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Change of Fate (let call it a two shot, shall we?)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Chareon, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    Change of Fate (let's call it a three shot, shall we?)

    The Charidian Trilogy - Part I

    Change of Fate


    This is my first short story, and I'm proud of it. It is the only piece of writing I have ever finished. Sad, huh?

    The idea stemmed from a dream. Don't worry, my dream was way different than this though. This doesn't have anything to do with my track team. Heh.

    Rating: Pg 13, maybe Pg 15... I don't really get the rating thing. Let's split the difference, say Pg 14. Good?

    This is my story, but I don't claim the rights to Pokemon or anything. Blah blah blah. Well, here's the first half:


    Slowly, Sasha walked out of the building and into a dream. She gasped, awestruck at her surroundings, wondering how such a place had been kept a secret for so long.

    She was standing on the rim of a huge crater, at least a mile across, perhaps more. The noonday sun smiled down into it, accentuating the rolling green hills and sparkling off the crystalline river. Nearby, a waterfall plunged its way over the edge, cascading down the cliff with a roar of sheer joy.

    Behind Sasha was a range of mountains, stretching as far as the eye could see. The temple she had just exited was nestled in a valley between two huge, snow capped giants. Somewhere up there was the origin of the river, forged of droplets of melted snow and ice.

    The wind gusted around Sasha, causing her to take a step back from the edge of the precipice. She wondered how to get down into the crater, as she could see no steps or path.

    Silently cursing the monk who had gotten her into this, she walked back and forth by the edge, looking around. Suddenly, she stumbled, landing painfully in an oversized bush. As she slowly picked herself back up, she noticed that beyond the flattened bush was a path.

    “That’s one way to find it,” she said to herself, stepping over the bush and walking out onto the trail. It soon became apparent that it zigzagged down to the bottom, so Sasha set off down the slope.

    Jake had noticed the visitor. Through his keen, reptilian eyes, he could see an ant on a leaf a hundred feet away, so spotting her from the bottom of the crater had been no problem at all.

    He snorted, watching the smoke curling out of his nostrils, only to be shredded apart by the wind. He slowly unfurled his wings, the thin blue membranes rustling as he did.

    He looked around to see if anyone else had seen her. Fortunately, they were all too busy playing games with each other and such to notice. He sprang into the air, gaining velocity with a few strong flaps of his wings.

    He soared along close to the ground, aware of how his bright orange scales stood out against the blue sky.

    Cresting hills and swooping through valleys, he shortly arrived at the base of the cliff where she was picking her way carefully down the path. Jake landed with a slight thud on the rocks. Quickly, he initiated his changes, watching his claws shrink into hands, his snout into a nose; with both his tail and wings disappearing to who knows where.

    Brushing his short chestnut hair out of his eyes, he stepped out onto the path, just as Sasha rounded a corner.

    “Oh!” She exclaimed.

    “Hey, I’m Jake,” he said before continuing, “Did Father Laotsu send you?”

    “Yeah,” she said hesitantly. “Where did you come from? I didn’t see you before.”

    “What’s your name?” He skipped over her question, but she decided to ignore it for the moment.

    “Sasha. Why did Father Laotsu send me here?”

    Jake was temporarily dumbfounded. “You mean you don’t know? You don’t know what this place is!?” He continued, more to himself than anything, “Why would he send a commoner here? Perhaps she just doesn’t know about herself yet. Yes, that must be it. I guess I’ll have to tell her.”

    But when he looked over at her, standing there silently, but with her eyes full of curiosity, he knew that he would just have to show her.

    “Please, don’t be afraid.” Slowly, he turned back into his Charizard form, watching her eyes grow wider and wider in shock.

    “A--are there others like you here? Is that what this place is?” She stammered.

    Jake nodded slowly. “Well,” he amended in his rough growl, “There is only one other just like me. There are plenty of other breeds here though.”

    For a second, Sasha saw what looked to be a glint of sadness in his angled draconian eyes; but in a moment, it was gone and she wondered if she had just imagined it.

    He stepped aside, giving her her first glimpse of the crater floor and its inhabitants.

    She gasped again; this place never ceased to amaze her. The green hills were almost crowded with Pokèmon of all shapes and sizes. From the lowliest rodent Pikachus to the great Dragonites, all were frolicking in the grass, splashing in the water, soaring through the skies or fighting mock battles. People were interspersed with them too, but not as much. Sasha assumed that most of them were in their other, more interesting forms.

    She looked back at the fire dragon next to her. He was watching her, waving his fire-tipped tail back and forth slightly in agitation.

    Turning her gaze back out at the fields again, she scanned for one type in particular. But she couldn’t catch a glimpse of any Charizards, or even any of his pre-evolutions, Charmander or Charmeleon. There seemed to be at least a few of every other breed, even the rare ones. But for some reason, no Charizards.

    “Why...” she started to ask, but he cut her off.

    “Father Laotsu says that it’s something in our DNA that makes us so rare. Supposedly, human and Charidian genes are almost incompatible.”

    “This other Charizard, is it a female?”

    “No.” This time, Sasha was sure about the sadness in his eyes.

    “I’m so sorry.”

    Jack shook his head. “No need. I’ve gotten used to being lonely by now. Besides, who knows? You might even morph Charizard yourself!” He laughed at the irony. “But I doubt that.”

    “Wait, so are you sure about that? Me morphing that is, I’ve never done anything of the like. I’m just a normal person, I had a normal life, at least until Father Laotsu came along.” Now she looked worried.

    “All of us were just ‘normal people’ before he told us. I just don’t know why he didn’t tell you. But don’t worry,” he noticed the look on her face, “I’ll help you!”

    He saw the gratitude glittering in her eyes, dispersing any fears of not fitting in. “Here,” he beckoned her nearer. “I’ll take you to where I live, and you can use that as a home base, so to speak.”

    Suddenly, Sasha felt herself being lifted up into strong Charizard arms as Jake grabbed her and leaped into the air.

    “Hold still,” he growled, soaring along with her held against his chest. “You don’t want to fall, do you?”

    She stopped squirming and relaxed enough to begin enjoying the sight of the ground speeding past. A few moments later, though, he banked left, causing her to stifle a scream.

    Jake carried her all the way to his cave on the far side of the crater, situated about a quarter of the way up. Fortunately, stairs were carved out of the rock so she would be able to come and go as she pleased.

    He landed outside, setting her down gently. She looked around curiously.

    “You live here?”

    “Yeah, this is my home.” Jake changed back into a human.

    She noticed what he was doing. “Is it made for human occupation, or Charizard?” she queried.

    “See for yourself,” he responded, grabbing her arm and taking her inside.

    Although the entryway to the cave was small on the outside, though big enough for a Charizard of course, the inside opened up into a fair sized cave. The grotto was about fifteen feet high and about twice as long in diameter. The most stunning aspect of the cave, though, was that all of the furniture, made for human or Charizard, was hewn out of the solid rock.

    Sasha walked across the stone floor to the nearest chair, running her fingers across its smooth surface in wonder. “Did you do this?”

    “Yeah,” Jake followed her, plunking down in the chair on the other side of the table.

    “How? This must have taken forever!” Sasha took his lead and sat down in the chair next to her.

    “I, well, I guess you could say I cheated. I melted the rock then molded it with my claws.” He looked slightly abashed, turning his face away from her slightly.

    “Wow, no! That’s just as great!” Jake turned and looked back at her, grinning a bit at her praise. Suddenly, though, she sobered up, looking slightly morose. “You talk about your claws and fire so naturally. I— I don’t ever think I’ll live up to that. I don’t think I can do it.”

    “You will, don’t worry, and I’ll be there to help you!” He took one of her hands in both of his, looking her dead in the eyes, as serious as she. “Whatever you morph, it doesn’t matter. I know you can do it, and I’ll be the first to smile back at you when you realize it too!”

    Kody had also noticed Sasha’s arrival. His Charidian eyes were as sharp as Jake’s, and he had been waiting for a visitor for a long while. He watched Jake speak to her, reveal himself to her, and fly her to his cave.

    “Hah!” he said to himself, “Let him do all of the work, I’ll just stand back and watch. But if that girl morphs Charizard, Jake’ll have to watch his back! I won't let him have her!”

    He let out a burst of fire, straight up into the air, the flames dancing and wheeling up towards the sun. “When I beat him in a battle, that girl is sure to come to me for comfort! Besides, I’m way more handsome than him anyways.”

    He took off, soaring across to Jake’s house.

    Jake was showing Sasha the conveniences of his home just as Kody arrived. He could hear him landing, even before Kody announced himself with an obnoxious, “Knock knock! Is anyone home?”
    Kody knew he was there, just as Jake had known Kody was outside. Even as humans, their hearing and eyesight was much better than others’. Their strength, as well, far exceeded normal human capabilities.

    “Come on in, Kody,” Jake called out. Sasha gave him an inquiring look. “The other Charizard,” he explained quickly, just as Kody walked into the room.

    “That I am!” He said cockily. “The better one, I might add!”

    Sasha looked up in surprise at his statement. Kody was taller than Jake by quite a bit, although they were both about seventeen, to her sixteen. He had pitch black hair, spiked on top of his head, and a pale complexion. In contrast to Jake’s broad shoulders and sturdy appearance, Kody was wiry thin, almost sickly so.

    When she looked back over at Jake, she could almost see Jake’s hackles rising, but his voice was surprisingly calm as he answered, “We’ll see about that. Why are you here again?”

    “Just wanted to say hello to the new arrival. The name’s Kody,” he said, offering his hand out to her.

    She shook it, after only the briefest hesitation over the look on Jake’s face. “Sasha,” she murmured in reply.

    “Nice to meetcha,” he said before turning to Jake. “Shy?” He asked rhetorically in a stage-whisper. He turned back to her, pleased at the soft blush creeping across her cheeks. “What do you morph?” he asked her directly.


    “Oh, really? How do you know you can? Who sent you here, anyways?”

    Jake responded for her, “Of course she can morph, Father Laotsu sent her!”

    “Ahh,” he said knowingly, “Well, I must be going, but feel free to come visit me, Sasha. Just give me a call, and I’ll come running! Or should I say flying?” He gave a saucy wink before turning and walking away.

    Sasha waited until she was sure he was gone before turning to Jake. “How horrible!” She cried, referring to Kody. “He’s so full of himself! Is he always like that? I sure hope not, for your sake! No wonder your lonely, if that’s the only other Charizard here!”

    Jake gave a half smile and a sigh. “Yeah, he’s always been that way. He was a little worse with you here but, that’s only to be expected.”

    “Why’s that?” She asked innocently.

    “Well, to put it bluntly— If there’s the slightest chance you’re a Charizard, he wants you for himself.” Sasha looked down at the floor, her face burning. “But don’t worry, if you want me to, I can protect you.”

    “Thanks,” she said quietly.


    Like it? No? Please, I'd love for you to reply. ^.^ Constructive criticism is welcome, but nothing too harsh, okay? Thanks for reading!

    ;196; ~Chareon
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2007
  2. Zephyr Soul

    Zephyr Soul <is awesome

    ...nice. O.O I like it.

    Tons of description.

    ;064;Tele: ... which you notice because you suck at description.


    ...anyway, what does 'two- shot' mean? Does it mean that there's going to be a second part? *hopeful*
  3. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-


    Two shot is my way of saying that there will be two parts. I'm gonna post the second half in a couple of weeks...

    Glad you likey. Me likey sorta too.

    ;196; ~Chareon
  4. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    This is so weird replying to this with you stitting in the same room. @_@
    Silverwing;249;: Yeah, well...I'm in the same room...how come it isn't weird with me, HUH?
    Becuase I'm not replying to something you wrote, that's why. *rolls eyes.*

    *Cough* Aaaaanywho!!! ^^;;;;;;;

    Fwee, shapeshifting!!! I used to have Pokemorphs in LC but then I scrapped the idea cause it wouldn't work and stuff. =P But the idea of a village of them is really cool. And this Father Latosu person...dundundun...me and my suspicious mind; me thinks we be seeing more of him? Or is he just a hang-in-the-back/plot device kinda character?

    Charidian...fwee, I like that word. xP

    Kody is unlikeable enough...which makes sense cause he's supposed to be, but...I dunno...a little too much so.
    Silverwing;249;: Don't mind her--she thinks even the antagonists should be likeable. Just like--*tackled by Chibi.*
    No spoilers!!!!!!!!

    Now then...this kinda was...hmmm...how to put this...I dunno, IMO, doesn't make much sense that Pokemorphs would only want to pair up with the same Pokemon species. I mean, they can all take human form. Also....kinda...the way it was worded in some areas...like the end... Awp! Never mind... ><

    Me wants to see what happens!!! *drools*

  5. Zephyr Soul

    Zephyr Soul <is awesome

    *pokes Chibi* XD Know what's even weirder? You replying after I reply! 8D I think the only threads I've posted in have been posted in by you beforehand.

    ...anyway, ima be quiet now. :p *is quiet*

    ...I like it. Please be inspired by a mysterious origin to write the second part. 8D
  6. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    Thanks for the mini single line of stuff for me up there, Zephyr Soul.

    That was sarcastic, but I really do appreciate all opinions. Hopefully your next one will be even longer ^^

    *twitch* CHIBI PIKA, how dare you put an ALMOST spoiler in MY thread!? That's just mean. Very very mean. 'Cause this is my thread. Myaaa! *sticks out tongue*

    But, thanks for the review... I do realize that Kody is very unlikable, but thats who he is. This story wouldn't work with your kind of antagonist.

    Like I've said previously, I'll post the next half in a couple of weeks. :3 (thats a hamster, NOT a cat)

    Please, feel free to reply!!

    (I hate having to say that, but you know, authors just have to put that up as often as possible to pound it into readers' brains and bring out closet readers)

    ... and Chareon is my name-oh!...

    ;196; ~Chareon
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2006
  7. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    :3 <---- Note the cat-like ness, nya!!!

    But, yeh...Everyone knows that I do almost spoilers all the time. That's why Silverwing has to tackle me, lol.
    Silverwing;249;: Oi...
    And...and...yeah...I can't think of anything quality to put here. *Waves to Zephyr Soul.* I knew that you posted everywhere I did, but now Chareon thinks you're following her too!!! xP I know that cause she's right here next to me!! Seriously!!!

    *Cough* Yeah...she's alreaday written part 2 btw, I think. Okay, I've said too much, I'll go... *slinks off.*


    [/pointlessreplytobumpthreadlol] xP
  8. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    *is outraged*

    Chibi Pika, how could you! You sneak onto the computer, with me assuming you'll do something nice, and you go and blatantly and falsely bump my thread! I'm ashamed of you. Check your LC thread for details ^^

    Now, I'm going to have a quiz for my readers.

    How do you think the ending will turn out?

    a) Opposite of what everyone thinks
    b) Exactly what everyone thinks
    c) Some horribly heart-string ripping ending that will have every reader sobbing
    d) A butterflies-in-your-stomache-'cause-of-the-happiness-of-the-ending type

    Heh. Wrap your mind around those!

    *purrs in amusement*

    ;196; ~Chareon
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2006
  9. Zephyr Soul

    Zephyr Soul <is awesome

    [SPOIL]I believe that she will become a Quagsire, which is the complete opposite of Charizard (in terms of type). :3 <notice the 3ness! :p[/SPOIL]

    ...other than that, it'll probably be either 2, 3, or something else that the mysterious force compels you to produce. :3

    ...*waves back at Chibi and walks off*
  10. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    *acts mysterious* Perhaps you are right, Zephyr Soul... but perhaps you are wrong... *dundundun*

    Okay, I'm done.

    Heh. Isn't that how it always is though? Even if it IS 2 or 3, wouldn't it still be a mysterious force? (aka a dream) Heh. *snaps out of deep thinking mood* Ak! What have I been saying? *twitches*

    Anyways... (I've discovered I say that in three quarters of all my posts :3) I'm just gonna wait for some more reviews before I post the last segment. I want to make a HUGE deal out of this, 'cause I'm just conceited like that. *readers throw tomatoes at Chareon* Hey... at least I admitted it!

    Well... Have an awesome summer while you wait!

    ;196; ~Chareon

    UPDATE!! : I think I'm going to make this into a short story trilogy- wierd, huh?
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2006
  11. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-


    Sorry for double posting, guys, but I wanted to post the second half of this before this fell into the abyss...


    Rating: Pg 14. Like last time. Hope you like it!


    The next few days passed quickly as Jake taught Sasha the basics on how to change.

    “The first time you change,” he explained, “is usually when you feel a very strong emotion over something. Something on you will become abnormal, so you have to follow that lead until you can change all the way. All the rest of the times, you just sort of give yourself a mental push and imagine the changes as they happen.”

    “What was your first ‘strong emotion’?” she asked him.

    He blushed, looking at the ground bashfully. “Uh, nothing important at the moment. Maybe I’ll tell you some other time.” Sasha knew when not to push a subject, so she dropped it for the time being.

    Kody turned out to be a real hassle at her practices. He would show up about every other day, sitting there, watching. To her, he’d throw out encouragement, although it sounded so false that Sasha felt like gagging.

    To Jake though, Kody would throw out taunts and criticisms, causing Jake to turn red with fury as he tried to ignore him.

    “Jake, you could hardly teach a baby how to cry, let alone teach Sasha how to change! You’re so useless, it’ll take years for her to get it. If I was teaching her though, I—”

    Finally, Sasha snapped. “Just shut up, why don’t you! Just because your jealous of Jake doesn’t mean you have to insult him! He’s a far better teacher than you’d ever be! Not that you’d even bother to try, you lazy, good for nothing so— Oh!” Sasha looked down at her hands in shock, at the claws sticking out of the ends of her fingers.

    “Way to go, Sasha!” Jake cried, snagging her in a huge hug. “See, I told you! You did it!” He grinned at her.

    “Just doing my job,” Kody said smugly before turning and flying away.

    Sasha opened her mouth to call after him, but Jake interrupted. “Ignore him,” he said.

    “But— you don’t really think he did that on purpose, do you? I have to apologize if he did. Oh, now I feel so bad!”

    “Don’t,” said Jake. “If that’s what he was going for, why would he insult me, and not you?”

    “I suppose so,” Sasha said, watching her claws slowly turn back into nails.

    A few moments later, Jake started to speak, so quietly she couldn't hear at first. “Thanks for sticking up for me,” he said softly.

    “No problem,” she said, looking at him questioningly, curious as to why he was so quiet all of a sudden. “I know you’d do the same thing for me so—” she trailed off as he looked into her eyes. She hadn’t noticed how pretty they were before, green with a brown rim and flecks.

    He gave himself a shake, breaking the eye contact. “Come on, we still have a lot of work to do.”

    Three weeks later, they had barely made any progress. Kody stopped showing up though, so that was a plus. But Sasha still couldn't get past the claws.

    “Aargh! This is so frustrating! Why can’t I do it?”

    “Sasha, calm down,” said Jake. “As I’ve told you before, the rest is guesswork, so you’ll just have to keep trying different mental images.”

    She sighed, trying again. She had tried to morph every Pokèmon she could think of at least once, and a bunch of times for Charizard.

    Jake switched from dragon to human and back again, as if to show her how easy it was. He spread his arms wide, shrugging.

    Sasha focused on his claws. They were a lot like hers, as she had noticed before, but different. First of all, hers were smaller, and— She gasped in shock. Of course! If her claws weren’t a Charizard’s claws, then—

    She looked up at Jake, smiling widely. “What is it?” He asked, grinning back despite his confusion.

    She concentrated on the mental image she had formed, looking down at her hands. She watched the orange scales slowly spread upwards, felt the tail sprouting from her backside, saw her nose changing into a snout.

    Jake gasped, his heart leaping with hope. “Oh!” He was so absorbed in watching her change that he didn’t even notice Kody, also in Charizard form, standing next to him.

    When she was done changing, she was quite small, about three feet high; the perfect size for a Charmander.

    The next few weeks were much more fun for Sasha. She had decided to try and evolve, so she went through rigorous training with Jake and, unfortunately, Kody.

    Now that she had seen both of them together in Charizard form a few times, she could tell the difference between them whenever. Jake’s eyes were less squinty, his shoulders broader, his wings larger, his scales darker.

    Kody had taken to flying her around. He claimed it was for her to get a feel for it, but Sasha expected he was just trying to get her alone with him. So most of the time, Jake came along as well, sometimes even carrying Sasha in Kody’s place.

    One time, when Kody actually did get her alone with him, and he tried to get too close to her, Sasha’s fighting training paid off.

    She quickly changed to Charmander as he tried to get closer, slashing at his face with her claws.

    “Why you—” He changed to Charizard, quickly overpowering her. Her weak flames merely bounced off of his thick scales.

    But at the last second, Sasha felt something within her give way. It was like what made her her was gone, her Charmander-ness abruptly changing to something a bit stronger and a bit more tough.

    Kody released her as if dropping a hot coal, in a human’s hands of course. Sasha felt as if she was glowing, growing, bigger, bigger! Then it stopped.

    Kody looked on, shocked and humiliated. Sasha gave him a quick Charmeleon smile; before blowing raging torrents of fire into his face.

    Later, when Jake asked Kody what happened to his face, although he secretly already knew, Kody glared at Sasha and spit on the ground at her feet.

    She could hardly hold back a snicker.

    After that, Kody just got more and more rude towards Jake. Every free moment he had was spent insulting him in some way or another. Sasha, who was more quick tempered than Jake, couldn't understand why he wouldn’t fight back.

    “I’m really a coward at heart,” he confessed to her one day. “I’m afraid that I’ll lose if I challenge him outright.”

    “Silly dragon,” she said taking his hand in hers, “Of course you’ll win. Just have faith!”

    He gave her a halfhearted smile.

    Finally, the day came when Jake challenged Kody. “Stop bothering me! If you want something, out with it!”

    “You know what I want!” snarled Kody. By now, a bunch of other Pokèmon had gathered to watch.

    “Do I? Oh, I suppose it must have slipped my mind. Why don’t you tell me again?”

    Kody hesitated momentarily in the face of the crowd, but finally spat it out. “I want her!” He gestured towards Sasha, who was standing next to Jake.

    “No!” yelled Sasha, as Jake stepped protectively in front of her.

    “I won't let you take her from me! I’ll fight to protect her!”

    “So be it!” cried Kody, initiating his change.

    Jake quickly started changing as well, knowing the delay could be a disadvantage. Fortunately, though, as soon as Kody, changed, he tried to take off, which gave Jake a chance to catch up, for he could do it much faster than him.

    Now they were both in the air, circling, wheeling, trying to get close enough to use claws and fangs while avoiding the other’s fiery breath.

    As Jake swooped up from below, Kody let out a stream of fire straight at him, hot enough to melt boulders. Sasha gasped in alarm, but Jake executed a full corkscrew roll around the flames before flipping upside down underneath Kody and raking his claws along his underside.

    Sasha and all the gathered Pokèmon winced at the sound, like that of fingernails on a chalkboard. But for all of Jake’s efforts, the only visible damage was a set of eight slight claw marks on Kody’s belly, merely scratches on the iron hard scales.

    “You’ll have to do better than that, Jake!” growled Kody scathingly, his next burst of fire almost catching Jake’s extended wingtip.

    Jake, in return, flew up as high as he could, hovering in the air as Kody circled nervously below. No flying creatures like having anything up higher than they are. Suddenly, Jake dove down, straight at Kody. At the last second, though, Jake pulled off course, avoiding Kody’s flamethrower.

    The flames missed Jake, but they hit the ground below. The tall grass cushioning the fire’s fall, but only for the repayment of being eaten by the ever-hungry flames.

    The gathered water Pokèmon put it out as quickly as they could, but not before the fire had spread in a large radius outward from that central point. Jake landed in the middle of the charred circle, the smoke around him dancing with heat and wind.

    This time, it was Jake who lit the grass on fire, in a ring all the way around him. When Kody tried to fly overhead, the rising heat created a pillar of turbulent air, pushing him up too far for his fiery breath to reach Jake.

    Kody circled around Jake’s fire ring, confusion in his eyes. But he had one more trick up his sleeve. He swooped down, lifting a large boulder out of the nearby river, his wings straining with the extra weight. With all of his might, he hurled it at Jake.

    Though Jake saw it coming, and dodged it, he had to go through his own fire circle to do it. He hurled himself through the flames with a roar of pain, beating his wings furiously.

    Going through the fire had one other negative effect. As he tried to fly higher, he realized that he could barely see through the smoke in his eyes. He most certainly didn’t see Kody approaching from behind until it was too late.

    Rather than mauling Jake, as the crowd figured he would do, he wrapped his arms around his chest, pinning his wings to his side, effectively holding him hostage. With savage fury, he rode the fiery thermal up into the sky. As soon as they got high enough, he pulled off a huge backwards loop and started diving straight towards the ground.

    Sasha screamed, watching Jake struggling with all of his might to try and break Kody’s grasp, but to no avail. It looked as if both Charizards were going to hit the ground, hard.

    At the last instant before landing, Jake broke Kody’s grasp, but Sasha knew it was too late for him to pull out of the dive. So instead, he opened his mouth, spewing a huge jet of flames at the ground to try and slow his descent.

    But both dragons hit the ground with a sickening crunch.

    Sasha ran over to where they fell, hoping with all of her might that both of them were okay. She reached Kody first, but when she saw a healing Pokèmon, a Chansey, waddling over towards him, she dashed over to where Jake was lying prone on the ground.

    She knelt next to him, watching his form slowly change to human. At first she was afraid he was dead, but then he groaned, rolling over and blinking his eyes slowly open. He was okay, other than a bunch of bruises and scratches all over his body. Sasha breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Did I win?” His voice was so faint, Sasha had to lean closer to hear him.

    “In my eyes, for sure, though I think Kody might disagree with me.”

    He closed his eyes, growling. But when he opened them again, he saw that Sasha was looking at him, with a light in her eyes of something Jake never thought he’d see there— love.

    She smiled at him, leaning down to kiss him gently on the lips. “Nice moves,” she murmured with a hint of laughter in her tone. “Especially the whole flamethrower at the ground deal.”

    “Too bad I saw that on TV. Not very original, eh?”

    But when he looked into her eyes again, he could see she didn’t care. He also saw a glint of a dragon in them, a true dragon, different from a moment ago.

    “You’ve evolved.”

    “Really?” she said, sounding surprised. Slowly, she started to change, growing larger than ever before. Her skin turned to orange scales, her tail sprouted, the torch at the end of it brighter than ever. Her snout grew, her eyes changed to those of a Charizard, and two horns sprouted out from her brow. The final change was the pair of iridescent blue wings that grew out of her back.

    She looked down at Jake, surprised at how backwards it felt. “I did it,” she said in wonder, a smile slowly creeping across her features. “You did it! We did it!”

    He grinned back at her, his eyes meeting hers once more as he fulfilled his promise of the very first day.

    “Hey,” she said, still looking into his eyes, “Now I get to carry you around!”


    Cool. So, that's it for this little story. BUT. I've decided to make this into a trilogy. Yes, a short story trilogy. Why, you ask? Because the time gaps and the writing styles between them are all unique.

    That's why.

    Anyways, please feel free to post replies, constructive criticism, and the like. Also, I'll post the link to the next one here when I post it...


    ;196; ~Chareon
  12. Libie

    Libie Well-Known Member

    Oooh, I love cliché romances (don't take this badly, I love it!) :D Men fighting over women is so cute :3 You know, I think she should have ditched Jake for Kody, despite hating him at first... maybe 'cus of a certain book I read...

    Anyhow, a few points.

    Description is gorgeous. Nothing else to say bout it.

    Characters are a bit clichéd. The damsel in distress, the shy, cute saviour, the arrogant evil dragon of doom. But you still manage to pull it off! (how?!) But I think I like your style of writing romance :D

    Argh, tired... but it's nice. I liked it. Keep writing!
  13. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    Aww, yeah, I know. This short story is supposed to be cliché. I love it too -huggles-

    This came from a dream, too. Cool, huh?

    Are you by chance speaking of Blood and Chocolate? I love that book...

    But you'll have to wait and see on that aspect... It is a short story trilogy, and... o_O

    You never know what might happen...

    You used the links in my siggy, huh? Thanks very much for taking the time to review. I appreciate it.

    -soars off-

    ;196; ~Chareon
  14. shadowlight

    shadowlight Fraught With Peril

    I'm glad you're making it into a trilogy because I like this story a lot
    This chappie was great
    I'm happy that Kody lost
    He's a charactor that I just can't help but hate
    I can't wait for the next chapter
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2006
  15. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    Hello, shadowlight. Nice to see you again (I saw your post on Price of Freedom xD)!

    Thank you so much!

    Yeah, that about summarizes him. He's the most cliché out of all of the characters, methinks. Which, of course, is how he should be. ;]

    But of course there won't be one! I'll post the link to the second story here as soon as it is up. Thanks for your review.
  16. Chareon

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