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Chances of findiing a Shiny Chansey with Lucky egg!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by ~-Overheat-~, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    I was wondering, what are the chances of finding a Shiney Chansey on FR/LG holding a lucky egg? Has ANYONE got one?
  2. xSabre

    xSabre Psychic Ninja

    Let's see... A Chansey has about a 1% chance of holding a Lucky Egg, iirc. And the chances of finding a shiny are 1/8,192~. So, the chances of finding a Chansey that is/has both at the same time is close to impossible, but then again, there's always a chance. ;)
  3. Ridley

    Ridley Rawr

    Best chance of finding Chansey in Safari Zone - 1/25
    Chance of shiny - 1/8192
    Chance of Chansey holding a Lucky Egg - 1/20

    Multiply together, and you get 1 / 4096000
    So it's one in 4 million actually.

    And that's just of finding one...Try catching it.
  4. Anaya

    Anaya Synthesis

    Nearly impossible. And no I haven't gotten a shiny one before.​
  5. Absoltastic

    Absoltastic Pokemon Video Maker

    A while back in the FR/LG threads, somebody showed screenshots of their shiny chansey they caught in the safari zone with a lucky egg. So it is possible, but barely.
  6. The Thunderbird

    The Thunderbird Dreams come true

    I got a shiny Chansey and a lucky egg, but I didn't find them together. Shiny Chansey is from GTS and the lucky egg is from XD.
  7. Shuko

    Shuko Pippi! Pi!

    Not too hard if you know what you're doing. ;)

    In D/P, there are several good routes where you can chain chansey. Its encounter rate is similar to that of the Safari zone in the old games, but it doesn't run away, and it carries lucky eggs much more frequently than it used to. Plus, if you lead off with a Pokemon with the ability compoundeyes, you'll have an even greater chance of running into one with an item. In the current gen, chansey has about a 5% chance of holding a lucky egg, and a 20% chance of holding a round stone.

    But if you chain them high enough, you can run into shiny after shiny, and in time, you'd get one with a lucky egg eventually. ;) I got sixteen shiny lickitung on one chain. I'm sure I could do the same with chansey if I wanted to.
  8. Dark FireBird

    Dark FireBird Ah ha!! ♪

    it's not impossible- the chances of you finding it are just miniscule, that's all! i had enough bother catching a chansey in FR in the 1st place and then it didn't even have a lucky egg. :( never seen a shiny 1....

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