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Challange of the Four Winds





“Are you done with your ridiculous plan Labicet?”
I telepathically asked it. Labicet formed ice mentally on its turquoise flipper and smashed an Ice Punch into my chest. (How can it use an Ice Punch if he doesn’t have a hand? That confuses me.)
“No!” It said with a bit of anger in its mental tone.
Labicet’s Ice Punch had knocked the wind out of me, literally. Wind gushed out of my stomach.
“Why do you always do that? I’m trying to work!” It mentally shouted.
“I can’t help it, it is a habit, you stupid blue Wailord!” I cried at it using my actual silver mouth, which was silver like most of my body.
“It is better than being a tin man with a black h down its legs!” he mentally hissed.
“Shut up Labicet! What are you anyways? A Voltorb painted dark blue with flippers?” I shouted.
“YOU SHUT UP METEAL!!” It cried forming from multiple small flaps on its body, an Aeroblast. The spiraling stream of air Labicet had created hit me head on. The blast merely knocked me a few inches back and hurt very little. Wind shot a few feet out from my stomach because of my little habit, but did not collide into Labicet. I channeled energy into my left arm. I was sick of it attacking me; it was time to attack back. My arm (which looked like a very long, thin, oval that was cut down the middle) turned a gray duller than my body as I prepared to launch a Meteor Mash. The tip of my arm turned white, all of the energy in my arm surged into the tip of my arm, I felt the energy screaming to be unleashed as I shouted “Taste Meteor Mash!” I swung my arm and slammed it into Labicet sending it plummeting into the ocean below him.
“THAT’S IT! TIME TO DIE METEAL! I’M SICK OF YOUR ANNOYING ANTICS!” It cried, mentally, as it swam to the surface of the ocean shooting a Water pulse at me with water drawn from the ocean almost gracefully, but that dried up Qwilfish could never be graceful, in my opinion, and barely struck me with its Water Pulse. Wind blew out of my chest.
“That is it! I’ll never forgive you for that!” I shouted, dazed and disoriented from the Water Pulse’s side effect of sometimes confusing whoever was hit by it.​

what is this? if it is a story, it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever what is going on.


Why is it centered, it sucks as such,
but centering sucks just as much.

It is very poorly written, and not very descriptive. Wtf is a Labicet? What are any of these things? Tell me what it looks like, or a Qwilfish, or any of the creatures in this story. All in all, very bad and rulebreaking.