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- Champion's In The Making - (A PokeRP)

You can read the synopsis/sign up here.

Plot: KANTO - There have been a strong surge up Pokemon Thefts going on, ranging from the oh-so-peaceful Pallet Town, to the outskirts of the bustling Celadon City. No matter what the Pokemon, ranging from a Caterpie to a Charizard, the thefts are unsettling. The PokePolice are working as fast as they can, but they aren't getting anywhere, and people are starting to worry that the retired criminal organization Team Rocket, have returned. With the return of trouble, comes the return of a saving grace.

"Reports of another theft have come from the residents in Pewter City. The alarming rate of robberies is only fanning the flames, as the Police say we might be dealing with the thought-to-be disbanded syndicate.", the tv droned.



The sound of another Mankey colliding with a tree could be heared in the outskirts of Vermillion City. This sound was usually followed by a battle cry from the oh-so-jittery Absol that was accompanying her trainer.

At his command, Absol dashed and released another Zen Headbutt, driving away the last of the Mankey. Shace sighed and recalled Absol, before heading into the bustling lightshow that is Vermillion City. He looked around as he walked. Just like the previous towns he visited, the townspeople had basically locked up their Pokmon.

"Even here? Geez, what the hell are the Police doing?", exclaimed Shace, causing a few heads to turn. He crossed his arms and walked towards the Pokemon Center.


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Outskirts of Fuchsia City
"Flash slow down, we've got nowhere to be, we can take our time" Vincent called out as his Togekiss, Flash, bolted through the next line of trees. Finally after two weeks of training in the forest Vincent and Flash are returning to town to stock up on supplies. "Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call" Vincent's cell phone began going off in his pocket.
June: "Hey wings, its June, where have you been? Ive been trying to call you for a week now."
Vincent: "Me and flash have been doing some training out by Fuchsia for a coupple weeks, whats up?"
June: "Ah,so that means you havn't heard about the most recent outbreak of missing pokemon."
Vincent: "What!? Not again, where'd they hit this time?"
June: "Vermillion City, the reporters didn't give any specific information but it sounds serious, you might want to check it out if you get a chance."
Vincent: "Great, thanks June, I think I might just do that."

"Well Flash, whatta ya think?" "Togeeee!" "Alright, lets re-supply and head out."

Vincent swings onto Flash's back and speeds off to Fuchsia's Pokemart.
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Leon is Pro!
Chapter #1: Towards the Road of Cyclists!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Leon Subterra
Celadon City

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The fire burned across the town, threatening everybody who lived there. It was a choice: to save the city, or to run away. As Leon saw this happening right before his eyes, he decided to take action. He ran into the fire, trying to save as many as inhabitants as he could. As ran toward the last person, a floorboard collapsed, killing him and leaving the town in ruins.

"Whoa!" Leon woke up out of bed, shocked that in a dream, he died. After getting dressed, he headed out on his quest to end crime. After going to the Celadon Super Center and buying many things with his acquired 'helping money', he set out toward Cycling Road. "I died? In a dream?" He began to question himself, before he realized that a huge Pokemon was in the way.

"Snorlax!" The creature grumbled, getting and and preparing to punch Leon. It charged its force into one arm, and then released his focus and made a huge hole in the ground. Luckily, Leon avoided it, but he wasn't sure if he could avoid it again. Then Leon remembered something.

"Horn, lure Snorlax to the mini-route, and hit it hard!"

Horn came out of his Poke Ball, and then used its horn to attack the Snorlax. Snorlax followed Horn into the mini-route, and then used Poison Sting. Snorlax decided to have some rest, so it fell asleep. "Nidorino!" Horn shouted, triumphant with the feelings of victory.

"Silence, Horn!" Leon whispered, making sure not to wake up the Snorlax. "Follow me! We are heading to Cycling Road!" And with that, they left the Snorlax sleeping in the mini-route, and began biking down Cycling Road.

Leon had Horn use Horn Attack and Poison Sting in this installment, and Snorlax used Focus Punch and Rest. Leon has already set out for Cycling Road, so Shace, it's up to you whether I face any trainers on Cycling Road.
Nathan Dayan-The outskirts of Vermillion City/Diglett's Cave/Route 11
A small wheeze of smoke materialized from the teens mouth as he emerged from the darkness of Diglett's Cave, coughing from the dust and soot that came with him underground. Nate Dayan emerged from the Cave his good clothes slightly stained from his little expedition. A squat Skuntank, answering to the name of browning, trotted behind him from the darkness.

"Well that was a waste, a good two Hours in Diglett's cave, and we didn't encounter a single Dugtrio, just puny Diglett." Nate grumbled, a frustrated look on both him and his partner's face.
"Tank." Browning growled out, shaking to get the dirt off his fur. Nate did the same, and brushed his jacket off, adjusting it in the process.
"Yeah, well, we have an appointment to make with Sabrina in Saffron city, rematches are always entertaining. Anyway, lets get some food at the Pokemon center before dashing off." Nate answered with a smirk, as the two made their way to Vermillion City. Browning, also looked pleased with this, knowing with his typing, he'd be the star of the fight. Psychic types didn't stand a chance.

Nate and Browning made their way through the city, it's Paranoia was at its peak. People showed no sign of letting pokemon out of their Pokeballs, with the exception of some construction work, and a few battles occurring in town square. It was midday, a place as big as Vermillion shouldn't be like this.
"I wonder what Lt. Surge is thinking through all this, he's a military man, he should have some sort of strategy, right?"
"Skuntank!" the Skunk mischievously answered, releasing his fumes in the general direction of the gym.
"Yeah...right. Point is, if I ran this town, I'd do something about this whole mess, and most likely solve the whole thing. Like that!" Nate snapped, as the two slipped through the Pokemon Center doors. A small area in the corner was reserved for trainers, and Pokemon to get food.
"Service here had better be good...." Nate groaned as he took a seat, Browning laying down by his side.
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Having entered the Pokemon Center a few minutes earlier, Shace took a seat and sat down, looking at his surroundings. The trainers were grooming their Pokemon in one corner, and by the front desk a small crowd had formed.

"What th-", Shace started, getting up again and pushing through the ground. A trainer pushed back, and Shace's eye twitched as he reached the desk. There stood a worried Nurse Joy, trying to speak to everyone at once. Shace looked around and whistled as loud as he could, cutting off most of the warbled conversation happening all around him. He sighed and stared at the nurse.

"What's going on?", he asked, trying to ignore the resurgence of commotion around him.

"The Chansey have been Pokenapped!", she managed to utter, before the roar of commotion filled his ears again. Shace growled, and released Eliza, who jumped unto the counter and growled at the small crowd, silencing them.

"We are NOT going to get answers by just shouting all at once!", Shace yelled. A boy in the back retorted. "Who made you the boss?", he proclaimed. Shace stared back at him. "It's was decided between the big kids when you fell asleep at your bedtime.", he uttered, forming a few snickers in the group.
Aboard The S.S. Anne

“There it is. Vermillion City.” Gale stated from the bow of the S.S. Anne. He and Blaze watched as the ship approached their next destination. “Been a while since I’ve been here.”

“Think Lieutenant Surge has gotten any new pokemon? We might have to pay him a visit.” He said smiling up at his Blaziken. Thoughts of his last battle with Surge began to resurface.

“Speaking of last time,” Gale started, “there was no talk about disappearing pokemon. Do you think it’s Team Rocket? Wonder if we should be worried…” He said before having thoughts about losing his pokemon.

“Blaziken!” The fire pokemon boasted as the flames on it’s wrist grew.

“Haha. You’re right. They wouldn’t stand a chance against you.” He encouraged with a smile to his partner. Without him doing so, his jacket flew upward and over his head. He fought it off and got himself situated.

Taking deep breathes, Gale already knew what had happened. “Why do you feel the need to scare me everyday? It’s getting old ya’know.”

His Haunter appeared behind him, levitating, and laughing it up. It is true that Ghost has managed to scare Gale everyday since he was captured.

“Not funny.” Gale muttered grabbing Ghost’s pokeball and calling him back. “Blaze let’s run back to my cabin so we can grab my stuff. I wanna be ready to get off this as soon as possible.”


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~Several minutes after leaving the pokemart~

"Look at the view Flash, I've never seen the safari zone from above before."

Wings was amazed to see the heards of Tauros and swarms of Syther covering the landscape.

"I wonder if there will be any leads to those missing pokemon."

About a 1/2 hour later

"Here we are Flash, Vermillion City. Lets go meet with the police and see if they have a plan on finding these criminals."

Flash began to decend on the city. As they came in they flew right over a incomming ship and landed on the the dock. Wings jumped off the back of Flash and headed toward the police station. "Well, here we go."

OOC: yea I think it might be a good idea to start the plot, maybe send another set of PM's the the people that still havnt shown up

There was a loud crash from the end room of the Pokemon Center, startling many of the trainers, and frightening Eliza off of the desk and into Shace's arms. Nurse Joy squeaked and ran out back, leaving the crowd and the growing anger of of a certain purple haired boy. He whipped back, returning Eliza and breaking through the crowd, to see a pair of men running away from the Pokemon Center...

...clad in black uniform. Shace turned back to the crowd.

"Warn Nurse Joy! The thieves were still in the building and they just escaped.", he proclaimed. A female trainer turned to him, panic sewn on her face. "There really are thieves?", she uttered. Shace nodded and ran out of the door.

"Clearly not very smart, they didn't leave at night and they're heading straight for the Police Center."
Vermillion City
Nathan heard all this, at first too much was happening too fast, but he realized what was going on.

Team Rocket had returned and, with it Vermillion Pokemon center was being thrown into Chaos. Word was speading quickly through the crowd that the grunts were running in a path that would go right past the police department.
"GET UP BROWNING, GET UP!" Nathan yelled at the already shaken Skuntank, it snapped its head up to its trainer waiting for the command.
"You, Me, and Thanos are busting out of this joint! We will be capturing those theves OURSELVES! You hear!?" The teenager shouted at his pokemon, trying to keep his voice above the chaotic chatter around him.
"Tank!" The Pokemon did a mock salute with its tail. They both knew not to let this time of glory slip them by.

So they pushed and shoved their way through the crowd, past the trainer who proclaimed himself leader, and past nurse joy through the back entrance. The dynamic duo of sorts hit the ground running once outside, hot on the Rocket's trail,
"GO! THANOS!" Nathan yelled running, the Armaldo flew out, tripping at first, but quickly seeing that it had to keep pace.

The rockets quickly came into view, loaded with stolen goods and pokeballs. They were no match however for the Ex-Track runner, Nathan, who had always wanted a chance to see his name in the media, and wasn't going to go lightly on the heroics.

Thanos let off a light Tremor with earthquake, shaking the thieves Stolen loot up, and stopping them. As they turned around, the Uniform Clad men stared at Nathan and his two pokemon.
"Alright you, brain dead henchmen, I'm stopping you right here." The trainer pointed at the pair of thieves. They cracked their knuckles and gave a glare at the young man, obviously ready to fight.
"Alright kid, yous just messed wit' the wrong two rockets. We're both going to pummel you into paste."
Nathan only guessed this was their informal way of starting a double battle...

Shace stopped as the brash trainer ran past him, heading straight for the Rocket Grunts. He simply smirked, and once more, Eliza materialized from her Pokeball. "Go through the alleyway and behind those men. Take the loot and return it to me, alright?", he asked, getting a nod from his Absol. It burst into full sprint, dashing and winding through buildings till it got behind them.


"Go Golbat!"

"Go Rhyhorn!"

The two Pokemon appeared in front of the malicious grunts, both eliciting snickers. The taller of the two grunts acted first, commanding the Rhyhorn to Megahorn Thanos, Golbat following suit with a Confuse Ray.
Vermillion City
Thanos bounced back at the impact of the Megahorn, hitting a nearby bench, it wasn't very effective on the Bug and Rock type trilobite, but none the less, the Rhyhorn had force behind it. Meanwhile the maniacal Golbat emitted a confuse ray with a psychotic tone. The ray surrounded Thanos, and scrambled his senses. Leaving him sitting on the asphalt dazed.

"I'm not going to take that from two lowlies like you!" Nathan roared at his foes, Browning still had yet to take action, but what an action he'd take! The Skuntank spun around and took aim at the two pokemon, shifting it's rear end's aim between the two. "FLAMBE THAT GOLBAT WITH FLAMETHROWER!" Nathan gave a confident shout, the Browning grinned, it was his favorite attack.

All within seconds the Skuntank got a strained look on its cat like face. Until finally, a flaming stream went shooting from its anus! The vulgarity of the attack was absurd, but it was just Browning's style. The Golbat was taken aback with shock, and knocked from the air. Now obtaining burns from the blast of fire.
"How humiliatin'." One of the grunts said quietly as they shook their head.
"That's just my first move, Thanos, quickly strike the Golbat with stone edge!"

The Armaldo stood up in a confused stupor, staddling about, and missing The Golbat completely. In fact, he almost hit an seemingly stray Absol. Or at least, it looked like it, until after barley dodging the wayward attack, the Absol did an odd thing...

"Is that Absol taking the stolen goods?" Nathan said under his breath, the grunts were too obliviously dumb to notice, focusing too much on the fight at hand, and their next move...

Eliza yelped, barely dodging a jagged stone from the battle that had just ensued. It quickly regained it's composure and snatched the bag with it's mouth and dashed back into the alley, returning to Shace as fast as it could.

"Thank you, Liza'. Go inside and give it to Nurse Joy, okay?", he said, and Eliza complied, bounding into the Pokemon Center. Shace sighed and stared at the continuing battle between the brash trainer and the bumbling rockets for a moment, before slowly walking to them, picking up a Pokeball and dropping it unto the floor...


"Kii!", screeched the Golbat, still rather fazed from such an unorthodox use of Flamethrower. It managed to regain it's composure, but cringed again, realizing that it was burnt. Reacting to a command from it's master, Golbat unleashed Air Cutter on both Thanos and Browning, though it's power was reduced. The Rhyhorn however was still alive and well, and it showed it by unleashing a powerful Earthquake of it's own, the crumbling ground scaring people nearby and angering an approaching Pokemon.
Vermillion City
The tremors shook the city center, and leveled nearby benches and trees, Browning had just been double teamed like Thanos, but this time it was more dire. While the skunk had been gearing up for another set of flames, the enemy Golbat had sliced its way through the air, in an astounding sonic blast. The move known as air cutter had hit both of Nathan's pokemon. Thanos resisted the move however, and Browning was experienced enough to not let the slicing waves hit any weak spots, but his Flamethrower attack at been stopped, for the moment.

However this Earthquake was much more deadly, it hit Browing Hard, no matter how vigilant, he was brought to a weakened state, and Thanos, while a literal tank, was taking one too many blows to stay up for long. Nathan however, was not ready to abandon his crusade for public exposure.
"Alright, lets try this again. THANOS STRIKE WITH AQUA TAIL, DESTROY THAT DUMB AS NAILS RHINO!" Nathan shouted, the Trilobite was still confused, but managed to retain enough focus for a clear hit.

The Rhyhorn, took an enormous amount of damage, and like a snap of the finger, fell to the Mighty Thanos. The ancient beast's Aqua Tail proving to be too strong.

Yet still with one down, the chips were still down. Browning was weakened to an extent to which he was slowed, and that Golbat was going for the kill. Thanos could also still hurt himself in confusion. Nathan winced, he either needed to kick the plotting and planning into high gear, or a miracle would need to occur. However, as if answering his thoughts, another sound called from his right.

A second trainer, the one from the Pokemon center, stepped into the fight, dropping a single Pokeball to the cement...

Slight tremors could be felt in the shattered ground as Snorlax stook the stage, it's shadow obscuring the trainer known as Nathan. It grumbled and lumbered beside him, scaring the Rocket Trainer and making his Golbat elicit a small 'meep".


Before the Golbat could react, the Sleeping Pokemon's paw launched out and grabbed Golbat, smashing it into the floor and reinforcing it's power by punching it once more, indenting the bat into the cement. Laze yawned and looked at the panicking Rockets, who panicked even more when they realized their loot was gone.

"Y-you'll pay for this! Team Rocket ain't to be triflin' with!", the first Rocket said, returning his Golbat. The second Rocket grunted and returned his Rhyhorn.

'So they are back... why return after disbanding their group? Maybe the organization was brought back because of unfinished business... or maybe they're under new management.'

Snorlax looked at the still perplexed Armaldo, and at Shace's command, walked past it to snatch up the stunned grunts in each hand. Shace looked at Nathan.

"I assume you were going to question them."


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OOC: wow, I dont check in for one day and I miss a whole battle


As Vincent was walking towards the police station he noticed a commotion up ahead. He ran to see if there was anything he could do to help. As he and Flash approached the action he realized that a vicious battle had just taken place, benches were smashed and the pavement was filled with giant fissures. In the middle of the destruction stood a huge snorlax holding two men dressed in black suspended in the air

"What happened here?" Vincent wondered out loud. He was answered by one of the bystanders.

"Those guys just claimed to be part of Team Rocket. That guy over there just defeated their pokemon and then the snorlax just came out of no where and grapped them."

"Team Rocket! I thought they were disbanded years ago. They must be the ones behind the recent pokeknapings."

Vincent steped forward toward the criminals as if it had been him who just fought the battle,"You! where are the missing pokemon, what is Team Rocket doing with them?!?"

The grunts struggled in Snorlax's arms even as the arriving trainer was talking. The shorter one spoke this time, clearly annoyed that their rather "ingenious" plan had failed.

"We'll never talk!", he snapped, back at the trainer who just asked the question. As they felt Snorlax's grip tighten slowly, they quickly changed their minds, and got a bit smarter.

"Uh- okay, Team Rocket is coming back together to complete their mission of world domination, but we're under new management. Gio- er, our old leader has given the new leader enough money and information to achieve our goal. We're just the grunts though, a-and we don't know where the bag of stolen Pokemon are!", he exclaimed.

Eliza simply walked by Laze and smiled, looking at Vincent.


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So it's true, Team Rocket is really back!

As the grunts were answering a trainer emerged from behind the snorlax

"I take it the snorlax is yours," Vincent says to the trainer,temorarily ignoring the dangeling Rockets, "People call me Wings and im here to help find the missing pokemon."

Vincent's attention then returns to the grunts. "Who do you answer to?!"

"Good try, we'll never give up our boss like that!" The snappy grunt exclamed.

Vincent replied calmly "Well thats too bad... You see, my togekiss here, she hates when people abuse pokemon. And when she gets angry she gets a little... heated, and I'd really hate for you to get burned."

As Vincent is saying this Flash moves forward. A tounge of fire begins to form in her mouth and starts to swirl as it slowly grows bigger and bigger.

Shace simply nodded as Wings explained himself. He crossed his arms and awaited the response of the grunts as the ball of fire grew. The reaction was almost instant.

"W-we don't know who the new boss is, we just answer to the Rocket Elites! T-the one who gave us these orders would've been Elite Zeta!", the shorter Rocket spilt, before his comrade shushed him. Shace nodded behind them. Laze dropped them, letting them scramble to their feet, only to run into Absol.

"Where can we find this Zeta? We're making sure that this isn't going to happen anymore.", he said, looking at the taller one straight in the eye. The taller one glared at him, but after looking at all the Pokemon and adept trainers around him, he sighed.

"...Just a ways from here, he's in Celadon City. But you'll never find out where! Even we don't know!", he said, cackling a little bit, but silenced from a growl from Snorlax (who was really just hungry). Shace cracked his fingers and returned Laze, knowing that it was already getting famished. He looked at Wings.

"My name is Shace, and... this fellow's name is...?", he trailed off, looking at Nathan.
Vermillion City

"The name is Nathan, Nathan Dayan. Glory Seeker, and brilliant trainer." Nathan said confidently, as he reached through his backpack, finally pulling out a Max Revive, and Hyper Potion. He gave the healing mixtures to Browing and Thanos respectively.

"These are obviously, my tough as nails, brilliant pokemon, Browning..." The Skunk got up with a start and let a gas cloud out as it heard its name. With two beady eyes the Skunk looked around, and then looked up with slight terror at the rather large Snorlax nearby.
"and Thanos." The ancient beast pounded its chest with its claws and let out a roar, or maybe a yawn. It was hard to tell. Prodding it's way back to Nathan's side along with Browning.

"Frankly, you can just call me Nate," He said, re-packing his bag, frankly, Nate didn't want anybody tagging along with him, and he got a stinging feeling such a thing was going to happen. However, he would probably need help, at least, until he got more pokemon. A man, Skuntank, and Armaldo can't take down team rocket alone.

Nate was going to at least need 4 more Pokemon before he could go solo, and nothing around Vermillion was really that interesting. He stopped thinking though, and continued talking.
"I don't know about you two, but based on what that nitwit said, I'm heading right for Celadon. "