for it, I might not evolve it all the way into Porygon-Z. Other than that, I evolve all Pokemon into their final forms.


Lover of underrated characters
Smoochum, I don't like Jynx at all


pokemon prof
Jynx Is a very strange pokemon...lets just say that lol.. anyways I usually don't evolve murkrow at all either, he is one of my fave dark types in Gen 2 as well!!!


I don't usually evolve Togepi because I like having the little overworld sprite following me and because I prefer Togepi over Togetic and Togekiss. I just think it's so darn cute. :3


Forever now
I've never even hatched Togepi...
I got 3 different shiny starters in my 3 HG/SS games, and I decided not to evolve them at all. I use them as HM slaves instead, lol.


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I've never evolved Rhydon into Rhyperior. Its name is so cool, but its sprite.. Ugh. Rhydon looks pretty cool, though!


Thou enraged?
Nope, I evolve all Pokemon possible. I can't stand using pre-evolved Pokemon before I get tough.


How is that possible though, bc doesn't an egg hatch based on how many steps you take in the game??
Simply putting the egg into the box upon receiving it in Violet will make it never hatch

On-Topic: I can't think of anything I don't evolve. If anything it would be anything that needs to be traded to evolve because I only have 1 DS hah


The light is coming
I procrastinate on evolving Togepi because there's a neat little Easter Egg with the Cerulean Gym involving Togepi, and I don't like passing up on that opportunity.