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Challenging A Towering Figure! (609)


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Tower Tycoon! That Man, Palmer!

It is the final day of the Twinleaf Festival. On this day, a tournement takes place. The winner of the tournement has to fight the Tower Tycoon; Palmer. With Dawn, Barry & Ash enterring the tournement, the fight is sure to be tough. Ash gets to the end and has to fight Palmer. Will Ash manage to win?

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- Greguru is MALE!!!! XD
- The tournament didn't even last a minute.... (YES INCLUDING JUN VS SATOSHI)
- It looked like Hayashigame was going to win, but Dosaidon was too powerful for it. It loses.
- Vs Kurotsugu was just special match. Satoshi is still named as tournament Champion.
- Hayashigame eating energy ball, Hikari will practice it so she can use it on contest.
- Kurotsugu tells Satoshi to challenge Nagisa (Sunnyshore) Gym.
- Jun is going to Nagisa Gym too. However, he is going alone.
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It's a shame I couldn't see Croagunk's TV star crush.

Huh? It looks like I was right, Ash did receive the trophy for winning the tournament, despite losing to Palmer.

Edit: One thing that stood out to me, was Ash remembering his full battle with Paul, at first I thought it was just because this new tactic could let Grotle beat Honchkrow but then the other losses were shown (except maybe Buizel, I don't recall seeing that one, nor Staraptor's). So it seems to me that the writers do have the full battle in mind, and having Ash find his own non DEM strategy to beat Paul. Well Grotle now has Energy Ball power up, now basically 5 more Pokemon to go or in other words (5 more episodes).
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Awww dissapointing, I was hoping Grotle would win. Ahhh well, at least its got a decent power up. Who wants to bet that Ash uses Blaze to power up Monferno.


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So How did the tournament go and did barry reveal any new pokemon?


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Awww dissapointing, I was hoping Grotle would win. Ahhh well, at least its got a decent power up. Who wants to bet that Ash uses Blaze to power up Monferno.

I don't know it would be conflicting with what we know, even if Ash wanted to beat Paul. But then I suppose he'll battle normally with Monferno, and if blaze activates on its own, then it does.I doubt Ash is going to purposely have Monferno lose health just to activate Blaze.

I actually have to wonder how Ash is going to utilize this power up, how is Ash going to purposely have Grotle swallow its own energy ball?

And you're right Ash losing was kind of disappointing but then would you be able to survive a rock wrecker at point blank range?
So How did the tournament go and did barry reveal any new pokemon?

It didn't even last a minute. (Jun vs Satoshi was Emperet Vs Pikachu btw)
Judging by Hikari's reaction, it looks like Takeshi, Hikari, and Jun all three lost to Satoshi.


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Man I guess this episode was pretty dissapointing thrn man I wish the battles were longer or if this was like the wallace cup a two parter


*swoons for Noland*
- Hayashigame eating energy ball, Hikari will practice it so she can use it on contest.

Wait, so (pardon the speculation) Dawn is going to use Grotle in a contest, or did she just comment how she wants to use that idea, most likely for Mamoswine?


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D'aww, Croagunk's got a crush! xD Sad that Ash vs Barry was short, but on the bright side, Grotle got some decent attention. I think Grotle would have won if not for that final attack from Rhyperior. So, was it a power up from Energy Ball, or was it Overgrow? When Palmer said 'Megahorn', his voice sounded funny. Barry running off at the end of the episode was funny. Overall, pretty good.

EDIT: And, they used 'Battle Frontier' as BGM. Awesome! Fits the situation, right?
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Very good episode. Only thing I didn't really like was that they whole tournament was just a very quick montage; even Ash Vs. Barry. I at least thought that might be a little longer.
Although, Ash Vs. Palmer was very exciting. I wonder if the eating Energy Ball thing will ever happen again?

As usual, Barry was comedy gold. Espescially when he started singing and appeared out of nowhere at the end. Croagunk's T.V crush was funny, too.


This episode was terrible. I've not seen a new Pokemon episode in ages, so I thought I might as well try and get back on track with the most recent episode... not to mention one that featured a Frontier Brain! I just came away annoyed.

*****ing/Ranting below:

-Palmer acted like an over-excited man child, something that is becoming increasing popular in anime males. I didn't mind it so much in Kamina (Gurren Laggen) but now it's starting to grate on me a bit. It's enough with the actual kids acting like that, but I don't really like to see an adult especially one as old as Palmer follow suit.

-Tournament was pointless. We got to see small snippets of the battles in the form of still shots... the only one that got attention was Ash vs. Barry which was rubbish. Pikachu and Empoleon exchanging attacks for 5 seconds before cutting to Dawn and Barry looking annoyed.

-Barry is even more irritating than in the games. This is the first time I've seen Barry in the anime and I felt like muting and closing my eyes when he starting doing anything.

-Final battle was alright, they made a point of both Pokemon's abilities as far as I can tell.

-Hearing the Battle Frontier opening was epic though. One of my favorite intros. <3

-Jessie and James didn't do anything to disrupt the tournament, thank god. I love them but they need to stop getting in the way of battles.

-Croagunk was pretty much for the 1-2 seconds it was on screen.

*prepares for the rush to Sunnyshore Gym so they can start advertising Johto faster*


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@ALFONSO: I see your point, but Palmer is supposed to act like a man child. He is Barry's father, and that entitles him to some hyper acts - 'like father, like son, eh!' I agree with you though, about the tournament being a fail! This episode was blatantly focused on glorifying Grotle. That was well done, but the rest went to the drains in the process.


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I agree with alfonso this was a terrible episode it didnt show who brock or dawn lost to the ash vs barry battle was a joke it seems like I was waiting for this for nothing lol


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This episode was very decent.

Palmer was cool to me, he wasn't glorified to the extent of no return, which I loved.

Barry makes me love him more and more everytime I see him, I mean, I use to heavily dislike the guy with passion. I can now say Barry is <3

The battles were very rushed, and people thought the ones in the Wallace Cup and Tag Battle Tournament were bad, for instance Zoey's Misdreavous vs Random Trainer's Mothim.

Lol @ Croagunk's crush. I love that Pokemon. <3

Johanna impresses me even more with her presence, letting Glameow and Umbreon gracefully exit from their beautifully sealed Pokeballs. <3

The Battle.......WAS EPIC! :)

Grotle had Rhyperior on the ropes,,,,,but Ryperior held it together and pulled out a win.

Ash still won the trophy, so all's well that ends well. Jun is so awesome. Hikari and and her mothers goodbye was cute. ^ _ ^

Loved the episode, considering the amount of episodes that, IMO, have been lackluster, this was a huge improvement.

The Music was Kick Butt!

Now on to Sunnyshore, Thank the Lord! <3