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Champion's In The Making - A Pokemon RP (Fixed)

'I want to be the very best... that no-one ever was...'

The land of Pokemon has been through so much. Several trainers and co-ordinators, and people following a similar art are teeming about doing as they please. But none seem to have the traits that their predecessors held. The drive, the determination...

'To catch them is my real test... to train them is my cause...'

It's almost become an epidemic. Many of the older, experienced adults that took part in the art have wondered if this "Next Generation" will really be the last generation of trainers who deserve to call a Pokemon from it's Pokeball.

'I will travel across the land, searching far and wide...'

But there seems to be a hand-select of youth who have shown the spirit that their predecessors have. Youth who make the most of the time they have on this earth, and make sure that the friends they catch do as well. They chase their dreams and don't stop until it has been attained.

'Teach Pokemon to understand, the power that's inside!'

These youth are gathering, slowly making themselves known to the world, achieving feats, and making heads turn in their direction as they begin to amaze, as they used to. These youth are Champions In The Making, and this is their story.

Plot: KANTO - There have been a strong surge up Pokemon Thefts going on, ranging from the oh-so-peaceful Pallet Town, to the outskirts of the bustling Celadon City. No matter what the Pokemon, ranging from a Caterpie to a Charizard, the thefts are unsettling. The PokePolice are working as fast as they can, but they aren't getting anywhere, and people are starting to worry that the retired criminal organization Team Rocket, have returned. With the return of trouble, comes the return of a saving grace.

You are an aspiring Pokemon Trainer/Co-Ordinator/Adventurer making your name known in the world, and the best way to do that is well, DOING something. With your Pokemon by your side, you are showing your initiative, your ambition, and you strive to attain the status you are really starting to deserve. To hear that a criminal organization that your parents feared might be reviving itself is nothing short of terrible, and if the Police can't solve it, it's time to take matters into your own hands.

"Reports of another theft have come from the residents in Pewter City. The alarming rate of robberies is only fanning the flames, as the Police say we might be dealing with the thought-to-be disbanded syndicate.", the tv droned.


Name: Well, it's what you're called. (1 sentence)
Age: How old you are. Trainers/Co-ordinators/Other tend to be 10-15, but older is fine. (1 sentence)
Gender: Straight forward. Male or Female? (1 sentence)
Description: What they look like. What they wear. What their distinguishing features are. (5+ sentences)
Personality: Are you bubbly? Or are you a no nonsense kind of person? Put that here. (3+ sentences)
History: Where did they grow up? Did they live a normal childhood? Explain their lives (BRIEFLY) up to the point of the RP. (10+ sentences)
Other: Anything else we might need to know. (2+ sentences)
Pokemon: This is your friend, your ally and what'll get you through this world.
- Name: Your Pokemon's name/Nickname. It's much easier to have a nickname, as having two or more Pokemon sharing the name can be confusing.
- Species: You may add this by your Pokemon's name, but it's best to put the species name here (ex. Pikachu, The Electric Mouse Pokemon)
- Gender: Male or Female? With certain Pokemon (Magnemite, Staryu), the choice is Genderless.
- Personality: What is your Pokemon's Nature? I'd imagine that it would either compliment or contrast it's owners personality, and if it constrasts, you might have something to explain in it's History.
- History: How did your Pokemon and it's owner meet? Did anything eventful happen in it's life? Explain that here.
- Attacks: What attacks/moves does it know? Please try and limit their moves to around you know, seven. Moves that it had at birth, or it learned at tutors should be explained in it's History (unless you learn them in the RP).

Currently "In":
1. Shace - Shace
2. BlueMoonDX - Makoto "Blare" King
3. Shinkagehadou - Angelo Val-Haven
4. - Reserved for Stabberz -
5. vballbadandy - Vincent "Wings".

I think 10 applicants would be enough.

Edit: Something seems to be wrong with my editing. I get a "500 Server Error". So I'll try and get that over with.


Live Without Warning
May I reserve? I love good 'ol classic Pokemon type RPGs... if they stay alive.

Question though, how many Pokemon are we allowed to have? Or are we all just starting out?
@ShadowWolf: Alright, and as for your question, I'd recommend one or two, because this journey is an opportunity, so you never know when you'll want more Pokemon.
@IronLugia: Alright, reserved as well. Let's hope I don't get a 404, lest I get a mod to start doing them.
Name: Shace Z. Traiyse
Age: 16
Gender: Male.
Description: The first thing you'd see when looking at Shace is his flashy, spiky purple hair. The next would be his tan color, and the third would be his outfit, which consists of a black leather jacket with red lace sewn into the collar and cuffs. He sports grey khaki's and black sneakers. Around his neck is a necklace of Laze as a Munchlax.
Personality: Shace is very, very lazy. He spends most of most of his time being as cynical and sarcastic as he possibly can and has no problem with causing a fight, but he has shown a certain capacity for affection. If anything, his virtues are of tact and selflessness.
History: Shace was born in Cherrygrove Town, into a family of five. He lived in an enriching enviroment, with many friends to play with, an encouraging dad and a loving mother, with bearable siblings. All of that changed when his father was offered a job at Devon Corporations in Hoenn.

Once they moved all of that changed. For the worse.

With the move, came the loss of friends, stressed out parents and a rapid change in Shace's attitude. He became sullen and withdrawn, only speaking to his parent's when absolutely necessary. He snapped at students in his school, and even began sneaking out whenever possible to brood by the trees. One day, his father brought back a gift for the family, a Pokemon from the Sinnoh region named Munchlax, who took to Shace quite quickly.

Despite his (vain) efforts to get Munchlax to leave him alone, the Pokemon stuck to him like glue. It even begun to show signs of Shace's Lax nature. Eventually, Shace grew to like the Munchlax.

By the age of 12, his father had been transferred once again, this time to the company known as Silph Co. in the Kanto region. Shace instead looked at this as an opportunity.

4 years have passed, and Shace has become a fine, young trainer. He has learned the importance and love for and from Pokemon.
Other: Shace is adept at pointing out subjective truths. This has gotten him in trouble more than once, but he has honed it to the point where he's a living lie detector.
Pokemon: This is your friend, your ally and what'll get you through this world.
- Name: Laze (Snorlax) - ;143;
- Species: Sleeping Pokemon.
- Gender: Male.
- Personality: Like Shace, Lax is usually bored and unmotivated, and coupled with it's laziness, it can be quite a handful. But it is never rude, and it occasionally helps out with a conflict/issue.
- History: Munchlax was born in the Sinnoh region, in captivity. It never learned who it's real parent's where, but it never seems to worry. He was almost immediately traded to a man at Silph Co., who gave it to Shace's father as a gift for his hard work. Munchlax became Shace's pet, and eventually his friend.

During a training session in Saffron City, Munchlax evolved into Snorlax, and from that point on, it became the powerhouse of Shace's team.
- Attacks: Return, Earthquake, Crunch, Self Destruct, Rest.

- Name: Eliza (Absol) - ;359;
- Species: Disaster Pokemon.
- Gender: Female.
- Personality: Eliza is said to represent the vibrance that Shace can never bring himself to show. It is constantly jumping, and it's always raring for a fight. She might suffer from a split-personality, as she frequently mopes right after a fight, win or lose. At times it fights for Shace's attention with Laze, but to date, it has never won.
- History: Absol was an oddity, having been living in Kanto for the majority of it's life in Cerulean Cave. It had never been spotted by trainers until Shace entered the cave, searching for a fabled Pokemon. Having never been in a true fight, Absol lost almost immediately, but soon after being caught, it learned how to fight.

Being in the cave for so long impaired much of it's eyesight, but it honed the rest of it's senses, even more so as a Pokemon. Absol is not grateful for leaving the serenity of it's home, but at the same time, it is welcoming the new experience of battling.
- Attacks: Me First, Sucker Punch, Superpower, Zen Headbutt, Perish Song
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As I keep getting errors from the main thread, I will post the Sign Ups right here:

Currently "In":
1. Shace - Shace Z. Traiyse
2. BlueMoonDX - Makoto "Blare" King
3. Shinkagehadou - Angelo Val-Haven
4. - Reserved for Stabberz -
5. vballbadandy - Vincent "Wings".
6. - Reserved for ShadowWolfDemon -
7. IronLugia - Sam Halberd
8. Stoc15 - Leon Subterra
9. Kiba Ookami - Gale Rowley
10. Krug - Nathan "Nate" Dayan
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Alright, well I made the RP early this morning, though we're still waiting on some people. The majority of us will be in or somewhere near Vermillion City, but it's okay if you want to start somewhere else, as long as it's in Kanto (and as long as you can reach an event in a few posts from where you are). Champions In The Making.

Iron Lugia

Orange Champion
I would like to reserve a spot, I'll most likely have my Sign-Up posted by tomorrow.
Yeah that was a huge lie I told right there.

Name: Sam Halberd
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Description: Sam is rather tall for his age, standing at 5'5" with a lean and limber build and a mild tan. His semi-long, dirty blond hair hangs just above his dim hazel eyes, giving him a very mellow look. His most frequent outfit is a blue zip-up jacket with white sleeves over a black t-shirt with brown plaid shorts held up by a belt where he keeps his Poke Balls. He also wears a pair of worn-out white sneakers. While traveling, he also carries around a black backpack.
Personality: To go with his mellow look, Sam is a very mellow person. He speaks rather briefly when he talks to people and doesn't like having to repeat himself. He doesn't take too much seriously and finds nearly any situation fit to make a joke. Sam doesn't tend to worry too much about anything and has the tendency to put things off until the last minute, but despite this he is willing to help out others in need of assistance and takes any opportunity he can to do so.
History: Sam was born and raised in Saffron City in Kanto. From an early age, he always had a great interest in Pokemon. Being the child of two former Pokemon trainers, his interest was supported by his parents and gave him the chance to grow up around many different Pokemon, and planned to set off on a journey with his own Pokemon as soon as possible. His parents however, familiar with the dangers they faced as young trainers, were reluctant to send him out too early. His father tried to help the situation by capturing Sam a Growlithe, a Pokemon known for it's loyalty and willingness to protect its trainer. The Growlithe, nicknamed Rowler, quickly identified Sam as its trainer and the two made fast friends. As a second means of action, Sam's father pulled some strings with some friends at Saffron's famous Fighting Dojo, where he was brought frequently to learn means of self-defense, as well as various techniques and attributes of Pokemon.

Several days into training, Sam was given a Tyrogue by the Dojo Master as his first Pokemon, which he trained alongside for his duration at the Dojo. At the age of 11, Sam set out on his own journey to collect badges and participate in the Pokemon League. He has since journeyed for three months.
Other: Sam is also an avid gambler. He can hardly resist any situation involving taking a risk or betting money.
Pokemon: Apollo
- Species: Hitmonchan, the Punching Pokemon
- Gender: Male
- Personality: Apollo's two main interests in life only involve battling and getting stronger. When he isn't battling, he'll frequently take it upon himself to train alone to stay sharp in his skills. Apollo can get easily frustrated, and in the cases when he loses a battle, has trouble suppressing his anger, and it takes him a while to finally get over it. Apollo, unlike many other Hitmonchan, enjoys to use various self-defense techniques in battle instead of just punching attacks, having trained in the martial arts nearly all his life.
- History: Apollo was given to Sam early in his training as a gift by the Dojo Master that was an offspring of two of his Pokemon, and the two had trained alongside together since. He then one day evolved during a routine training session.
- Attacks: Tackle, Mach Punch, Foresight, Bullet Punch, Mind Reader
Pokemon: Rowler
- Species: Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon
- Gender: Male
- Personality: Rowler, like most Growlithe, is extremely loyal to his owner. He tends to be too protective of his trainer, however, as he tends to growl and bark at any strange people or Pokemon that come near him, though he will back off on Sam's order.
- History: Rowler was Sam's first Pokemon, a Pokemon his father caught for him at an early age due to his great interest in Pokemon. The two became fast friends, and the two have been training together ever since.
- Attacks: Tackle, Bite, Flame Wheel, Ember, Helping Hand
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Leon is Pro!
Name: Leon Subterra.

Age: 14.

Gender: Leon is male, as his name implies.

Description: Leon looks like the general Cooltrainer, although he does wear black sunglasses to cover his blue eyes. He also has a crimson jacket that says, "Live Life to the Fullest". He normally wears rugged jeans, and he also wears a shirt that has an inspiring phrase. He has blonde hair which covers the sunglasses, as well. Finally, he has a muscular physique which makes ladies swoon.

Personality: Leon is dead serious, and he won't let anyone insult him, his friends, his family, or his Pokemon. He has a funny side, but it only comes out when he knows that he could unleash without fear of getting insulted. Although his tough-guy persona normally hides it, he is actually quite sensitive.

History: Leon grew up in the urban city of Celadon City, which normally had secret crimes all around. He knew all the secrets of the town, and criminals threatened him, but he wasn't scared. When he found his starter, Horn, beat up from a gang in his town, he swore revenge. One year before the crisis happened, he got his revenge by using Horn to attack them. Although Leon can normally be kind, he is still haunted by this event. His father died two months before the crisis, and Leon was the one to hold the burial ceremony for him. He took a vacation to Hoenn roughly about a month before that, and he got his second Pokemon, Griffin. Leon then learned of the crisis, and decided to fight for what's right. Horn recently evolved, and Griffin was already to go for battle. So, Leon has headed out into the battlefield.

Other: Leon has loyal Pokemon, and he did not go for a normal starter. This was partly because he didn't want one, and because at the time, he could not afford to go to Professor Oak's laboratory.

Pokemon: Leon has two Pokemon.

- Name: Griffin.

- Species: Treecko.

- Gender: Male.

- Personality: Griffin has a docile nature. He's willing to give into people's desires, and he will indulge in Leon's commands.

- History: Griffin was given to Leon while he was on a visit to his Uncle Norman in Petalburg City. Professor Birch saw him, and he decided to give him a Pokemon from Hoenn to help him. Since then, Griffin is a loyal companion to Leon.

- Attacks: Absorb, Quick Attack, Pound, Leer.

- Name: Horn.

- Species: Nidorino.

- Gender: Male.

- Personality: The nature of Horn is adamant. He is reluctant to obey his master, but still he has known him for long, and he still works for him. He doesn't know what to always do, so he improvises often.

- History: Leon found Horn on the street as a Nidoran Male, and they were friends at first sight. Horn is Leon's starter, mainly because he informed Oak that he didn't want a general starter, and Oak agreed to that. Horn is Leon's powerhouse, and he has a tiny rivalry with Griffin.

- Attacks: Horn Attack, Mega Kick, Tackle, Poison Sting.
Looks like fun. Wanted to know if I could reserve a spot in this.
Name: Nathan "Nate" Dayan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Nate is a Giant, to most people, clocking in at 5'11", his height usually lets him stand over some adults. Yet, going with a general stereotype for those who are tall, he is quite thin, and not Physically strong. In fact, Nate is only 110 Pounds, very lightweight. His clothing style, is, a bit strange, he usually is caught wearing Jeans and Cargo Pants, but Combined with a Black Shirt and a Snazzy Rich-Man's Sports Jacket over it, combine this with his constant wearing of Dress Shoes, and you have a Trainer that looks like a million bucks, literally. Most of his Pokeballs are kept in his Coat pockets, while Antidotes, Potions and other medicines are usually put in his Deep Pants pocket.

Personality: Nate is the egotistical kid on the block. He thinks and believes he's the greatest, the unstoppable, the master, the chick magnet. All of these things, of course he really isn't, even though his mind works in a tactical way on the battlefield. Outside of the fight, Nate can bring some humor into the situation, usually by self magnifying himself to such a point that it becomes funny. To compliment his attitude, he's loud and boisterous, and when times are tough he gets on an imaginary soapbox and spews out a speech, usually to increase the morale of his team. While Nate is a person who is usually reluctant to help, he can be know to do so, most of the time out of pure, but rare, respect, or a reward of sorts.

History: Born to a rich, Upper Middle class Cinnabar Island family. Nate enjoyed the merits of the high life, being near a beach, and having access to most anything he wanted. This upbringing may have greatly contributed to his personality in end, as Nate always would feel like he was on top of the world. Of course, he looked to Pokemon trainers as role models in his youth, and while unpopular at school among the other students, the teachers recognized his tactical prowess. He was quickly recommended to become a professional Pokemon trainer. And at age 11 his journey began, taking his house pet along with him as his first Pokemon. It wasn't long before Nate found out what the world outside of his cushy island was like, and while the first days were tough. He eventually adapted to life on the road. All the while his ego building, when Nate finally attained a 10 trainer win streak. He sealed his ego's deal, and never miss a chance to say some sort of self magnifying anecdote. His training style changed too, it went from a "Whatever" type of style to, a more militaristic type of thing, breeding Pokemon ready to fight at any situation.
Other: He's a communist, and when faced with a situation, will try to divide everything equally. This actually has shown to have its merits when training, as all Pokemon are at equal power.
Pokemon: This is your friend, your ally and what'll get you through this world.
- Name: Browning
- Species: Skuntank, Skunk Pokemon
- Gender: Male
- Personality:Browing is one cat that'd not so cool. He's a bit crazy, a bit violent, and a bit demented all at the same time. Browning is vulgar, and isn't afraid to show it. Nate doesn't really mind this, as the two were together from the start, and a mutual trust has built. Yet to those on the outside, anyone would look at this Pokemon with disgust. His rudeness only goes so far though, and if it's Nate giving the orders in a fight, he's undyingly loyal, but switches to a bit more of a taunting type personality.
- History: Browing used to be Petey, the Stunky, a house pet in the Dayan that would ruin the household atmosphere by one, being generally demented, and two, stinking the whole house up. If it wasn't for Nate, he would have been given away years ago. With this sort of relationship in place, it was a surprise that the two made an honest friendship. When Nate left for his jouney as a trainer, Petey's name changed to Browning, named after famous weapons producer, John Browning. While Nate has changed and matured, even if only by a bit. Browning is one pokemon that, has not and will not give Nate any trouble in a fight.
- Attacks: Explosion, Flamethrower, Night Slash, Poison Gas, Sludge Bomb
- Name: Thanos
- Species: Armaldo, Plate Pokemon
- Gender: Male
- Personality: Thanos is a literal product of the past. Having been brought back from a fossil, Thanos died millions of years ago, and seems to have become timid since being brought back from the other side.While in the beginning, he was reluctant to battle, the Trilobite eventually warmed up to the world around him. It wasn't long before he became a powerhouse on Nate's team, a strong but silent type. Thanos rarely does much but stare into space, and grunt during battle. However, in his heart, Thanos has a deep gratitude towards Nate, having given the sea bug a new life.
- History: Given as a Anniversary Gift by Nate's Father for being a trainer for two years. Thanos was revived by a machine, and instantly faced with a strange new world. He has since had a place on Nate's team, as arguably the strongest when it comes to raw muscle. After evolving, Nathan quickly approached multiple move tutors in the prospect teaching Thanos new moves. Making the pokemon all the more dangerous.
- Attacks: X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Crush Claw, Aqua Tail, Earthquake
Name: Gale Rowley
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Description: Gale stands at 5’7 and weighs about 145 pounds, average male with some muscle. He has a nice complection which some would refer to as a caramel color. His hair, jet black, which he keeps worn in a fade or buzz cut. His left eye being hazel while the right is green. He usually wears black and grey snowboard pants, black and red sports shoes, a grey sleeveless shirt that sits under a red sports jacket, and a black fingerless glove on his right hand. His pokeballs and other items are held in a grey, single strapped school back.

Personality: Gale is a very calm person for the most of it, but when asked into a pokemon battle it’s as if he is another person. He loves to joke around and have fun, especially with his pokemon. His sense of humor he owes to both of his pokemon.

History: Gale, born and raised as a single child in Celadon, didn’t have the normal start to a pokemon adventure like most trainers. His didn’t start right away. Reason being, his parents wanted him to attend a pokemon academy on his 10th birthday instead of starting his journey right away. His father, being an ex trainer, thought that going to school for a few years would help him have a head start on everything he needed to know about the world of pokemon.

On his 13th birthday his parents congratulated him with two surprises. The first being that he didn’t have to go back to the pokemon academy and the second was a pokemon egg. Gale spent days looking after the egg until it finally hatched into a Torchic. His time in the academy helped him with taking care of a baby Torchic. Eventually the Torchic showed signs of wanting to battle and this was when Gale’s parents knew it was time for him to set out.
It has been 2 years since then and Gale has turned out to be a fine young trainer. He has yet to participate in anything big but plans on in the future.

Other: Gale is freaked out that every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny look the same.

Pokemon: This is your friend, your ally and what'll get you through this world.
- Name: Blaze
- Species: Blaziken, The Blaze Pokemon
- Gender: Male
- Personality: Blaze has a brave nature to it. Ready to stick up for Gale in a heartbeat. With the encouragement of it’s trainer, Blaze thinks it can win against any opponent.

- History: The egg Blaze hatched from came from Hoenn. It was a gift from Gale’s uncle, who is a pokemon breeder. Since Gale was the first thing it saw, Blaze considered him family. The torchic evolved into a fully grown Blaziken after the 2 years of traveling and training it spent with Gale. Gale has yet to visit any move tutors for his Blaziken since it was born with some pretty nice moves and learned others along the way.

- Attacks: Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Quick Attack, Shadow Claw, Flamethrower
Name: Ghost
- Species: Haunter, The Gas Pokemon
- Gender: Male
- Personality: Haunter is much like Gale. It loves to joke around and have fun. The joking around has gotten to the point that it pops out of it’s pokeball to surprise Gale and Blaze. As much as it loves to have fun, Ghost knows when it’s time to be serious and when to have fun.

- History: During Gale’s travel around Lavender Town, he noticed he had horrible luck for some odd reason. Horrible luck like; tripping over his shoelaces, getting attacked by random Beedrill, that sort of thing. Until one night he was scared out of his mind by a wandering Haunter. It didn’t seem like it wanted to fight, just wanted to follow Gale and play tricks on him. And it did just that, allowing Gale to easily catch it. Ever since then the Haunter has been even happier than before. A Psychic, in Saffron City, taught Haunter some useful moves for Gale’s pokemon adventure.

- Attacks: Shadow Ball, Lick, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic