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Cerulean Blue! (006)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Cerulean Blue!

Returning Home after her Journey through Johto, Misty arrives at the gym to find it under attack from the Fighting brothers aswell as a Gyarados that her sisters left behind. And to make things worse, its time for the annual gym inspection. Can Misty sort things out in time?

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Factory Head Noland

I think this episode is awesome! When The Invincible Pokemon Brothers show up with their Tentacruel they are nasty to Misty and hurt her with their Poison Sting (lemme at 'em!) and then Gyarados saves her and Hydro Pump's those losers out of the Gym via the roof!

Shiny May

yeah a good special. I like how she got Gyarados on her side and how she risked her own life to save the game. The match with those brothers wasn't fair and I'm sure Misty wished she didn't put Gyarados in a cage at that moment when she was in trouble.

I thought it was a good special. It was a nice way for Misty to prove herself good enough to lead the gym. It's not like she got it and now she's the gymleader. She's proven herself.

Good one !! 8/10


Custom User Title
This was a very good special. We get to see how Misty got her Gyarados and how she bacame the gym leader. The three brothers were even nastier in this one than they were in GCYL, but it was awesome how Gyarados pulled through and tought them a lesson in fair play. Overall a very good episode, I'm very glad to have seen it.


Old Coot
I really liked how Hitmonchan played dead and then caught Staryu off guard. This was a good Gym match that didn't involve Satoshi.


i want to see this episode and i know misty will crush them and ahve them cowering at her feet.


Old Coot
She did. They sent out three Tentacruel at the same time and beat her Corsola and then started attack Gyarados. She dives underwater to stop the Tentacruel but they focus their Poison Stings on her. Gyarados goes nuts and breaks free of the cage it was in and pulls her out to safety. Then beats them with Hydro Pump by shooting them and their trainers out of the Gym ala Rocket Gang style.


Boulder Trainer
It's the best ep. of special. Joy in new wear looks grate and Kasumi in the end in green bathing costume looks wanderfull! :) It's grate that she was on top of Gayardos :)

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Just saw this one (it's the first HoSo I've seen). If this is part of "Chronicles", it'll be interesting to see what happens after it airs - there's a lot of near drowning in it (Misty twice, plus the Hitmonchan that fakes out Staryu in the battle).


Old Coot
We've seen characters nearly drown before. They're not going to change it. >_>


The Amazing
I bet one thing... you say those brothers where in GCYL? Well.. I wonder if there names have changed :D

High Commander Solomon

This is MADNESS!
Should be amusing to see if it's even possible to botch this one. Aside from the names of the morons with the Hitmons - who should get all the credit for getting Gyarados under control through the power of idiocy, especially given all the witnesses who saw them be idiots - there doesn't seem to be anything of real importance here to foul up. What scene is anyone going to really miss here, anyway?


Battle Factory Champion
Oh I'm looking foward to this one, I love the poaching brothers. But I don't want to get my hopes up too high, could be a scam (you know how it is) since I really liked the leader's voice and their stupidity as a whole. Please don't ruin it.


Old Coot
$5 says they bungle up Hitmonchan's voice and give him Hitmontop's! >_>; Or maybe possibly call the Tentacruel by the name Tentacool. Or they could just forget the name they gave the Pokémon Strongest Brothers in the dub, or their individual names and give them entirely different voices.

Hell, watch them cut out Gyarados allowing itself to get captured by Kasumi. XD They already cut out important, character developing parts such as Kenta, Marina and Jun'ichi splitting up in Legend of Thunder and Takeshi giving his Pokémon to Jiroo.


Yeah, ok!
I really hope they don't cut the scene where Misty strips into her green swimsuit at the very end of the episode, but they may do that for time, as it's really not an important scene (besides for those who want to see Misty scantily clad that is)


Yeah, ok!
Indeed. The writers knew they couldn't make a Misty Hoso without putting her back in her scantily clad Mermaid outfit.

The outfit is so popular for a reason, obviously because it shows off a lot of skin. Too bad Misty's chest is so small though, otherwise we'd get lots of cleavage if she was more endowed.