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Changes from RBY>FRLG


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When playing through Leaf Green I noticed a bunch of differences.
Aside from major ones, like the islands, what were ones you noticed?

I noticed they changed 'Gambler' to 'Gamer'


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VS Seeker and Running shoes


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The johto pokemon appearing. But from the actually two minus them, you don't give a water to the guard to get into Sapharon (sp?), you have to give him Tea, I think.

Dj Travis

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The TM's and the TM's the gym leaders give away. Example: L.T. Surge Gives Thunderbolt in RBY, in FR/LG he gives away Shock Wave.

Sevii Islands, too.

Giovanni's last pokemon stays Rhyhorn and doesn't evolve in Rhydon, don't understand why, he's more of a challenge than rhydon (not that I have prob's with Rhydon in RBY to begin with, but still...)


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The graphic are way better. And some of the gyms are set up different I think.


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Also the 7 Sevii Islands, and get one of the 3 legendary Johto dogs/cats at the end. Besides, the game is much more easy than the original versions (it was made for newbies more than any other person xD)


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Well, there's the Teachy TV, for one. It has no real use but it's pretty cool.

Moltres is also found on the Sevii Islands, so you can capture him quite a bit earlier. ;146;

Most importantly, there is no Missingno, so no Masterball duplication. Sad, I know. xD


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Oh right, they moved Moltres.
I always loved finding him in the last stretch.

And the tea thing I remember.
I always go to Celedon's roof, get a drink and rush down to go into saffron, but the guards stop me. It took me a while to find the tea, even after playing FR/LG a bunch of times
One large improvement to FR/LG is that Psychic types are no longer the 'Alpha-Type'.

While you still can sweep the game with a Alakazam, it not nearly as invincible as it once was.

National Dex... ugh...


They best be trollin
Yeah. Now that attacks like Bite are Dark, Alakazam lost some power.

Fame checker was so useless. I'd only get the ones from the Leader and the sign outside their gym. xD

Rock smash and Waterfall.
I didn't even know they were in the game, since they're basically post E4. [I think you can get RS on 1island early, but I didn't search the island.]
A BIG addition to the games was the introduction of Special Attack and Defense stats. Chansey is now no longer the ultimate Special wall and attacker (Just wall), and the entire battling aspect of the game has since been shifted into another completely-different dimension.
You can't forget that the E4's pokemon became stronger after you first beat them. Also, they randomly placed berries on the ground...


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Well, there is abilities, Pokemon can hold items, there are natures, you don't have to go to party Pokemon to use an HM and of course, Johto Pokemon and Running Shoes.

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
There is a Move Deleter in Fushia