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Challenging A Towering Figure! (609)


Rhyperior pretty much killed Grotle at the end though. :(

Kurotsugu's Dosidon's win was expected though, because of Kurotsugu's Frontier Brain status. Satoshi just didn't stand a chance.


I call you honey
So other than the silly stuff before the battle like Palmer walking around tasting food, this episode was incredibly awesome but rushed. Ash vs Palmer felt like a generic battle at the middle of Sinnoh.
I liked seeing more of Palmer and it was interesting to learn that the Sinnoh Frontier Brains are actually in Sinnoh. I wasn't expecting Brock to enter along with Dawn and Ash, but that was still pretty cool. I loved how Palmer was eating food when Joanna was making a grand welcoming for him. That reminded me of Barry. It was also nice to see Team Rocket being praised for something again.


FullmetalJackie said:
I liked seeing more of Palmer and it was interesting to learn that the Sinnoh Frontier Brains are actually in Sinnoh. .

Well the only other place where it could've been located was Jouto, which might've suited it more given that HG/SS were released close to this episode, but for the sake of introducing Jun's dad I understand why it was set in Shinou.

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Pokemon Master
I just thought that a Kanto Frontier Brain flashback/montage was in order, for consistency's sake. :c

There was no need for that. Ash didn’t ask what a Frontier Brain was. He was just hyped to battle one again, which is already consistency.

Add to that the fact that they already reintroduced Brandon and even had Ash himself recognize the Battle Pyramid and mention that he not only beat it, but that it also took him multiple times. It’s beyond ridiculous to even suggest that Ash forgets everything at this point because it couldn’t be any further from the truth.


Alola Shill
Ash almost beat Palmer, you have to hand it to Grotle. I agree that in retrospect knowing how much he jobs makes people wish he really won this battle, but in context with Palmer being the strongest Sinnoh Frontier Brain I think him losing was fine. Ideally, Grotle would’ve won, but whatever. Ash beat Brandon only after multiple attempts and that was using the Pokémon that’d he’d had the longest, you could argue some of his strongest. So him coming extremely close to beating Palmer makes sense. Grotle was awesome regardless; him swallowing the Energy Ball and the result of it was surprising, I did not remember that. I also love how it inspired Dawn.

This was a cute arc. Nothing too crazy happened, but it was a nice breather from everything intense that happened beforehand. It was grounded and gave some good mini focus to Dawn and Barry, and their relationships w their parents. I really liked how when the two were speaking abt respect between trainer and Pokémon, Ash remembered his battle w Paul and the relationship/respect he has w his team. Good food for thought and I think what marks Ash’s shift in mindset following his loss.

Ahhh excited for Sunnyshore, I love Volkner.