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Challenge Forum Feedback

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod


    X&Y is coming soon, so that'll mean new threads will be made for the up-and-coming 6th gen.

    However, I think it might be good to before then hear from you guys what you think of the section. Make suggestions if you want on new threads or the current system and so forth! It doesn't mean it'll happen, and I am a bit unsure of trying new type of challenge threads (the last set I created on request had barely any response in them =/), but they'll be at least considered.
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  2. ChintzySnail

    ChintzySnail Banned

    There may be barely any responses, but I'm sure thousands of eyes lurk on them. I do of course.
    I really love this forum to try out challenges. It's fun to have these games full of restrictions and see how far you get.
    It puts a very nice spark on game-play.

    I dunno if this is possible, but with certain challenges (maybe mod-approved and stuff) there could be a reward system beyond a pat-on-the-back? Like some nice fancy graphic trophy you can put on your signature or something?
    I love the thrill some of these challenges can get, like if you lose a Pokemon and faints are deaths... it's like Fire Emblem. *sniffles,* and the pat-on-the-back is a nice accomplishment, but what if there was more fuel, more motivation?
  3. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    This sounds like an Achievement System, which I think won't really work well.

    If it would, then something for only Challenges would be a bit bizarre, and perhaps would need to include things from all other areas too, which would in turn lead to people spamming to get that stuff.

    Also, how can people prove they finished? :p
  4. ChintzySnail

    ChintzySnail Banned

    *Shakes fist* Darn your skinny water-skiing legs and your realist ways! I figured that medals, flare, glitter, what have you, through the forum would be too complicated, and create too much a hassle with this site which is highly trafficked. I was more-so suggesting hand-made stuff like fancy ribbons from our fan art section or something along the line of the Seal of Approval they have in the RPG section. Reward systems do work; but again, high traffic lots of people doing them, people spamming, and proof of finishing...

    I guess it'd be an honor-system thing, which, is sorta the Reputation thing that's going on now anyway...

    Maybe have a stickie as the ''hall of fame'' and it acknowledges people (with suitable proof, if we find a way that we can accept proof) of their achievements? That seems practical. I stick by my reward-system idea! *stomps magma-tail on the ground.*
  5. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    *stops skating*

    Yet, if Challenge Forum gets it, why shouldn't the other Dorums get something similar?

    Why not an award case for DP?

    Why not one for Games?

    Why not one for Misc?

    I also don't really see the point, as the Challenges themselves are supposed to be fun, not some kind of way to get an award.

    And, who wold make the things for it, then?

    Anyway, IMO, due to Single Pokémon Challenges not being very popular...

    Parhaps there should be a poll with options on what to have, and the Callenge Type that has the most votes gets a thread, due to popularity?
  6. Storm Surge

    Storm Surge Bird of Jesus

    It's sad the solo Pokémon runs are not posted.
    I know people do it but don't post.
    [ I actually quit my SS run because it was getting too boring .3. ]

    The vote thing would be nice.

    How about a Pan-Generation run for X/Y? One Pokémon for each region.
    Ex : a team of
    Bulbasaur [ kanto ]
    Chikorita [ jhoto ]
    Poocheyna [ hoenn ]
    Luxio [ sinnoh ]
    Archen [ unova ]
    Spritzee [ kalos ]

    I'm not the best idea-generator.
  7. Medieva lTrainer

    Medieva lTrainer Active Member

    I wish there was a way to make little known challenges known. theres a really hard and fun challenge that doesnt even have a name, but I found it in the internet a while back. It goes as follows:

    Can't use your starter
    No legendaries or pseudolegendaries
    Can only catch first pokemon you encounter from each route and no event pokemon
    Can only battle trainers for EXP
    If a pokemon faints twice, release it
    You lose battle, you must release all but one pokemon

    I like the challenge to it just needs a name and some way to get out there.So I think its things like this that need to be added to forums, less known challenges. and maybe some challenges for randomizer emulators. Idk, just a though
  8. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Side not but if you mean actual emulators, then that's not really allowed on these forums. Same goes for rom hacks, which is a bit of lost potential but them's the breaks of the rules.

    You also gave me the idea of a program that'd just give you a random team to use in the run. If I felt so inclined (not rn mind, the uni life is way too hectic for me this month and next =p) I could always come up with such a thing in a program given a list of pokes available in each game. I've done a bunch of coding before. But I wouldn't count on it. Partly depends on interest and potential usage. =p

    But I digress. Seems there is some interest in trying other challenges. One idea I had recently is, on top of the current threads, to have a 'featured' bonus challenge thread running for, say, a month or two tops. Each time it'll be something different from the norm. Maybe it'd be for a specific generation of games, or for even the spinoff titles in Colosseum/XD too on that note. But the ideas for the challenges is more details. Basically - challenge of *some sort* that can be proposed would go up every month or two, and you can all partake and try to complete it in that time.
    If there was a forum reward system (e.g. emblems or medals or whatnot), I'd imagine such a thing would really be a forum-wide feature, not just something that'd occur just for a single section. So what dirkac said regarding that! Not that it's a bad idea in itself to have! I don't think it's too bad to encourage people to join in events and all. But yeah, that's not too easy a thing to implement (and Serebii himself is not a big fan of adding to the forums with side-on features or hacks or etc, but that's another matter).

    Hall of fame wouldn't be a bad idea but one I don't quite like as much, especially as it requires constant updating. Besides, most people would really be doing it for the sense of their own achievement.
  9. RichieL1991

    RichieL1991 New Member

    My idea for a new challenge:


    This is... The Generation (Family-Tree) Nuzlocke Challenge

    6 Generations. 6 families of Pokemon. 6 straight Games. 6 straight Nuzlockes.

    This is a challenge I have made up myself. The idea is to get through the first generation (Gen 1: FireRed/LeafGreen) while doing a nuzlocke challenge. Whatever pokemon are in your party after you beat the elite 4 in the Gen1 game have the opportunity to breed and send their eggs (offspring) to the next generation. This is where the challenge continues, in the next generation you must hatch the eggs and only use these pokemon (without letting them faint) to beat the elite 4. Once you beat the elite 4 the process continues - you breed those pokemon and send the eggs to the next generation. This continues all the way until Generation 6 (X and Y). The challenge is only successful if you defeat the Elite 4 in X and Y with the families of the original 6 pokemon you beat the Elite 4 with in Generation 1.

    Here are the 5 specific rules:

    1. Only the first 6-party team to beat the Elite 4 in generation 1 can breed to send their offspring to the next generation.

    2. Female Pokemon offspring must breed the same pokemon. Males can breed with any pokemon in their egg group (to add variation).

    3. All offspring must be named after their main parent. (i.e. [pokemon nickname] Jr., 2nd, II, 2, 3rd, III, 3, etc. etc.)

    4. All offspring eggs are to be sent to the next generation and hatched in that game, where the challenge continues. (No additional pokemon can be captured after Generation 1)

    5. Challenge is not complete until at least one of the original families beats the Elite 4 in the last generation (X & Y = 6th gen.)

    Do to technical limitations, the generation will go as followed: Gen 1 -- Gen 3 -- Gen 2 -- Gen 4 -- Gen 5 -- Gen 6

    The reason is because Eggs from Gen 1 (FR/LG) can be sent up to the DS game on Gen 2 (HG/SS), however the Gen 2 eggs can't be sent back down to the gba Gen 3 games (R/S/E).

    I am currently recording my run of this challenge now, I also have a video of more clarification of the rules if needed.

    So what do you all think? Only for the true Poke-masters eh?
  10. Shiny Swalot

    Shiny Swalot Shiny Swalot Powerz!

    Ehm, why not a Anime Episode challenge. You make a random number generator generate a number between 1 and the last episode of the region you are doing, and then you may only use those Pokemon. So for example:

    I am playing Pokemon FireRed, and I get number 010. The Pokemon I will be allowed to use during my playthrough then will be: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Starmie, Meowth, Caterpie, Rattata, Oddish, Paras, Weepinbell, Staryu and Magikarp. ((http://serebii.net/anime/epiguide/indigo/010.shtml on the side))

    Pre evolutions must be evolved ASAP. What do you guys think?
  11. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Great Dreamer

    Apologies for bumping, but....

    IMHO, we really need some Gen 8 challenge threads.
  12. pokezilla

    pokezilla New Member

    Not sure this is the right place for this but i literally googled pokemon challenge forums. I completed a solo challenge recently and i made a short video for part 1. Obviously im a big an of the youtube poke challenge thing and im looking to get feedback on the video and the run and just in general hoping to see what people think. If thats something anyone is interested in, check it out. Tell me your thoughts


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